Hawai’i’s Legislative Tyranny


What are some members of the Hawai’i state legislature thinking?  They approved a bill that was submitted to the Hawai’i Senate calling for a United States Constitution Convention. They want to put Obamacare into the Constitution!  They want to eliminate the Electoral College and Repeal the Second Amendment!  They want the Tyranny of the Majority to rule over all!  Hawai’i Free Press Andrew Walden writes:

  • writing Obamacare into the Constitution,
  • upholding the tyranny of the majority by abolishing the Senate Filibuster
  • abolishing the Electoral College so corrupt political machines in Chicago and elsewhere can run up the national vote totals and swing the Presidential election instead of being limited to their effect on one state.
  • weakening the ability of the Senate to review unfit Presidential appointees so after stealing an election, the next Obama can lard the judiciary with his co-thinkers.

Here is the language from the Resolution, as approved:

 (1)  A declaration of the constitutionality of the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, including the individual mandate requiring the purchase of health insurance;

 (2)  An amendment to Article I, Section 5, to prohibit the supermajority cloture requirement under Rule 22 of the United States Senate for ending floor debates and filibusters, to facilitate a more reasonable voting standard for cloture;

(3)  An amendment abolishing the electoral college established under Article II, Section 1, and providing for the direct election of the United States President and Vice President by voters; and

(4)  An amendment to Article II, Section 2, Clause 2, to require that Senate confirmations of appointments of officers of the United States be made by a simple majority vote within sixty days of the nomination; now, therefore,

They did remove the language to eliminate the 2nd Amendment.  However, there are far more pressing issues in Hawai’i and the legislator shouldn’t be wasting their time and our money with useless legislation like this.  First, the State of Hawai’i has no business telling the Senate and the House of Representatives how to conduct their business.  Neither does any other State have that privilege in determination.  This is disturbing at best because it shows a lack of understanding of the United States Constitution by members of the Hawai’i State Legislature, in particular the Judiciary committee.  Read the testimony given to the legislature by the public here:

The original bill had language that would have eliminated the Second Amendment; the right to keep and bear arms: It was adopted on December 15, 1791, along with the rest of the Bill of Rights; and now some in the Hawai’i legislature wants to eliminate 221 years of a Constitutional Rights?!?  What are they thinking?  Surely not the Bill of Rights as defined by the Founders of our system of government.

Video of the Hawai’i Legislators voting against this Rubbish Legislation

There are those that understood that a Constitutional Convention would not be in the best interests of either the Hawaiian people, or the country as a whole.  These legislators that voted for this piece of rubbish legislation should be forced to take a course on the Constitution!  Hillsdale College has a free course on understanding the Constitution and I recommend the Hawaiian legislators take this course.

Is there a need for a Constitution Convention?  What would be the purpose but to change the Constitution into the form of Socialism that Democrats will use to enslave the American people in.  It probably would be a great way to prevent illegal immigration, because no one would want to live in a socialist country that will look more like either Cuba or Venezuela, rather than a free America.  But I digress!

There is no need to change the Constitution in its present form, at all!  Period! Socialist Democrats have been attempting to rewrite the Constitution for decades!  It is a form of creeping Communism that was once predicted:  Nikita Kruschev said communism would take the US without firing a shot, was he prophetic?  We now have a president and members of congress that have already crossed the line to socialism. We are only one step away from Marxist communism. What do you comrades say? Is this the Hope and Change you wanted?

Obama, I am told, is a Constitutional scholar, a professor of our system of government.  I no longer believe that with the passing of Obamacare by Socialist democrats and signed by an obvious believer in Marxism.  I believe Obama’s constitution was written by Karl Marx’s Communist manifesto, and like members of the Hawaiian legislature, they are following down the road to serfdom; both economically and politically.

Pledge Allegiance To Karl Marx and Socialism

It is most likely that the Supreme Court will strike down the Unaffordable Care Act as unconstitutional.  So why would the legislators want to put Obamacare in the US Constitution?  It forces you to purchase an insurance product and many in Hawai’i cannot afford health insurance.  It’s one of the reasons why we have so many free clinics.  The law also states that if you do not purchase insurance you be fined.  Did the legislator realize that many of the poor cannot afford to pay fines for not purchasing insurance?  What will the legislators do, throw everyone in jail?  Place the burden of paying the poor’s insurance on the backs of the Taxpayers?  I wouldn’t put it pass the legislators to do such a thing.

The reason why the Hawai’i legislators put this lame excuse for a bill forward is about power.  The Socialist Democrats are emboldened by Obama’s blatant power grabs of the Auto, Insurance and Health care industries.  So now they are trying to change the Constitution to keep them in power and to repeal our God given rights.  They want to foist upon us rights determined by their lust for power.  They want to create a class of entitled people hopelessly dependent on government assistance.  They are not interested in self-determination, they will decide for you what you will eat, wear, drive, and where and what kind of house you can live in!


This is Agenda 21 thinking by members of the Hawaiian Legislators.  It is an attempt to control economic and social dimensions.  It is an attempt to legislate conservation and management of resources.  It is a means of wealth redistribution.  It is an attempt to inject socialist rule on the American people.

If you are not familiar with Agenda 21, and how it relates to this article, watch this video:

By now you’ve guessed how some in the Hawai’i legislature think.  This One World Government approach to all your needs provided by government.  A centrally planned world government that seeks to redistribute wealth to other nations is the goal of Agenda 21.  The United Nations is rife with corruption and any semblance of peace, love and happiness.  Or any fairness, because it’s a power grab!  The language that was removed from the bill to eliminate the 2nd Amendment is the first step to a communist tyranny, take guns away from the people, and it leaves them defenseless and at the mercy of a dictatorial government.  The Hawaiian legislature is dominantly made up of democrats and most are socialist democrats with Marxist beliefs.  They are extremist, and like all extremist, they use flowerily statements to pretend they are doing something good for you; when in reality, they torment you to make themselves feel good.




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