Earth Day Fail


If I wanted the United States to Fail, I wouldn’t change a thing!





I’m enjoying a lovely Lāpule (Sunday) that the weatherman told me would be a rainy day.  They were wrong!  As usual, the environmentalist activist have made life intolerable for average Americans and now they want to celebrate the destruction of the American economy by declaring today “Earth Day“.  What a huge load of Bull Crap!

Criminal shakedown organizations like the Sierra Club make life more difficult, expensive, and the American Dream unattainable, by their constant bemoaning of make believe environmental alarmist causes.   These people belong in jail!  They are criminals against humanity.  They put Planet before people.  Who cares if you lose your job?  The Planet comes first!  Who cares if you cannot feed your family?  The Planet comes first!  Who cares if you cannot build a roof over your head? The Planet comes first!  Who cares if you want affordable energy?  The planet comes first!

Let’s just call these organizations for what they really are; Communist.  They want to control your life, your income, your food production, your home, your children and your economy.  Just like Hawai’i councilman Pete Hoffmann, a known Socialist Marxist has imposed building regulations with European standards that don’t apply to Hawaiian standards, and a Plastic Bag Ban that doesn’t stop a pollution problem.



We have land littered with broken down windmills that sit like silent sentinels, gazing over the landscape and polluting the environment.  They take up land space and offer no return on investment.  They give no energy; they just hurt the ‘Aina.  Yet, these extremist like Pete Hoffman and Brenda Ford would force you to change your lifestyle, just to make themselves sleep better at night.  They should be prosecuted and jailed for crimes against humanity and Hawai’i!  Yet the State wants to put more of these Behemoth’s in Lani’i!

The so called revised building regulations just make it harder for low income people to build.  Why?  Because people like Pete Hoffman and Brenda Ford, B. Smart and the Sierra Club have their slice of Hawai’I Nei, and they don’t want anyone else to get a chance at achieving Paradise.  It is discrimination, both racial and economical.  So they put these ridicules environmental rules in place to prevent anyone from building a better life for their families.  That’s our Hawai’i County legislators, the Scum of the Earth.  On this Earth Day, I wish them all to HELL!




What’s for Breakfast?





 Egg McKini




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