May Day Is Lei Day

In Hawai’i, May 1st is Lei Day.  It was two writers from the Honolulu Newspaper “Ka Hoku Buletina” (Star Bulletin) Grace Tower Warren and Don Blanding who came up with the idea of a holiday on May 1 in conjunction with May Day.  Grace Tower Warren is also credited for the phrase, “May Day is Lei Day.”  The first Lei Day was held on May 1, 1928.  Musicians Leonard “Red” and his wife Ruth wrote the song “May Day is Lei Day” and it has been a tradition ever since!  We celebrate with family, friends, great food and great music!

While we celebrate Lei Day with flowers, parties, parades, good food and music.  The socialist democrats along with Obama’s army of Occupy Wall Street protestors are busy causing property damage, violating the law, raping people, defecating on the streets, and even murdering people.  This is the definition of what the Soviets call “Useful Idiots”!

Rep. Col. Allen West during an interview with CNN, the Communist News Network, said he knows of about 80 members of Congress that are communists.  Although, Rep. Col. Allen West didn’t actually name names, it is pretty obvious who the communists are.  The Progressive Caucus is made up entirely of communists.  The Congressional Black Caucus is either mostly all communists, or racist fools.

While we celebrate, Obama and his socialist minions are laying the ground work for class warfare and class envy!  While we welcome and embrace all cultures, Socialist Democrats are plotting race warfare.  May Day has been the communist slave (workers) holiday where an Oligarchy government of central planners try and convince the populace that they will grant their every wish!  Socialism has never worked, and this regime is trying to convince the American people that capitalism never worked.   That is simply a lie, and the present state of the economy should be proof enough for that.  They are desperate to hold onto their power and they will say anything to convince you so.

You see, this is what Marxism is all about!  Hating and envy of others!  Despising success!  We know who the Occupy leadership is!  But who are the Occupiers?  Unions, that are losing their control over institutional slavery, and College Students indoctrinated with the lies of socialist dogma.  They claim economic disparity, but they are unwilling to face the facts that this regime has made life worse for them.  Instead, they are being led like a donkey by the proverbial carrot on a stick.  They are willing to do the bidding of a false deity that continues to promise everything, but delivers nothing.  A false prophet that continues to blame everyone and everything his failed policies have brought.  Are they that stupid to believe that government can provide the solution to everything?  We will know tomorrow!  Stay tuned!


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Earth Day Fail


If I wanted the United States to Fail, I wouldn’t change a thing!





I’m enjoying a lovely Lāpule (Sunday) that the weatherman told me would be a rainy day.  They were wrong!  As usual, the environmentalist activist have made life intolerable for average Americans and now they want to celebrate the destruction of the American economy by declaring today “Earth Day“.  What a huge load of Bull Crap!

Criminal shakedown organizations like the Sierra Club make life more difficult, expensive, and the American Dream unattainable, by their constant bemoaning of make believe environmental alarmist causes.   These people belong in jail!  They are criminals against humanity.  They put Planet before people.  Who cares if you lose your job?  The Planet comes first!  Who cares if you cannot feed your family?  The Planet comes first!  Who cares if you cannot build a roof over your head? The Planet comes first!  Who cares if you want affordable energy?  The planet comes first!

Let’s just call these organizations for what they really are; Communist.  They want to control your life, your income, your food production, your home, your children and your economy.  Just like Hawai’i councilman Pete Hoffmann, a known Socialist Marxist has imposed building regulations with European standards that don’t apply to Hawaiian standards, and a Plastic Bag Ban that doesn’t stop a pollution problem.



We have land littered with broken down windmills that sit like silent sentinels, gazing over the landscape and polluting the environment.  They take up land space and offer no return on investment.  They give no energy; they just hurt the ‘Aina.  Yet, these extremist like Pete Hoffman and Brenda Ford would force you to change your lifestyle, just to make themselves sleep better at night.  They should be prosecuted and jailed for crimes against humanity and Hawai’i!  Yet the State wants to put more of these Behemoth’s in Lani’i!

The so called revised building regulations just make it harder for low income people to build.  Why?  Because people like Pete Hoffman and Brenda Ford, B. Smart and the Sierra Club have their slice of Hawai’I Nei, and they don’t want anyone else to get a chance at achieving Paradise.  It is discrimination, both racial and economical.  So they put these ridicules environmental rules in place to prevent anyone from building a better life for their families.  That’s our Hawai’i County legislators, the Scum of the Earth.  On this Earth Day, I wish them all to HELL!




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 Egg McKini



Obama’s War On America


If there is a “War On America”, then it is the meme of Obama’s election strategy.  The Obama campaign launched the first salvo in the “War On America” by using the Class Warfare attack.  Obama doesn’t seem to want to give up that strategy of divide and conquer, but instead Obama has decided to double down on fueling the Rich verses the Poor.

After the disastrous attempt by the Socialist Democrat party Chief Debbie Wassamatterwitherhair Schultz, and former House of Misrepresentative Leader Nazi “Botox” Piglosi, to use the Sandra Fluke contraception ploy in a manufactured “War On Women”, Obama quickly returned to his original strategy of Class Warfare.  Meanwhile, Socialist Operatives in both political and entertainment circles have viciously attacked Ann Romney by saying she never worked a day in her life.  How do they know what Ann Romney does in her life and what business is it of theirs?   They should go back to gushing over Michelle Obama’s elbow and knees, and the taxpayer’s monies she spends on lavish vacations.

Ever since Obama maculated the Office the Presidency, he’s had a war on everything American.  The Cash For Clunkers was the War on Automobiles.  The BP Gulf oil disaster started the War on Energy.  The Green Technology bankruptcy was the War on the Environment.  Now we have these windmills erected all around the country, polluting the landscape with these eyesores that are environmentally unfriendly.  We have Government Motors building electric cars that catch fire and don’t hold a charge, yet the government wants to sell you a $40,000 hunk of junk.

Others Socialist Democrats like Elizabeth Warren that claims that no one got rich on their own.  Using some bizarre logic that anyone that is successful, did so it at others expense.  Of course, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and myself included, never made it without any government help.  So what Batty Betty is saying is that we are all too stupid to become successful on our own.  We must have government bootstrap us into success.  What a crock!  If only government got out of our way, we’d have more employment and more wealthy people!

Now if you challenge any of these Socialist Democrats on this, they immediately deflect the argument into an unrelated subject.  They talk about paying for tax cuts!?!  An interesting and backwards logic, taxes that are paid for, go figure!!  Then they whine about unpaid for wars and what happened in the last administration.  What about the war of 1812, or the Spanish-American wars?  All nonsense because they cannot, and do not have an answer for this regimes criminal behavior.  Obama is building a class war and a race war.  Obama would have you believe that anyone against his destructive policies of raising energy prices, creating unsustainable debt and destroying American jobs, is in favor of dirty air, dirty water and all things unholy!   This is indefensible!  Now back to taxes!




In the IRS tax tables, you can see the percentage of taxes people must pay based on their total income.  Yet, Obama says the rich are not paying enough, and they aren’t paying their fair share.  The question I ask is, just how much is a fair share that must be given unto Caesar?  The United States has the dubious distinction of having the highest corporate tax rates in the world.  What do you think corporations do to recoup those costs?  They pass them on to the consumer.  We pay for corporation’s goods and services, and we also pay for the tax imposed on them by the government.  Somehow raising taxes is the solution?!?!

Socialist Democrats like Elizabeth Warren and Obama make unsubstantiated claims that there has to be fairness.  But what is fair about a tax rate that jumps 5% when you cross the income threshold into a higher tax bracket?

Suppose you are a married couple, and you’ve done your taxes, and when you looked up your tax rate in the IRS-1040 tax tables.  As you can see, anyone making less than $17,000, and after your Standard/Itemized deductions and your personal exceptions; you pay no taxes!  Zero!  Nada! Zilch!  However, once you cross the $19,500 threshold, then you start to pay Federal taxes.  You can test my results using this on-line calculator.  It does make assumptions, but it’s the point I want to make here.

The people that make the most pay 35% of their income in Federal taxes!  Then there are the deductions, loopholes and other tax shelters that the Congress wrote into law!  This is why rich people park their money in overseas banks like in the Cayman Islands.  Who wants 1/3 of their income taken by a government that spends it like drunken sailors?  With all due respect to drunken sailors.  The Congress, under Socialist Democrat control, spent 5 Trillion Dollars during the first two years of the Obama Regimes Rule!  Wrap your head around that!  5 Trillion Dollars of money we don’t have!

So when Obama keeps using Warren Buffett as the senile poster child for increasing taxes, he deliberately lies to you by not explaining the taxable difference.  Warren Buffett pays 15% taxes on Capital Gains, but that’s money that has already been taxed!  The difference is between earned income, and Capital Gains on investments.  Income on Capital Gains is money that has already been taxed!  It’s sort of like double taxation.  You’re being taxed on the money you already paid taxes on.  So, is that fair?  This is where Obama lies, a tax on the rich is a tax on all Americans.

This Class Warfare is Obama’s “War On America”!  The War on the American People can be summed up by Obama’s criminal policies.  The subterfuge is blaming the rich for Obama’s failed policies.  People have stopped listening to Obama’s blame President Bush excuse.  After three years of raising the debt higher than President Bush ever did in eight years, and higher than any other President ever in history, Obama needs to find a scapegoat.  So Obama blames anything and everything to try and distract the American people from his abysmal policies.  Obama has weakened America, both economically and respectfully.  Obama has insulted our allies and cozies up to our enemies.  Obama’s disdain for the American People earns him a special place in history.  Move over Jimmy Carter, Obama is NOW the worst President in American History!



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Shrimp and Scallop Over Steamed Jasmine Bok Choy, Jasmine Rice and Baby Carrots



Obama or Obama-Lite?

Great Expense

Obama, or Obama-lite?  President Willard Mittens “Milquetoast” Romney!  That has an awful ring to it.  But that’s what’s going to happen if Romney gets the nomination.  Its Romney’s election to lose and we will see another 4 more years of Marxist rule.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama wouldn’t try and nullify the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in favor of a One World Rule under the United Nations.

I say that because Romney has not taken the steps to go after Obama’s Marxist policies.  Obama’s has conspired with the Marxist Russians to create a ruling class of government bureaucracies.  Obama has conspired with the Communist Chinese to take ownership of American sovereignty.  Obama has outspent every American president since the founding of this country.  Yet, Obama continues to blame the Bush administration as the reason why his failed economic policies haven’t worked.  I am not rich by any sense of the imagination, but I can tell you that the Bush Tax Cuts provided me with the means to move to Hawai’i.  The life I have now, and my successes, can be attributed to Bush Tax Cuts.  Everything I have now is at risk because of this regime’s policies.  The future doesn’t look promising.

Romney makes the argument that Obama is “In Over His Head!”  With that naïve talk, he will lose the election.  He embraced the John McCain “Kiss Of Electoral Death” endorsement.  All the wrong people are behind Romney.  The GOP establishment, for example, which has done nothing to support the Tea Party and the message of economic stability the Tea Party brings.  Romney has never warmed up to the Tea Party; instead he’s kept a firm distance away from the Tea Party.   Romney acts like the Tea Party is some kind of political pariah that shouldn’t be credited with the 2010 election that brought semblance of economic stability.  A halt to the Democrats and Obama’s out of control spending.  But the Tea Party only won the House of Representatives, State Governorships, and local governments.  There is so much more that needs to be done.  The enthusiasm gap that grows increasingly only hurts Romney’s chances at winning the election.

Romney hasn’t inspired any confidence that he will provide any economic solutions.  The Ryan budget offers a course to put this country back on economic stability, but there doesn’t seem to be any support for the Ryan budget.  Obama calls the budget “Economic Darwinism”.  Yet Obama continues to throw money at failed “Green Energy” projects that continue to go bankrupt.  Trillions of taxpayer monies wasted on a utopian fantasy that is only realized in Hollywood movies like Star Trek.  Romney cannot continue to push his resume’ on fixing the Olympics with hopes to convince the electorate he has the business experience.  Not when he shies away from his own wealth.  Romney’s setting himself up to look like some rich out-of-touch elitist, which he’s doing his best to look like.

Obama has declared all out war on anyone with wealth success in this country.  The “Buffet Rule” is the biggest load of class warfare crap ever foisted on the American people.  This notion that the wealthy are the 1% keeping the 99% from ever reaching economic freedom is pure socialist propaganda.  There is no such thing.  This is a message without any vision.  This is creating a strawman argument that people with success are holding down the rest of the population.  So we must punish success by redistributing their money to those not willing to earn it for themselves.

The Obama Entitlement Society is where this nation is heading.  It is an addiction created by government to keep the people under control.  The socialist John Dingle (D-MI) made that abundantly clear in a revealing interview about Obamacare, a.k.a. the “Unaffordable Health Care Act.”

You cannot walk back that statement as being anything other than pure Marxist Socialism.  This is the fact that Democrats have been feeding the American people for years.  This is the trap of government entitlements that will eventually destroy our freedoms.  This is what Obama is offering to the American people, government enslavement.  Economic servitude is the policy of the Obama regime.  Many people don’t see it that way; they look at this as getting free stuff from the government.  However, there is no such thing a free stuff!  Everything comes with a price and what is not earned, is taken away.  Freedom is not free.  Freedom must be fought for, because once freedom is taken away, you will never get it back.

That’s what we are facing in this election.  Four more years down the road of socialism with a certain future of government enslavement, or Obama-lite.  With Romney, I don’t see a difference, just a continuation down the same path, just a longer route to the same destination.  Obama complains to America’s enemies that the Constitution holds him back from making the necessary changes to enslave the American people.  Socialist Democrats in Congress are actively trying to destroy the Constitution and they are doing so with the approval of the news media.  A news media that is protecting Obama, by not exposing his Marxist policies!  A news media that is promoting class warfare, class envy and racial division!  A news media that promotes Obama’s policy of a “War On Women!”  The transparency that Obama promised was a deliberate lie.  Then again, I knew this even before Obama maculated the Office of the Presidency of the United States.

The term “United” has been torn apart by this regimes policies.  Bring lawsuits on states that are trying to prevent voter fraud.  Favored practices by democrats use to steal elections.  One thing is still certain; we still have an illegal immigration problem.  People are still trying to enter this country.  You don’t see people trying to leave this country.  So there is still the promise of freedom as guaranteed in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Our founders knew there would be politicians like Obama and the Socialist Democrats that would try and create a Plutocracy style government.  An Oligarchy government ruled by a few privileged classes making all the decisions of where we can live, what we can eat, what we can wear and what kind of house we can live in.  Who needs a government that will be a perpetual parent?  The Founders placed restrictions on the size of government to allow the people to grow their own wealth.  When Obama told the President of Russia that he will have more flexibility after he gets reelected, what do you think meant?  If Obama were to get reelected, I fear we will not see the America that I’ve known and grew up in.  I fear a loss of personal freedoms.  I fear a government that should be fearing the people.


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Hawai’i’s Legislative Tyranny


What are some members of the Hawai’i state legislature thinking?  They approved a bill that was submitted to the Hawai’i Senate calling for a United States Constitution Convention. They want to put Obamacare into the Constitution!  They want to eliminate the Electoral College and Repeal the Second Amendment!  They want the Tyranny of the Majority to rule over all!  Hawai’i Free Press Andrew Walden writes:

  • writing Obamacare into the Constitution,
  • upholding the tyranny of the majority by abolishing the Senate Filibuster
  • abolishing the Electoral College so corrupt political machines in Chicago and elsewhere can run up the national vote totals and swing the Presidential election instead of being limited to their effect on one state.
  • weakening the ability of the Senate to review unfit Presidential appointees so after stealing an election, the next Obama can lard the judiciary with his co-thinkers.

Here is the language from the Resolution, as approved:

 (1)  A declaration of the constitutionality of the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, including the individual mandate requiring the purchase of health insurance;

 (2)  An amendment to Article I, Section 5, to prohibit the supermajority cloture requirement under Rule 22 of the United States Senate for ending floor debates and filibusters, to facilitate a more reasonable voting standard for cloture;

(3)  An amendment abolishing the electoral college established under Article II, Section 1, and providing for the direct election of the United States President and Vice President by voters; and

(4)  An amendment to Article II, Section 2, Clause 2, to require that Senate confirmations of appointments of officers of the United States be made by a simple majority vote within sixty days of the nomination; now, therefore,

They did remove the language to eliminate the 2nd Amendment.  However, there are far more pressing issues in Hawai’i and the legislator shouldn’t be wasting their time and our money with useless legislation like this.  First, the State of Hawai’i has no business telling the Senate and the House of Representatives how to conduct their business.  Neither does any other State have that privilege in determination.  This is disturbing at best because it shows a lack of understanding of the United States Constitution by members of the Hawai’i State Legislature, in particular the Judiciary committee.  Read the testimony given to the legislature by the public here:

The original bill had language that would have eliminated the Second Amendment; the right to keep and bear arms: It was adopted on December 15, 1791, along with the rest of the Bill of Rights; and now some in the Hawai’i legislature wants to eliminate 221 years of a Constitutional Rights?!?  What are they thinking?  Surely not the Bill of Rights as defined by the Founders of our system of government.

Video of the Hawai’i Legislators voting against this Rubbish Legislation

There are those that understood that a Constitutional Convention would not be in the best interests of either the Hawaiian people, or the country as a whole.  These legislators that voted for this piece of rubbish legislation should be forced to take a course on the Constitution!  Hillsdale College has a free course on understanding the Constitution and I recommend the Hawaiian legislators take this course.

Is there a need for a Constitution Convention?  What would be the purpose but to change the Constitution into the form of Socialism that Democrats will use to enslave the American people in.  It probably would be a great way to prevent illegal immigration, because no one would want to live in a socialist country that will look more like either Cuba or Venezuela, rather than a free America.  But I digress!

There is no need to change the Constitution in its present form, at all!  Period! Socialist Democrats have been attempting to rewrite the Constitution for decades!  It is a form of creeping Communism that was once predicted:  Nikita Kruschev said communism would take the US without firing a shot, was he prophetic?  We now have a president and members of congress that have already crossed the line to socialism. We are only one step away from Marxist communism. What do you comrades say? Is this the Hope and Change you wanted?

Obama, I am told, is a Constitutional scholar, a professor of our system of government.  I no longer believe that with the passing of Obamacare by Socialist democrats and signed by an obvious believer in Marxism.  I believe Obama’s constitution was written by Karl Marx’s Communist manifesto, and like members of the Hawaiian legislature, they are following down the road to serfdom; both economically and politically.

Pledge Allegiance To Karl Marx and Socialism

It is most likely that the Supreme Court will strike down the Unaffordable Care Act as unconstitutional.  So why would the legislators want to put Obamacare in the US Constitution?  It forces you to purchase an insurance product and many in Hawai’i cannot afford health insurance.  It’s one of the reasons why we have so many free clinics.  The law also states that if you do not purchase insurance you be fined.  Did the legislator realize that many of the poor cannot afford to pay fines for not purchasing insurance?  What will the legislators do, throw everyone in jail?  Place the burden of paying the poor’s insurance on the backs of the Taxpayers?  I wouldn’t put it pass the legislators to do such a thing.

The reason why the Hawai’i legislators put this lame excuse for a bill forward is about power.  The Socialist Democrats are emboldened by Obama’s blatant power grabs of the Auto, Insurance and Health care industries.  So now they are trying to change the Constitution to keep them in power and to repeal our God given rights.  They want to foist upon us rights determined by their lust for power.  They want to create a class of entitled people hopelessly dependent on government assistance.  They are not interested in self-determination, they will decide for you what you will eat, wear, drive, and where and what kind of house you can live in!


This is Agenda 21 thinking by members of the Hawaiian Legislators.  It is an attempt to control economic and social dimensions.  It is an attempt to legislate conservation and management of resources.  It is a means of wealth redistribution.  It is an attempt to inject socialist rule on the American people.

If you are not familiar with Agenda 21, and how it relates to this article, watch this video:

By now you’ve guessed how some in the Hawai’i legislature think.  This One World Government approach to all your needs provided by government.  A centrally planned world government that seeks to redistribute wealth to other nations is the goal of Agenda 21.  The United Nations is rife with corruption and any semblance of peace, love and happiness.  Or any fairness, because it’s a power grab!  The language that was removed from the bill to eliminate the 2nd Amendment is the first step to a communist tyranny, take guns away from the people, and it leaves them defenseless and at the mercy of a dictatorial government.  The Hawaiian legislature is dominantly made up of democrats and most are socialist democrats with Marxist beliefs.  They are extremist, and like all extremist, they use flowerily statements to pretend they are doing something good for you; when in reality, they torment you to make themselves feel good.




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Pana’ewa Zoo

A visit to the Pana’ewa Zoo.  Located just south of Hilo on the Big Island of Hawai’i, a wonderful place to visit.


The entrance to the zoo is lined with Royal Palm trees.  The zoo is free and does accept donations.

We always give five or ten dollars to the zoo.


A map of the zoo grounds as you enter shows the exhibit areas.



Exhibit cages hold a variety of animals and birds.



This Namaste, a white Bengal tiger that is a favorite attraction at the zoo.



Family Friendly park area



Billy Goat



More Strange Animals



The Petting Zoo



A Place for Keiki (children) to play



Sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s caged and who’s not!



The Visitor’s Center




Happy Easter | Happy Passover



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Grilled Pork Chop with Pineapple Mango Chutney over Steamed Jasmine Rice






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