Democrats Party of Hate

After rejecting God and Jerusalem in the Original Democrat Platform, mounting pressure from within the party to add God and Jerusalem was amended and added.  Resulting in roars and boos of disapproval by the anti-Semites and Atheists alike.  Three Times!  The DNC is the party of hate and intolerance!



Democratic party heads rammed through the revised platform, which includes updated pro-Israel language and the mention of God, against the clear wishes of those voting at the convention in Charlotte. Here’s video of the chaos:

You can hear in the video during the vote the “Nay’s” were clearly louder than the “Yea’s”.  So the amendment was rammed through anyway.  Just like Obamacare was rammed through in the dead of night despite its unpopularity.  This is how democrats government; they don’t rely about majority rule, they just over-rule and then lie!

It’s easy for Democrats to lie; they’ve been doing so for over the past century.  Democrats have their allies in the media that further propagates their lies.  However, this time Democrats cannot run away from this; they are liars, crooks and cheats.  How could anyone want four more years of this?


What’s For Dinner?


Sushi Two Ways: Ahi Tuna and Deep Fried Avocado Roll








4 Responses to “Democrats Party of Hate”

  1. Kini Says:

    Peter Schiff wanders in the land of the stupid

  2. Kini Says:

    Debbie Wassamatterwitherhair Schultz is a FLAMING LIAR!!

  3. Kini Says:

    H/T Facebook friend Craig Summers:
    The Cock crowed, the Democrats denied God three times. Now Someone needs to cry bitterly. #DNC2012

  4. Kini Says:

    More lies from democrats! They can’t help themselves!

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