Obama or Obama-Lite?

Great Expense

Obama, or Obama-lite?  President Willard Mittens “Milquetoast” Romney!  That has an awful ring to it.  But that’s what’s going to happen if Romney gets the nomination.  Its Romney’s election to lose and we will see another 4 more years of Marxist rule.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama wouldn’t try and nullify the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in favor of a One World Rule under the United Nations.

I say that because Romney has not taken the steps to go after Obama’s Marxist policies.  Obama’s has conspired with the Marxist Russians to create a ruling class of government bureaucracies.  Obama has conspired with the Communist Chinese to take ownership of American sovereignty.  Obama has outspent every American president since the founding of this country.  Yet, Obama continues to blame the Bush administration as the reason why his failed economic policies haven’t worked.  I am not rich by any sense of the imagination, but I can tell you that the Bush Tax Cuts provided me with the means to move to Hawai’i.  The life I have now, and my successes, can be attributed to Bush Tax Cuts.  Everything I have now is at risk because of this regime’s policies.  The future doesn’t look promising.

Romney makes the argument that Obama is “In Over His Head!”  With that naïve talk, he will lose the election.  He embraced the John McCain “Kiss Of Electoral Death” endorsement.  All the wrong people are behind Romney.  The GOP establishment, for example, which has done nothing to support the Tea Party and the message of economic stability the Tea Party brings.  Romney has never warmed up to the Tea Party; instead he’s kept a firm distance away from the Tea Party.   Romney acts like the Tea Party is some kind of political pariah that shouldn’t be credited with the 2010 election that brought semblance of economic stability.  A halt to the Democrats and Obama’s out of control spending.  But the Tea Party only won the House of Representatives, State Governorships, and local governments.  There is so much more that needs to be done.  The enthusiasm gap that grows increasingly only hurts Romney’s chances at winning the election.

Romney hasn’t inspired any confidence that he will provide any economic solutions.  The Ryan budget offers a course to put this country back on economic stability, but there doesn’t seem to be any support for the Ryan budget.  Obama calls the budget “Economic Darwinism”.  Yet Obama continues to throw money at failed “Green Energy” projects that continue to go bankrupt.  Trillions of taxpayer monies wasted on a utopian fantasy that is only realized in Hollywood movies like Star Trek.  Romney cannot continue to push his resume’ on fixing the Olympics with hopes to convince the electorate he has the business experience.  Not when he shies away from his own wealth.  Romney’s setting himself up to look like some rich out-of-touch elitist, which he’s doing his best to look like.

Obama has declared all out war on anyone with wealth success in this country.  The “Buffet Rule” is the biggest load of class warfare crap ever foisted on the American people.  This notion that the wealthy are the 1% keeping the 99% from ever reaching economic freedom is pure socialist propaganda.  There is no such thing.  This is a message without any vision.  This is creating a strawman argument that people with success are holding down the rest of the population.  So we must punish success by redistributing their money to those not willing to earn it for themselves.

The Obama Entitlement Society is where this nation is heading.  It is an addiction created by government to keep the people under control.  The socialist John Dingle (D-MI) made that abundantly clear in a revealing interview about Obamacare, a.k.a. the “Unaffordable Health Care Act.”

You cannot walk back that statement as being anything other than pure Marxist Socialism.  This is the fact that Democrats have been feeding the American people for years.  This is the trap of government entitlements that will eventually destroy our freedoms.  This is what Obama is offering to the American people, government enslavement.  Economic servitude is the policy of the Obama regime.  Many people don’t see it that way; they look at this as getting free stuff from the government.  However, there is no such thing a free stuff!  Everything comes with a price and what is not earned, is taken away.  Freedom is not free.  Freedom must be fought for, because once freedom is taken away, you will never get it back.

That’s what we are facing in this election.  Four more years down the road of socialism with a certain future of government enslavement, or Obama-lite.  With Romney, I don’t see a difference, just a continuation down the same path, just a longer route to the same destination.  Obama complains to America’s enemies that the Constitution holds him back from making the necessary changes to enslave the American people.  Socialist Democrats in Congress are actively trying to destroy the Constitution and they are doing so with the approval of the news media.  A news media that is protecting Obama, by not exposing his Marxist policies!  A news media that is promoting class warfare, class envy and racial division!  A news media that promotes Obama’s policy of a “War On Women!”  The transparency that Obama promised was a deliberate lie.  Then again, I knew this even before Obama maculated the Office of the Presidency of the United States.

The term “United” has been torn apart by this regimes policies.  Bring lawsuits on states that are trying to prevent voter fraud.  Favored practices by democrats use to steal elections.  One thing is still certain; we still have an illegal immigration problem.  People are still trying to enter this country.  You don’t see people trying to leave this country.  So there is still the promise of freedom as guaranteed in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Our founders knew there would be politicians like Obama and the Socialist Democrats that would try and create a Plutocracy style government.  An Oligarchy government ruled by a few privileged classes making all the decisions of where we can live, what we can eat, what we can wear and what kind of house we can live in.  Who needs a government that will be a perpetual parent?  The Founders placed restrictions on the size of government to allow the people to grow their own wealth.  When Obama told the President of Russia that he will have more flexibility after he gets reelected, what do you think meant?  If Obama were to get reelected, I fear we will not see the America that I’ve known and grew up in.  I fear a loss of personal freedoms.  I fear a government that should be fearing the people.


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2 Responses to “Obama or Obama-Lite?”

  1. LVB Says:

    Hey Kini,

    Great stuff you’re doing lately. Hope you’re doing well otherwise, too.

    Here’s a new one I just finished, so I hope you will enjoy it. It has a dew of your very favorite people in it!! LOL


    Mahalo, brother!

  2. Marine Pina Urrútia Says:

    wow, this one is good, gonna use for another sport but i think it’ll be just as good, BIG thanks 🙂

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