Wisconsin Wins And So Does America!


Wisconsin won big tonight and so did the American people.  Bloated Public Unions have pushed the envelope too far and the American taxpayers have made their voices heard.  No more!

Courtesy of the American Taxpayer

Union pension demands that were negotiated with the promise of union votes to Democrat lawmakers have been a symbiosis for years in many states.  As the unions grew in power, the more they took from the taxpayers.  As unions promised more votes, the more socialist democrats gave more concessions to the unions.  The taxpayers never had a chance to negotiate how their money was to be spent.  Property taxes went up to extraordinary rates to pay for salaries, benefits and retirement pensions of government workers.  They were not in line with the private sector.  It was extremely unfair to demand that the private sector pay for the public sector workers.



The unions were not willing to negotiate; instead they demanded more from lawmakers.   The lawmakers complied and coddled the unions for their votes. Eventually, the salaries of government workers were not in parity with private sector workers.  A government worker receiving a taxpayer salary of $81,637 and compared to a private sector worker making $67,067 was woefully unfair.  Plus the private sector worker was paying for their healthcare and paying for their retirement.  The public sector worker wasn’t paying for their benefits and their retirement; it was the taxpayers paying for their benefits and retirement.  Were any public sector workers contributing to private sector workers benefits and retirement?  Nope!



Wisconsin elected a governor that changed all that.  The unions didn’t want to pay for some of their benefits and pensions, so they went on strike.  But the unions didn’t just strike; they forced a recall of Wisconsin’s governor Scott Walker.  The unions were determined to force the taxpayers to pay for their benefits and retirement.  Retirement is for life BTW!



These are the same people that cheat at elections.  They find ballots hidden in trunks of cars.  They intimidate businesses and voters into voting for the official that will continue to spend taxpayer’s monies in their favor.  These are the same union leaders making six figure salaries at taxpayer expense.  These are the same socialist democrats that want to prevent voter ID’s at elections to they can fix the elections in their favor.  Unions and socialist democrats have perpetuated a corrupt system at taxpayer’s expense.



Then there is the socialist, Barack Hussein Obama.  The media helped elect him and they continue to protect him.  This socialist clown is exposed now.  The unions are exposed also.  The media is exposed now!!  The relationship that they shared to rob the American taxpayer is over now.  Wisconsin proved that and in November Obama will be voted out of office.   The Republic will be restored!



Andrew Breitbart said it best at CPAC 2012.  The Unity Speech he gave said it all.  The Tea Party that has driven the elections since 2010 to reclaim the House of Representatives, State and local governments won big then.  The Tea Party was declared dead by the socialist democrats, the Lame Stream Media and condemned by the leftist’s communists.  Quietly, we’ve been working the local, state and national politics.  We no longer have to hold rallies and protest marches.  We are organized and focused.  We listened to Breitbart….



This is more than a win for the Wisconsin; this is a win for the American people.  This is a win for the Tea Party that was behind the scenes working to reelect Walker and other candidates that believe in American Constitutional Values!!!  In the words of Emperor Obama, “We Won!!!”

See You In November!!!!!



 What’s For Dinner?



 Summer Grilled Plate!  Ono Fish with Asparagus and Red Bliss Potato’s!






4 Responses to “Wisconsin Wins And So Does America!”

  1. Kini Says:

    Best of all, the myth that union bosses represent their members’ interests has been exposed as a lie. Now that union dues are voluntary, tens of thousands of union members have stopped paying them.


  2. LVB Says:

    Great win for Conservatives and for all us who still love America, my friend!! WE ARE LEGION, you might say. 🙂

    Here’s something else you’ll appreciatre, a celebration song from the legendary Phil Keaggy,
    “True Believers”.


    Mahalo, for all your hard work and support, and I hope you enjoy this guitar master doing his thing, making such a joyful sound unto the Lord. 🙂

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