4 Years After

What If Obama Was Reelected?  How might things change in the United States by 2016?  Would we still recognize the United States?

I am listening to the Republican speeches on the cable news because the Big 3 Dopes, ABC, CBS and NBC have decided to limit their coverage of the convention.  However, I am also watching the Democrat convention scheduled for the first week of September, and there is a disturbing event that seems to be unfolding.  It involves a group called BIMA or Bureau Of Indigenous Muslim Affairs.  This flyer has been circling the Internet from their website.

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Notice on the poster the Conference Issue (center right of poster).  Islamaphobia, Mashd zoning laws, Anti Sharia bills, Patriot Act, NYPD surveillance and NDAA.

So I went to the DNC website to see the schedule of events, and I I’m still looking for any mention of it.  However, the blogsphere exploded with reputable first newsers that started posting these links about the event.  The DNC hasn’t denied it as far as I know.


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Hmmmm, where is the Islamic community?

This pull-down menu of communities on the DNC website set my curiosity.  It does go along with the Democrat party’s platform of racial division and support for extremist groups.  They’ve divided people into categories, into special interests groups, marginalizing the electorate into a multicultural soup of intolerance.  Yet, all this week the DNC operatives and the News media would have you believe the Republicans are all extremists.



Let’s assume for the moment that this Islamic event is real and the Islamic platform of Sharia Law is adopted by the DNC.  That would be in line with this regimes policy.  We can imagine what new world the United States would be once Sharia Law replaces the U.S. Constitution.

Public schools would be turned into Saudi style Madrassas.  Men and women would be forbidden to comingle under penalty being stoned to death.  Women would be forced to wear the burqa.  Honor killings would be common place within families.  Morality police would roam around shopping malls looking for any violation of Sharia law.  The LGBT community, well, that’s rather problematic isn’t it?



Churches, Synagog’s and Temples would be replaced with Mosques.  Religious practices other than Islam would be taxed and regulated by the Islamic Caliphate government.  Non-Islamic people would be required to wear identifying clothing that reflects their religion.  There will be two highway systems, the Islamic way and Infidel way.  Infidels caught violating Islamic Sharia Law would be harshly punished.



Dr. Zuhdi Jasser warns about this group and their connection to Islamic extremist groups.

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a devout Muslim and the Founder and President of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, wrote:

The leaders of this event – Jibril Hough and Imam Siraj Wahhaj [are not] moderates. They are radicals. These individuals embrace Islamist supremacy and have demonstrated support for radical ideologies.

A quick Google search by the DNC would have shown them that Hough and Wahhaj are leaders in the separatist American Islamist movement. While they may be able to get a few thousand Muslims to attend the event, they are NOT going to be mainstream Muslims.  Most will likely come from Hough and Wahhaj’s radical networks that have long been entrenched in the Charlotte area. Make no mistake they are part of the Islamist movement.

Their jummah (group) prayer is…about empowering their Islamist and MB sympathetic groups into the very fabric of the political system so that Americans become anesthetized. We need American Muslims to speak up and marginalize these radicals. The DNC needs to understand and reject them because of their radical history and ideas.

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What does “Indigenous” Muslim Affairs mean?  Indigenous to where?  Why isn’t there an indigenous community in the DNC?  What kind of message is the DNC boasting?  More questions than answers.



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Politics Of Hate


Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the most vilest piece of excrement ever to speak for the Socialist Democrat Party of America.  This witch (substitute b for w) deliberately lies on camera and insists that women need to know her lie.  Even when Anderson Cooper, who is actually acting like a journalist on the Communist News Network (CNN), repeatedly points out her lie, she continues to repeat the same lie as if she was some robotic drone with a looping sound effect.   Wasserman Schultz purposely misquotes an article from the LA Times and refuses to acknowledge it.


It Doesn’t Matter?


This not the first time Wasserman Schultz has lied on CNN or any other News station.  But she’s not the only one within the liberal ranks of haters.  The sheer hatred liberal democrats have over Mitt Romney is a direct reflection of the democrat political platform for America.

You Must Hate!  You must be envious of your neighbor!  You must be a victim!

For example, when Mitt Romney made a joke about his birth certificate at a campaign rally the folks at the mighty flame thrower MSNBC couldn’t hold back their manufactured outrage.  Perhaps deep down they know how much trouble their “boy” Obama is in.  Juan Williams at Fox News during the hit show The Five referred to Mitt Romney as “your boy”!  I wish I had captured that moment, but I’m sure I’ll find a video capture of that event and I’ll post it as an update when I do.

Meanwhile, feast your eyes and ears on the MSNBC panel of make believe journalists as their gnash their teeth over Romney’s birth certificate comment.  It’s obviously racism they say.  Obama can’t produce either his birth certificate, his grades, college papers or even why Obama lost his law license<— MUST READ!!!



Beltway Confidentialwrites:

“In this he’s revealing for us, I think that we should be grateful for this but it’s pretty scary to think that a political figure at that high a level is resorting to some of the basest, most despicable bigotry we can imagine.”

Quoting pretend-to-be political analyst and flaming racist Michael Eric Dyson.

It’s all an effort to hide Obama’s abysmal failure mismanagement of the country.  Or is it deliberate mismanagement?  Just as Obama’s past is sealed away from public view at the cost of millions of dollars, it makes you wonder what Obama is hiding.  Why else would Obama continue to demand that Romney release more of his tax records, but to deflect away from Obama’s incompetence?  Or is there something illegal in Obama’s past that needs to be brought to the public’s knowledge?


Stephanie Cutter, Obama deputy campaign manager, openly lied when she was caught working with a Super PAC group that accused Romney of causing the death of a steel worker’s wife.  It is against the law, a felony, for campaigns to work with Super PAC’s and the evidence disclosed in a voicemail message proved that.  But don’t expect the Justice Department under the murder and super criminal coward Eric Holder to do anything about it.  The Justice department is so deeply contaminated with corruption that little to no actions will be taken.



Forward with Hypocrisy is the Obama campaign slogan.  Using Mao Zedong’s Great Leap Forward which killed 45 million people in 4 years is definitely analogous to Obama’s policies.   Obamacare is the model that will eventually kill millions of Americans through healthcare rationing.  At least Mao was compassionate and just put bullet in the head of anyone in the way his policies.  Obama will just let you languish with substandard healthcare and denied coverage.

The slogan “Forward!” reflected the conviction of European Marxists and radicals that their movements reflected the march of history, which would move forward past capitalism and into socialism and communism.

Obama has set the narrative ever since he was sworn in a President.  The first thing Obama did was to follow the policies of other Marxists by nationalizing major industries.  The auto industry is a great example where the government bailed out General Motors.  In doing so, Obama’s policy of wealth redistribution favored the unions and screwed non-union workers.  What’s left is a failing company that owes almost $50 billion in stock back to the taxpayer’s.

GM owes $27 billion on the nearly $50 billion it received from the auto bailout and Ally Bank, the company’s lending arm, owes $14.7 billion of the $17.2 billion taxpayer-funded bailout it received.

GM’s stock has plummeted in recent months after stagnant development in overseas markets. It hit a new low on Wednesday, falling to $18.80, a 52 percent drop from its January 2011 high of $38.90.

“In order to recoup its total investment in GM, Treasury will need to recover an additional $27 billion in proceeds. This translates to an average of $53.98 per share on its remaining common shares in New GM,” the IG report concluded.

When Obama said he wanted to fundamentally transform America, people should have asked “into what”.

Obviously this has emboldened Obama’s commie comrades to come out of the shadows.  The Occupy Wall Street crowd was encouraged by the Obama regime and members of congress.  “God Bless Them” said Nancy Pelosi, “spontaneous and effective” Pelosi continued.

What can we conclude from this is that the Obama regime is packed with liars, morons and criminals.  If anyone still believes that Obama isn’t a hard left Marxist, then they have their heads buried where the sun don’t shine.


Soros – If I had a son, he’d look like Obama


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Grilled Duck Breast with with apricot mustard glaze and caramelized orange peel served with Quinoa




Vote For Rape


Media interest continues to grow over the Minnesota lawmaker that had a sexual encounter with a 17-year-old boy (emphasis Teen), both Republicans and Democrats have banded together to ask Representative Kerry Gauthier what his choice of rape-rape techniques were used for votes.

The ongoing campaign of prostitution by elected officials continues to be a huge public draw as the Rapes for Votes campaign continues to grow.  Not that rape-rape is at the top of national issues, it’s not!  Once considered politically destructive in some circles but politically advantageous in others; each has the same effect as if being either watched through the glass booth in a porn shop, the filmy glow of a computer screen, or the pages some magazine sold at the local convenience store.

As explained by Congressman Todd Akin, the scientific reasons why rape-rape is hard to turn away from, and that it’s similar to watching porn during legislative session when the reading of bills is just too boring to bear.

Who knew the best little whorehouse in America was just limited to Washington DC?  Apparently, under the noses of the main stream media, rampant taxpayer funded sexual rape-rape is a common practice across the country.  To the degree which gets the most attention depends on the political party.

Rape-rape as defined by such noted intellectuals as Whoopi Goldberg has become all the rage in upscale social and political circles.  Perhaps it’s that desire by politicians and pundits to get into the center of that public circle jerk and receive that splash of public moral outrage.  Hollywood stars give rape-rape two thumbs up the rectum!

It must be why most likely voters polled show that open political marriages  last the testament of time.  What was once considered as self-destructive behavior, but is now America’s favorite hush pastime.  No longer in the closet, rape-rape is being introduced to mainstream America at all levels of American society.  Learning institutions for the youth of America are being instructed by our Government’s Safe Sex School Czar on the ins and outs of rape-rape.

Yes indeed, the secret to political success is in rape-rape.  Considered the best political career move for name recognition and being the hot talk among the political grapevine.  Rape-rape is fast becoming the burning political issue of the nation.  The public is being seduced and the media has a fever for more rape-rape!

The economy is of no interest to the public because the economy is all about numbers.  Boring!  This isn’t legitimate rape-rape and the public is only interested in legitimate rape-rape.

Not to be disenfranchised and seemingly discriminatory, rape-rape is open to all Americans; young and old, mature and naïve, gender specific or unspecific, legal or illegal, rich or poor, aware or unaware.

An equal opportunity rape-rape for all Americans.  It’s time for Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public to bend over, grab the ankles, and take a rape-rape for the country.



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Hypocrites have been around ever since the human race began.  They call it the silly season, but how silly can one get?  How silly is it when your “Go To” person for economic advise loses a almost  two billion dollars in customer funds, isn’t held responsible for his stewardship of customer accounts, and decides to create another hedge fund?

Sales Pitch

Your Money is Safe with Us!

Corporate Robber

Click Me!

John Corzine is getting a “Get out of Jail” card courtesy of the Obama Regime.  Imagine your investment in a brokership company that sold your money into a financial universe of vapourware!  I guess all that government regulations Obama passed to prevent financial fraud wasn’t to prevent his political cronies from stealing people’s investments.  Joe Biden calls Jon Corzine his go to guy for advice!  Watch!

Remember, most investments come with a disclaimer that your actual investment may lose it principle value.  Jon Corzine has taken that disclaimer to a new level by robbing his investors of their principle investment.  The Justice Dept. under the murderer Attorney General Eric Holder apparently finds no problem with this outright financial fraud and refuses to prosecute for malfeasance of two billion dollars of money that he “honestly” doesn’t know what happened to it.  Where did it go?  I don’t know!

Former MF Global chief executive Jon Corzine apologized “to all those affected” by the brokerage’s collapse Thursday as he told a congressional committee he doesn’t know what happened to $1.2 billion in missing customer funds.

Testifying under subpoena at a House Agriculture Committee hearing, Corzine, a former Democratic U.S. senator and ex-Goldman Sachs chief, portrayed himself as stunned about the massive shortfall that emerged as regulators and federal investigators began probing MF Global’s Oct. 31 bankruptcy.

“I simply do not know where the money is, or why the accounts have not been reconciled to date,” said Corzine, 64, in his first public comments since his resignation was announced four days after the bankruptcy filing.

Now contrast that with others in the Obama regime that are managing the American people tax dollars:

  • Little Timothy Geithner tax cheat and TurboTax illiterate.
  • Ron Kirk, the former mayor of Dallas who would be the White House chief trade representative if confirmed, didn’t pay taxes on some speaking fees he donated to his alma mater and he tried to write off the full $17,000 costs of his Dallas Mavericks season tickets.
  • Tom Daschle  Nuff said.
  • Nancy Killefer, whose performance as would-be chief performance officer was also self-terminated when she turned out to have had a past tax problem.
  • Rep. Hilda Solis, whose husband had some tax liens going back 16 years until the day before her committee vote as Labor secretary.
  • Sen. Max Baucus who seems to have a drinking problem along with paying taxes.

Source: LA Times

The list grows and goes and goes.  Yet, Obama wants Mitt Romney to release more of his tax returns.  Ironic, right?

If you picked the Joker Socialist, then you win!  Clowns are always scary.

By clowns I mean Obama.  His administration is a joke.  From his illegal Executive Orders, to his choices in Cabinet positions.  Tax cheats that otherwise would be in jail for tax evasion permeate this regime.  Whacky ideas like “Cash for Clunkers” to moratoriums on oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.  Selling Oil jobs to Brazil and Columbia.  Stopping the Canada pipeline construction and allowing that oil to go to China.

How about if Obama releases his college records, and his thesis papers that he must surely had to write to get the degree he claims to possess.  Why is it that Obama feels the need to hide this information.  You would think someone with his “supposed” credentials would want to proudly display these items that tell who his character.   His thinking.  His ideology.

Anyone that had read his book “Dreams of my Father” knows what Obama’s thinking is about.  Where his rage against America wakes.  This perverse hatred that Obama has against the United States is clearly seen in his regime’s policies.  Bankrupt Green Energy companies, Government Motors and housing loans to people that cannot afford them.  Over-regulations and deliberate destruction of Industrial freedoms.

Fast and Furious was a criminal action and a treasonous action against the United States Constitution.  Black Panthers intimidating voters ignored.  So much for racial division by a regime that claims to be diverse and equality minded.  Or perhaps equality is in the Islamic tradition of slavery?

The world has become a more dangerous place and we have a boob that bows to terrorists.  Awue!

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Why Lie?

I Voted Today


Vote with confidence!  That’s what I did today!


My polling (pooling) place was located at Kea’au High School.

I really needed to challenge my confidence with this sign.



Hand(y)cap or kneecapped?  I can speak Hawaiian pigeon and ‘Ōlelo (Hawaiian Language), but this is a high school.  A official polling place where your ballot is read by an electronic reader.  I’m sorta thinking, or rather doubting, if I am in the wrong place and this is a joke.  I’m thinking Code Pink group-think.  But Noooo!



We followed the arrows till we found the polling location, signed the registrar with our signatures, PRODUCED A PHOTO ID, and proceed to cast our ballots.  Our Primary system allows us to vote one party only : Republican or Socialist Democrat.  Want to learn more, click here.



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