Single Point of Failure


Freedom, as we have known it, maybe gone for good.  America has chosen the path of socialism.  Class warfare and class envy over the prosperity of capitalism.  Americans have chosen for institutionalized government; government for the government and by the government. Those children of the future, lucky enough to be born here, and not aborted, into this once Great Nation, will be shackled with the bonds of economic servitude and a dependence on a impersonal cold bureaucracy as their sole means for survival.  Welcome Immigrants!  We have a Tax for you!

They will never know what the Pursuit of Happiness” means or even how to achieve it, because they will forever be dependent for sustenance from an institutional trough that will do what it is considers, [t]eh best for you. You will have no recourse, no appeal, only the government will provide for all your needs: housing, food, job will be your government granted rights.  Wish for your dream job on assignment day!

They will never know what Liberty” was because self determination and free thought will be tightly regulated and strictly controlled by a bureaucratic multicultural Watchdog EU panel. Obama spoke of revenge, so did Valerie Jarrett, is this what can we expect in the short term?  The long term is clear, the robbing of the individual’s freedom of choice and replacing it with a “Life of Julia” cradle to grave dependency existence.

They will never know what Life” is, because there will be no value placed on life.

These are the three pillars of our Constitution which are our God given rights, and they may be lost now and forever. Replaced by government given rights: By the government, and for the government. Rights that are once given, can easily be taken away. Once down this road, there is no turning back.

Government, as the single source, that intends to be everything to everybody, will ultimately always be the single point of failure for any society’s  futures.  It is eerie that those that did vote for Obama are citing the same meme since 2008, “He’s gonna pay for my food, my house, and my gas”, claimed one woman interviewed by the News Media after tonight’s Obama’s reelection.  2014




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