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Remembering 9-11 2001 & 2012, how many more?


Here we are 12 years later after the horrific attacks on this country by Islamic terrorists.  A year ago on the anniversary of 9-11, we witnessed the murder of an American Ambassador and 3 American Hero’s at the hands of murderous Islamic terrorist.  While Barry the Bullshitter disappeared, supposedly went off to perform fellatio fellatio on his buddy Reggie Love and to snort some cocaine.  Who knows what/whom Obama was doing that night?  What is evident is that Obama abandoned Americans to the hands of Islamic terrorists.

Since September 11th, 2001, socialist democrats have tried to play down the horror as nothing more than a misunderstanding.  Even bringing in and supporting the construction of a Mosque at Ground Zero.  Remember this creep, Feisal Abdul Rauf?  He wanted to build a victory mosque at the location where his muslim savages’ pigs flew aircraft’s into the World Trade Centers in NYC.

Democrats continue to support the surrender to the Islamic terrorists by claiming that Islam is a peaceful religion.  Phooey!  Islam is not a religion, it’s a theocracy.  If you are still unsure about what Islam is, then you should watch this video.  It will explain how Islam starts the process of installing their demonic Sharia Law.  Learn the truth about Islam, before it’s too late.

Since 9-11, two wars, and a middle-east that is spinning out of control; the socialist democrats under the regime of Barry the Bullshitter, has brought more terrorists into our government in a deliberate attempt to subvert the United States Constitution into a form of Islamic Sharia tyranny.


Say what you might about George W. Bush, but he kept us safe from another terrorist attack.  However, under the Obama regime, there has been several Islamic attacks that this inept regime has tried to hide, or play down as “Workplace Violence”.

  • The Ft. Hood Shootings.
  • The Arkansas Shootings.
  • The Christmas Underwear Bomber.
  • The NYC Car bomb that failed.
  • The Boston Marathon bombing.

These are just a few examples of Islamic terrorism perpetrated in this country during the Obama regime.  These are the terrorist acts that had made it into the news.  There are other stories that are deliberately buried by this regime, and the doting news media, in order to keep people uninformed about the threat of Islamic terrorism.  One only has to look at Europe, Asia and the rest of the world to see the problem of Islamic immigration and how that is literally destroying cultures and civil society.  There is a worldwide Islamic problem that the socialist democrats think they can appease through social programs like welfare.


Atheists, like Islamic terrorists, have teamed up to destroy the United States of America by using the courts to chip away are American values.  A Liberal’s view of equality means taking liberty away from someone else.  Atheists whine that religion is too prevalent in government; they don’t like “In God We Trust” on our money.  Atheists don’t like the 10 Commandments displayed at courthouses.  Atheists complain about Christian beliefs, but you never hear them speak about the Islamic influence.  Why?  Because they are all cowards.  If given a chance to either lose their head, or raise their ass to Allah, they would gladly capitulate.

Meanwhile, we have a GOP leadership made up of crybabies and inept leadership.  Boehner and Cantor have demonstrated they are not able to lead the GOP, and the GOP leadership is too busy trying to be nicey nice to liberal fringe groups, all the while abandoning their base.  Conservatives need not apply.

The Rise of the Tea Party happened after it was apparent that the GOP was moving towards the left.  It was politically expediently for members of the GOP to try and save their seat in the Congress.  Arlen Specter switched parties when he feared losing his congressional seat.  The GOP leadership continues today to treat the Tea Party as a pariah.  Former Presidential candidate John McCain called Tea Party people “Whacko Birds”.  I can’t believe I actually voted for that asshole.  Sure, he was a POW, a war hero, but now he’s a bitter old man who has lost his bearings.  Retire now McLame, before you further damage you credibility.  Yeech!

Atheists Want This Cross Removed

Atheists Want This Cross Removed

Islamists, atheists and socialist democrats have all banded together to destroy, subvert and rewrite the Constitution into a secular European model.  How has that worked for Europe?  Not very well.

Two muslim terrorists are in the Congress today, Keith Ellison and Andre Carson.  Both have tried to subvert the constitution, the public education system, and they are desperate to impose Sharia law in the United States.  Carson suggested the public education system should be modeled after the Saudi Madrassa Wahabism model, which is a school for training terrorists.  Ellison wants to tax Americans to provide taxpayer welfare benefits to muslims.  This is how they think, they believe they own infidels and that they should pay “Jizya” a tax upon non-believers.  They demand that food be processed in the halal style, a process which slaughters animals in a terrifying horrific manner.  Barbaric and cruel.  That’s who muslims, atheists and democrats are, this is their culture, which is what they want to impose on us.

Voices of moderation?  Very few indeed.  Dr. Zuhdi Jasser of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy has been trying to bring out moderate muslims by condemning the acts of terrorism in the name of Islam. However, there doesn’t seem to be very many moderate muslims listening.  Instead, terrorist sponsored front groups like CAIR (Council on American–Islamic Relations) continue to use the courts to try and impose Sharia law on Americans.

Liberals, muslims and atheists, would love for you to forget all that, and they are doing everything possible along with the leftist media to erase the memories of 911, both 2001 and 2012.  Remember that the media deliberately went along with the Obama regime to blame an obscure video for the attacks on Benghazi where our Ambassador and 3 other Americans were slaughtered by Islamic savages.


Who pushed the video narrative?  Who ordered our troops to stand-down when our people were fighting for their lives and begging for help?   We know who it was; Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and the regime of criminals.

On this anniversary of the terrorist attacks, a muslim group claims it will march on Washington DC in support of their terrorist activities.  An insult to the memories of those that died at the hands of muslim Islamic terrorists.

What’s worse, we now know that Obama wants to help Al Qaeda in the Syrian civil war that he helped create.   Who’s side is he on?

You get the government you voted for.


The Phony


What an interesting turn of events. Hope and change is now divide and conquer.  A Nobel Peace Prize President is going to war, whether Congress gives him approval or not.  So why the dog and pony show?

It’s the classic Obama distraction. Once we commit to this, and even if we don’t, you’re still going to hear calls to raise the debt ceiling.  All of the so called “phony” scandals are pushed back out of the news cycle and forgotten.  Another crisis not going to waste, because it’s manufactured.

What a shame, the President publicly lies, and the loyal slobbering media is caught in a perpetual Pavlov Dog moment, not knowing what to do.  Does the media continue to lie and cover for the Obama regime? Or will the media practice real journalism?  Nah, too much to expect.

If the hat fits, wear it

If the hat fits, wear it

As I watched the close of the Martin Luther King celebrations, I couldn’t help feel a sense of dread and foreboding for the future.  I’ve listened to all the speeches and I didn’t get a sense of uplifting, only depression.  Here we have the first black American President and he’s whining about inequality, while taking away our liberties.

The ‘Blessed Community’ is now made up of race baiters like Sharpton and Jackson, progressive socialists and democrat communists.  The ‘Dream’ that MLK spoke about has turned into a nightmare.

Where were the speakers like Thomas Sowel?  Why was the only black Republican from South Carolina U.S. Senator Tim Scott uninvited to speak at the march?  Why did all the speakers that did speak at the march, outline only a list of racial grievances.  Why wasn’t Dr. Ben Carson, a true American success story not invited to speak about his success as a black man?

The answer is clear.  The race industry doesn’t want people, black or otherwise, to achieve success on their own.  They don’t believe in the American Dream, they only have their hatred.  They only care about the color of their skin, and not the content of their character.

My question to all is: How does any of this help the American People?  How does this help our nation achieve MLK’s dream?  Especially when the dream has been high-jacked by self-centered opportunists that feed off the hate, the envy, the class division; how is this add to the betterment of all Americans?


Barry the bullshitter has called his scandals, phony.  How does this outright lie help the American people?  Isn’t it the job of the President of the United States to be a unifier?  Someone that brings both the left and the right together for the betterment of our nation?

In no particular order, let’s examine them:



IRS Snooping.  Probably the most egregious and sinister of all the scandals devised by this regime was to use the most powerful, and scariest government agency, and use it as a political club against the American people.  A deliberate attempt to get revenge on political groups that demonstrated against the “Train Wreck” called Obamacare.

Remember that Valerie Jarrett and Barry the bullshitter both said during the 2012 election cycle that they wanted to punish their enemies, so they used IRS to target specific conservative groups for extra scrutiny.  Any American getting a letter from the IRS can tell you the fear that strikes.  Fear and intimidation has been this regimes method of operation.

The Congressional hearings on the IRS scandal was astonishing.  The contempt the IRS managers had for the American people was breathtaking!  They tried to blame others, brush it off as a mistake, and made light of the whole scandal.  I got the impression they didn’t think it was a big deal politically targeting American groups.

The IRS is going to implement Obamacare.  The IRS will be asking about your health insurance information.  How does this help lower the cost of health care?  How does this help people at all?


NSA SpyingNational Security Agency is collecting meta data on all electronic transmissions.  Phone, internet, texting, Tweeting, Facebook posts, everything!  Spying on the Associated Press and other news agencies.  Even accusing members of the press as criminal conspirators for doing their job.  As if Barry didn’t already have a slobbering press that follows like a puppy dog.  We don’t have a free press anymore, but then the media as we have known it since is changing.  Blogs and Social Media have replaced the media.


Benghazi Murders. Who pushed the video? Who ordered the Stand-Down?  Rumors has either Valerie Jarret or Barry himself making those calls.  The regime is hiding the witnesses in an effort to hide what really happened that night in Libya.  Evidence is showing the regime was making arms deals when the attack happened.  Were there 400 shoulder armed missile launchers stolen?

Does anyone in the Military trust their commander in chief to have their backs?

Fast and Furious. Gun running for Mexican drug lords.  Thousands dead because the Obama regime was caught running guns to Mexican Drug Lords.

Calls for God’s blessing for Planned Parenthood.  Is if women in this country cannot get health care. Rubbish!

Inserts himself into the Georgetown Prof. racist rants that got him arrested.

Inserts himself into the Trayvon Martin trial.

Compares himself to Trayvon Martin further pushing the racial divide.

Decides Obamacare will diminish Socialist Democrats chances in the 2014 midterm elections and waives the employer mandate.  Not the individual mandate.

Decides for Teachers Unions over children’s chances for a good education.

Ignores the bloodshed in Chicago, his home town.

How does any of this help the country, the people, and our way of life?  Running the government like a banana republic, with a militarized police state called Homeland Security to make us all feel safe.  Yet, acts of terrorism under Barry’s watch have happened.



Well, just think; another 4 more years of this crap sandwich.

Yes, its been a long time since I’ve posted anything here.  Time to start up again.





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