Vote For Rape


Media interest continues to grow over the Minnesota lawmaker that had a sexual encounter with a 17-year-old boy (emphasis Teen), both Republicans and Democrats have banded together to ask Representative Kerry Gauthier what his choice of rape-rape techniques were used for votes.

The ongoing campaign of prostitution by elected officials continues to be a huge public draw as the Rapes for Votes campaign continues to grow.  Not that rape-rape is at the top of national issues, it’s not!  Once considered politically destructive in some circles but politically advantageous in others; each has the same effect as if being either watched through the glass booth in a porn shop, the filmy glow of a computer screen, or the pages some magazine sold at the local convenience store.

As explained by Congressman Todd Akin, the scientific reasons why rape-rape is hard to turn away from, and that it’s similar to watching porn during legislative session when the reading of bills is just too boring to bear.

Who knew the best little whorehouse in America was just limited to Washington DC?  Apparently, under the noses of the main stream media, rampant taxpayer funded sexual rape-rape is a common practice across the country.  To the degree which gets the most attention depends on the political party.

Rape-rape as defined by such noted intellectuals as Whoopi Goldberg has become all the rage in upscale social and political circles.  Perhaps it’s that desire by politicians and pundits to get into the center of that public circle jerk and receive that splash of public moral outrage.  Hollywood stars give rape-rape two thumbs up the rectum!

It must be why most likely voters polled show that open political marriages  last the testament of time.  What was once considered as self-destructive behavior, but is now America’s favorite hush pastime.  No longer in the closet, rape-rape is being introduced to mainstream America at all levels of American society.  Learning institutions for the youth of America are being instructed by our Government’s Safe Sex School Czar on the ins and outs of rape-rape.

Yes indeed, the secret to political success is in rape-rape.  Considered the best political career move for name recognition and being the hot talk among the political grapevine.  Rape-rape is fast becoming the burning political issue of the nation.  The public is being seduced and the media has a fever for more rape-rape!

The economy is of no interest to the public because the economy is all about numbers.  Boring!  This isn’t legitimate rape-rape and the public is only interested in legitimate rape-rape.

Not to be disenfranchised and seemingly discriminatory, rape-rape is open to all Americans; young and old, mature and naïve, gender specific or unspecific, legal or illegal, rich or poor, aware or unaware.

An equal opportunity rape-rape for all Americans.  It’s time for Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public to bend over, grab the ankles, and take a rape-rape for the country.



What’s For Dinner?



Selective Sarcasm Sandwich








2 Responses to “Vote For Rape”

  1. LVB Says:

    No one understands hypocrisy 101 and blatantly biased double standards better than the globalist mass media scum who always err on the side of whatever best fits their current fascist hybrid commie minions

    It’s OOOOOO-verrrrr LiL bama

    It’s OOOOOOO – ver…..

    sing it with me….

    It’s OOOOOO-verrrr, LIL bammy

    it’s OOOOOO, OHHHl, OHHHH , OHHHH,. Yeap, it’s just SOOOOO OOOOOOOver.

    Best wishes and good riddance to you and your hideously conrrupt vacationing world record breakers. Fare three well and please do not pass this way again, if you have any sense at all. Just raid the kitchen and steal all the silverware and nice china plates….and we’ll just leave it that. Just leave…and don’t come back….EVER!!!

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