Let Me Be Clear


Let me be clear”, whenever you hear Barry the Bullshitter prefaces this phrase, then you know he’s lying.

So I went on to Google.com and did an internet search for the phrase “let me be clear”, and got 509,000,000 results with the first page all on Barry the Bullshitter’s use of the phrase.

How long the American people will put up with Barry’s lies, is a matter of who’s doing the reporting.  Suffice it to know that whenever Barry opens his fly trap, a smelly lie will exit.

Talking about health care in July: “Let me be absolutely clear: Medicare is in place, and as long as I’m here, Medicare will continue to be in place.”

And when he got word of his Nobel Peace Prize in October: “Let me be clear: I do not view it as a recognition of my own accomplishments.”

Yet, Barry took $750 billion out of Medicare to fund Obamacare!  Barry said if you like your insurance, you can keep it.  Barry said if you like your doctor, you can keep them.  Looks like that was all just another lie.



So when Barry says “let me be clear”, you know that what follows will be anything but transparency.  So many times has Barry used this phrase, that the Lame Stream Media is becoming wary hearing it!

Or as one Salon.com commenter put it: “Whenever I hear Obama say ‘let me be clear,’ I know what he is about to say is full of s—-.”

I’ll be a little blunter; Barry the Bullshitter is a liar.  This has been Barry’s modus operandi since his days as a community agitator.  The media has been willing to destroy their own journalistic credibility by either not reporting Barry’s lies, or deliberately lying for Barry.

In his Stoplight® commentary, Stuart Shepard explains what he’s learned to look for when the president says, “Let me be clear.”

In a more disturbing context of Barryism, is the use of “let’s not jump to conclusions” whenever an Islamic terrorist attack happens in this country.

Under Barry’s watch, there have been several successful Islamic attacks against Americans, and each time, Barry jumped on his propaganda media to warn people not to jump to conclusions.  Since September 11, 2001, and the years after, George W. Bush kept this country safe from terrorism.  Since 2008, there have been numerous attacks against Americans on our shores.

The Ft. Hood massacre, the underwear bomber, the New York bomber, the Arkansas shooter, and now the Boston Marathon bombers; these are all examples where Barry and Homeland Security has played down the terrorist attacks as something other than terrorism.  Work place violence, is often used to describe the Ft. Hood massacre.  Even though, the muslim killer was screaming Allah Akbar, it is routinely dismissed as having nothing to do with Islam. Three of these Islamic attacks killed American people, the others did not.  In all cases, Barry and his media minions have played down either each terrorist attack, or foiled terrorist plot.  Does anyone remember “the cops acted stupidly”?

Even after the Boston terrorist attack, Barry the Bullshitter called it a “tragic” event.  It wasn’t till the following day that Barry finally called it terrorism.  It’s the contempt Barry has for the American people that he won’t even acknowledge a terrorist attack even after it has sent hundreds to hospitals, and four people to their deaths.

Even today, members of Barry’s anti-American media allies are sympathizing with the bombers!   Geraldo Rivera, a liberal mouthpiece for Fox News, Tweeted his regrets to his Muslim brothers and sisters; then went on to blame the bombing on homegrown anarchists!  That was after the fact!

The manhunt to capture the bombers had the liberal media praying and salivating that it was a white male Tea Party conservative person.  Can you imagine their disappointment when it learned they were Muslims?

However, once it was learned these two bombers were not either Tea Party people or conservatives; the media went into downplaying the Islamic connection by comparing relevancy to Hollywood movies.  The media’s disconnect of reason and sanity is absolutely bizarre because of Barry’s connection Islamist extremism.

Is it any wonder why when an Islamic attack against Americans gets met with the same statement, “let me be clear; don’t jump to conclusions”, Barry is bullshitting you.  Complicit in this lie is the fawning media that runs around kissing Barry’s ass.

Let me be clear, we have an Islamic problem in this country.  Starting with Barry the Bullshitter on down.  Ignoring this threat to our way of life will be at our peril.

A Muslim killed, decapitated and mutilated, two Coptic Christians in New Jersey, and it gets almost no media attention.  Russia warned the FBI about the Boston Marathon’s bomber radicalization, but did nothing.  That’s because Barry’s corrupt regime will not acknowledge the worldwide Islamic threat.

Barry would make it clear that the American people, the United States Constitution and the safety of this country, is not his priority.  What Barry’s plan seems to be is to allow more immigration of more Islamic terrorists into this country.  Why else would this become a point of argument in the immigration debate?  Why else is Barry pushing for gun control?  Why else is Barry violating the Constitution and the Conscience clause?

Let’s compare; the conscience clause constitutionally permits private hospitals and health care facilities and physicians, nurses and employees to refuse to perform or participate in performing abortions for “ethical, moral, religious or professional reasons.

Muslims claim the same religious rights by refusing to handle pork products, alcohol products and not permitting service dogs to be in their presence.  Yet, honor killings and female genital mutilation would be permitted.  Muslims are petitioning States to allow them to be governed under their Sharia Law and not U.S. Constitutional law.  In effect, allowing preferential treatment to an Islamic theocracy, and giving privilege to a specific class of people.

Let me be perfectly clear.  Barry the Bullshitter doesn’t care about the Constitution. Class envy, class warfare and dividing Americans to the lowest common denominator are Barry’s fundamental transformation of America.  If the American people cannot see the spitefulness of Barry the Bullshitter, then we truly do deserve the government we have.



What’s For Dinner?


Pan Seared Alaskan Cod over Roasted Broccoli and Steamed Jasmine Rice




9 Responses to “Let Me Be Clear”

  1. necessaryandpropergovt Says:

    Hello, Kini.

    Great blog.

    I’m wondering if you know someone named Kathleen that was very active in the Tea Party in your state until she and her airline pilot husband moved away from Hawaii about a year ago. She’s my sister. Please drop me an email at my blog’s address if you know her. (See my “Contact Us” page.)

    – Jeff

    • Kini Says:

      Aloha Jeff,
      Thanks for the kind words. It depends on which Island she was on. The Tea Party extends to all Neighbor Islands, On the Big Island we have a Kona and a Hilo Tea Party groups. There are also groups on Maui, O’ahu and Kaua’i. We’re still very active! 😆

  2. Andres W. Carroll Says:

    attack was done by a member who worked for TWO military masters really. a traitor and a terrorist whom you paid through taxes to attack those people.

  3. Sheila H. Grimes Says:

    The first reason is that, to this very day, the Obama Administration does not recognize the massacre at Fort Hood for what it was — a terrorist attack. They deemed it an act of “workplace violence” despite the fact that Hasan screamed “Allahu Akbar” as he slaughtered his fellow soldiers. They deemed it an act of “workplace violence” though he carried business cards bearing the inscription, “S of A — Soldier of Allah.” They deemed it an act of “workplace violence” despite his contact with al Qaeda in Yemen’s representative Anwar al-Awlaki; a man the Obama Administration saw fit to kill with a drone nearly two years after the Fort Hood massacre.

  4. Bridgette E. Cantrell Says:

    You’re forgetting Fort Hood where 13 were killed by the Muslim terrorist. And your forgetting all the people killed on the highways and tornadoes and hurricanes and shot to death in Chicago and in all inner cities everywhere under Obama. I think the death count is about even for both presidents.

  5. Jeremiah W. Ferguson Says:

    Your premise that Pelosi, Reid and Obama actually care about the murder of thirteen American soldiers by Major Jihad at Ft.Hood is fallacious. They well merrily stand in the well and chant “there is no terrorist/Jihad threat,” “Religion of Peace” while systematically destroying the country’s economy. It’s who they are.

  6. Nathan Rogers Says:

    When Obama and Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security Secretary, scrapped the terms “war on terror” and “terrorist attacks,” we were appeasing the enemy. Their new Leftist hygienic, sterilized language and “politically correct” terms were introduced to replace the apt and appropriately named “‘war on terror” when it became “Overseas Contingency Operations.” In place of “terrorist attacks” the politically correct term became “Man Caused Disasters.” Lest we not offend religious zealots, murderers, al-Qaeda and its off-shoots, and the Muslim terrorists that attack us and others across the world, we sealed the deal on our futures by allowing the enemy, the media, and the Obama administration to dictate and propagandize how they are perceived. The name changes and rebranding of the war that is being perpetrated against the West did not change the perception or goals of those whose barbaric ideology and religious combination dictate that they rid the world of infidels, in other words, you and me. Obama’s inability to use the word terrorist to describe our enemies shows his anti-American bent and his protection and support for the religious Muslim zealots.

  7. Zardoz Says:


    Where you at, man? At least drop a couple of photos to help me with my Big Island jones.

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