Shutting Down Common Sense


Conservative Radio Talkshow Hosts:  Hugh Hewitt gets it!  Michael Medved doesn’t!  What Medved doesn’t get is the message: “Obama and Congress are not listening to the people”.  That was the message Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) delivered during his historic filibuster.

Polls, polls, polls!  Every politician lives by polls.  What was accomplished the pundits asked.  Late night comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s, ‘man on the street’ skit to test people’s political knowledge.  People did not know the difference between what the ‘Affordable Care Act’ and ‘Obamacare’ was!  John Stewart’s interview with Kathleen Sebelius was a laugh riot!  This is what pundits like Michael Medved and Charles Krauthammer don’t  get.  The “popular culture” isn’t plugged into the daily political grapevine like the rest of us are!  You guys in the right media are not seeing the genius of Sen. Cruz’s frontal assault to Obamacare.  People are buzzing about this as it’s rolling out.  People are being fed propaganda by socialists that the GOP is causing this.  People don’t understand it’s the Obamacare law kicking the public in the groin!  The GOP needs a coach to lead the team, because Cantor and Boehner obviously either can’t, or won’t.

Obamacare demise will not be won from one battle, but from many battles, from now till 2014 and 2016.  People need to know the truth, the GOP needs to get on the Cruz message.   The socialists are great at a single message, and I get that!  It’s a collective message, but it’s sweet smelling excrement message people don’t realize till after the first bite.  Then it’s too late,  Here we are again!

Polling ~1,000 people on any one shot is such a waste of time, because I believe, as do the pundits know, that the polls can be heavily weighted to either one political party, or another.  Sure there’s some accuracy to it all, but just because one pollster figured out that Obama was going to win his reelection, is about as lucky as Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize makes sense.  And Sure there was an election, so what?  Checks and Balances, right?

Almost immediately, the establishment RINO party of the GOP turned on Senator Cruz with venom.  Meanwhile, the socialist democrats sat back and laughed.  Leading the charge was John McCain, the senile senator from Arizona that should have retired after his failed run for the Presidency.

Conservative (and I use this term loosely) talk radio pundits like Medved parroted both the liberal and RINO question: ‘What is the strategy?’ and ‘How can we win?’ but they were not listening to Senator Cruz’s message.  No, this was grandstanding and self-promotion they said!  Cruz is just doing this for publicity points!  Again, they were not listening.  But the socialist democrats were listening and they saw an opportunity to join in with the Cruz bashing.

Louisiana’s Governor Bobby Jindal called the Republican Party the stupid party.  He’s right!  This has been the method of operation by the establishment Republicans.  Twice now the establishment has put forth two presidential candidates that lost the election.  John McCain stumbled and bumbled his way through his failed campaign, and he didn’t even put up a fight for the office.  Instead, McCain passively chose a strategy of going along to get along; a consistency losing strategy.  He chose not to attack his opponent’s positions.  He chose not to challenge his opponent’s secretive past that was sealed from public view.  He chose to ignore his opponent’s inexperience and voting record.  McCain thought it was his turn and the election would favor him because of his years in the senate as a potted plant.

Mitt Romney was the establishment’s choice to right the wrongs of Obamacare.  The establishment failed to create a message to resonate with the electorate.  So they stayed home!  I’m not going to bash Romney for the failure of the establishment’s buffoonery.  Mitt is a good man, with a great family and a real American work ethic.  There were a number of chinks in Mitt’s armor that contributed to his loss; however, he would have been a better choice for President than McCain ever could have been.  But this is all academic now.

The circular firing squad that makes up the stupid (establishment) party will continue to lose elections because they won’t look inward to their own faults.  Instead, they will continue to demonize members of their own caucus because ‘they’, will not go along to get along.  That is why the establishment stupid hates the Tea Party.

Why does the establishment party hate the Tea Party?  Simple, they hate the Tea Party because they are doing what they were elected to do, stop Obamacare!  The 2010 mid-term elections saw the rise of the Tea Party because the stupid establishment party refused to listen to the people.  Even today, the establishment party never shy’s away from jabbing a finger in the eye of the people.  The Tea Party people were there to do a job, they didn’t care if they didn’t get reelected; and that’s the rub the establishment party hates.  Their lust for power has created a beltway class of elitist’s snobs that only care more about holding onto their elected seat, than listen to their constituents.

The Tea Party was an enormously huge grassroots organization of [loosely coupled, but tightly cohesive], groups across the country with a single message. “Listen to the People! Stop the Spending! Obey the Constitution!

Opposition to the Tea Party by both the socialist democrats and the GOP stupid party, has hurt the voice of the people.  Establishment party types desperately tried to co-opt Tea Party members.  They did succeed with several rising members; Marco Rubio and Kelly Ayotte have proven to be huge disappointments.  They’ve adopted the establishment meme of going along to get along.  Rubio’s adopting the socialist democrat’s immigration position, and Ayotte’s position to continue to fund obamacare and not defund it.  To Rubio’s credit, he did support Sen. Ted Cruz’s filibuster.

This article from the American Spectator outlines Ayotte’s Lynch Mob attempt to deride and belittle Ted Cruz’s effort to bring attention to the fact that these people are not listening to the American people.  They gave up principle for Establishment Washington.

Obama continues to keep the government shutdown and continues to blame his failed policies on everyone else.  So vindictive is Obama in his petulance manner, he’s willing to hurt those that protect this great country.  NPR gets 440 million and our returning soldiers killed in action get nothing. 

Meanwhile, we’re being told by Medved and establishment stupid party types that we just have to live with the law of the land.  Slavery was the law of the land once, it was a bad law then, just like obamacare is now.  Obamacare is slavery!  Economic slavery!  Ayotte and the establishment knows that, but their position and seat in the Senate is too important to them, than to listen to the people.



So now we have a government shutdown all over funding obamacare.  A bad law that is truly hurting Americans.  However unconstitutional the law is, they will go along, to get along.  Surrender is not a strategy, but the establishment stupid party tells its constituents.  It was passed, it was adjudicated, and it’s now the law of the land.  Phooey!

Article 1 House is now made impotent by Article II presidency with flagrant violation of the Constitution.  The establishment now is driven by polling numbers, and not the voice of their constituents.

We all lose in the end.  But you can’t tell Congress that, because they are not listening; and that was Senator Ted Cruz’s message all along.

Will some good come out of all this?  Maybe!  The vindictive actions of this presidential buffoon to cause pain to the American people could turn on Obama.  While the socialist democrats and stupid party establishment clowns continue to blame the Tea Party for the shutdown, real American families are being hurt.

Our representative government now only represents themselves and their future election chances.  Everybody else be damned!

Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Obama are using incendiary rhetoric to demonize the Tea Party.  This is unbecoming of the office they hold.  They’ve called the Tea Party arsonists, terrorists and hostage takers.  Yet, they get generous subsidies and exemptions from Obamacare.  Big business gets exemptions from obamacare, but not the individual.  Is that fair?

Obama and the Supreme court has changed the law several times to try and make it work, but it won’t work.  Obamacare is designed to fail.  Designed to force a “Single Payer Health Care System” much like Europe and Canada.  People who favor a single payer system say it will put America in parity with other countries.  So, going backward is a good thing?  Why do heads of state come to America for their healthcare needs?  Because their system of healthcare doesn’t work!

Senator Ted Cruz has kept his demeanor during the slings and arrows thrown by both the socialists and stupid party.  Ted Cruz has shown great restraint against an avalanche of critics from both sides.

Ted Cruz cleans the communist’s clocks!


Obamacare is ruining the healthcare industry; taxes on medical devices have forced American based companies to take their operations overseas, losing jobs here in America.

The IRS will be implementing obamacare and we now know that Obama used the IRS against his political enemies, namely the Tea Party and anyone else that spoke out against Obama.  Dr. Ben Carson was audited shortly after his criticism of obamacare during a prayer breakfast at the White House.


How can a government agency like the IRS run the healthcare industry and not be used as a political club against others?  Think about that, a government agency with the power to seize your money, assets, your home and business, will have control of your healthcare.  There is just too much temptation for abuse and corruption.   Everyone knows it, but no one will admit that.  That’s the tyranny of the government.  This will weaken, if not destroy, the Constitution.  We will become a banana republic, and as Obama once said, we are not exceptional, we’re just like everyone else.  Indeed.




RIP Lance Johnson




What’s For Dinner?



‘Opakapaka Samich grilled with Yukon Gold Potato’s



Maximum Pain For Political Gain

Maximum Pain for Political Gain




What is this gun Barry the Bullshitter keeps talking about? The gun he holding at the heads of Americans while socialist democrats whistle past the graveyard. The Hostage takers are Obama and the democrats!  When you hear members of congress and the media using this language, look carefully at who is holding the gun.

The shutdown is designed by Obama and the socialist democrats to maximize pain to the American public.  Some of the most ridiculous schemes to prevent people from enjoying the National Monuments are being carried out by the National Park Service at the behest of Dear Leader, Obama.  The pettiness to even attempt to shutdown parts of the Atlantic ocean is laughable and pathetic.  Obama wanted the shutdown and now he’s got the shutdown.  The responsibility lays on the regime.



You know you’re over the target when you’re getting flack!

Republicans have again resorted to the establishment circular firing squad.  Stale and moldy, go along to get along; republicans like Juan McLame and Peter King feel it’s necessary to employ a strategy of surrender, rather than fight on principle.  This notion that surrendering is a winning strategy is pure stupidity.  At least Ted Cruz has people talking.  People that should know that Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are the same thing.  But they don’t!  And that’s why what Senator Ted Cruz did was to create a winning strategy.   It got the establishment and the socialist democrats hurling insults bombs at Se. Ted Cruz.  It got people talking!

Enter Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), who gave an impassioned 23 hour filibuster on the Senate floor.  Helped along with Senators Mike Lee (R-UT), Rand Paul (R-KY), Marco Rubio (R-FL) and others supported bringing light to the Sheeple.  People may ask what was accomplished, and I would answer, “it got you talking about obamacare, didn’t it?”

Don’t fear the shutdown.  Only 17% of the government isn’t working.  Worry about Obama hurting this nation with further spending.  The communist in chief will demand taxpayers fork over more money to waste on his green projects.  Obama made the same warnings about the sequester claiming it would harm the economy.  It didn’t!  It actually helped the economy by slowing down the spending, but it’s not enough.



Here’s a poke in the eye to WWII Veterans. Obama’s effort to shut down the government at the expense of Americans is lowdown and despicable.  Obama is taking advantage of the government shutdown that he caused and so dearly wanted.  The first thing Obama did was to create a much pain to the American people so that he can pass the blame to the Republicans.  Republicans were only asking for fairness to the American people.

Closing the WWII National Monument, which is an open air location that anyone can walk through is barricaded with barbwire to prevent anyone from walking through.  Dubbed, the Barrycade!

Obama feels so threatened by 90 year old WWII veterans , he has to threaten them with arrest.


Obama gave Big Businesses and Congress special exemptions to his “Train Wreck” signature law, Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Obama did that because he knew what a disaster the law was to become.  Those Big Business political campaign cash donators would have been scared off by having to implement Obamacare.  Obama couldn’t take that risk that his Socialist Democrat buddies would lose cash for votes if Big Business jumps ship on him.  However, Obama is against union strikes!

So Obama plotted to not to compromise with the American people, and the Republicans.  As the deadline to the implementation of Obamacare loomed, it was all but certain that Obama was going to get his way, and force this terrible law upon us all.  Exempting, of course, his rich corporate friends.


It’s no secret that Obama has a particular hatred for the military.  That’s why he left Americans to die at the hands of Islamic Terrorists in Benghazi Libya and then lied to the world about the events.  Obama threatens Christian priests with arrest if they practice their religion.

How could any Military Service Person support a Commander in Chief that would abandoned them in a time of War?  We are at war, despite what socialist democrats and the phony President tells you that Al Qaeda is on the run.  It should be clear by the events in Africa where Islamic terrorist are thriving.

Obama ordered barricades to close off an open-air monument to WWII. It cost more money to set up the barricades, than keep the sidewalks stay open.  Today we learn they wired them shut to prevent anyone from visiting America’s Memorials. This is petty act by a narcissistic spiteful president.  A phony and cowardly president.

Notice how the democrats are becoming more uncivil with the calling?  Just pathetic behavior.  Blaming the Tea Party for the failed policies of Barack ‘the insane Obama!  The Tea Party seems to be an easy target for the socialists because Obama sic’d the IRS on them.  The media demonized the Tea Party with false libelous allegations of  violence, misogyny and racism.  However, like global warming, it never existed.  The real war is on the American people by the democrats and their dear leader.

Didn’t Obama claim that patients couldn’t be denied healthcare because of precondition’s?

Sarah Palin was brutally ridiculed by the media and politicians for pointing out the Death Panels in Obamacare.  She was right all along and now we can see the death panels in action.  Starting with Kathleen Sebelius, the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, says she doesn’t want to intervene in transplant decisions about a dying Pennsylvania girl when other children are just as sick.  There’s the first, one size fits all healthcare plan.  Everybody’s on the plan, and no one gets any care.  Obamacare is Denied Care!

Harry Reid’s (D-NV) comment regarding a child with cancer is chilling of what Obamacare will bring, Death Panels! Reid says helping children with cancer is not important.  Sebelius, the Health and Human Services vampire denied a child a new set of lungs.  These are the people that care for Americans healthcare and then exempt themselves from Obamacare? Are you kidding me?

This is how Obamacare will operate.  With walking cadavers Reid and Sebelius setting the standards of Obamacare.  The IRS will be the enforcer that will have access to your personal information.  Rife and ready for Identity Theft!


What’s For Dinner?


2013-10-06 17.20.30


Grilled Chicken with Loaded Baked Potato and Steamed Broccoli




GMOS – Great Moments of Stupidity




If this sounds like some nightmarish Hollywood movie, it’s not!  This scene has played out many times before on farms on the Mainland USA!  It is exactly what will happen now that Hawai’i Council has gotten its way to criminalized farming on the Big Island of Hawai’i.

BIG ISLAND CHRONICLE –  GMO prohibition Bill 113 passed out of the Public Safety and Mass Transit Committee on Oct. 1, with a vote of 6 – 2 and a positive recommendation to the Hawaii County Council.

Centuries of agriculture triumphs are now boiled down into a false claim that farmers are poisoning the food supply we rely on to feed ourselves.  GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) have increasingly come under attack by activists convinced that there’s something wrong with the technology.  The fear factor has grown to the point where all logic and reason is abandoned.  Evidence that proves the safety of GMO foods is summarily dismissed.  Accusations of being a corporate insider stooge working for some Argo corporation gets throw around like the race card does during Presidential elections.  A few years ago the oil industry was accused of destroying the planet with oil; now it’s agriculture turn.

Hawai’i council has held a number of hearings on GMO products bringing in subject matter experts,  However, it was apparent that some members of Hawai’i council had already made up their minds, irregardless of the experts testimony.  Anti-GMO council members allowed testimony of experts with questionable credibility.   Local farmers tried to work with the council, but in the end, the farmers lost and so do we the consumers.  Farmers petitioned for help from their State Representatives, only to be ignored.  Choice, was taken away and replaced with intolerance of farmers.  Everyone loses in this fight, there are no winners.  In the end, the activists have made the cost of living on Hawai’i Nei more expensive.  The future looks uncertain and bleak.

It’s gotten to the point where misinformation is so prevalent in public discourse, that civility has lost all relevancy.  Eco-terrorism and threats of violence by these activists are becoming all too commonplace.


Video: Recent Eco-Terrorism In Kapoho Hawai’i  

Hawai’i councilperson Margret Willie, is the author of the bill 113 that passed and will eventually outlaw farming on the Big Island of Hawai’i.  It’s interesting to note the thought processes of Ms. Willie.  Reading her blog reveals who she is and what she believes in.  It’s quite chilling when you learn that she considers humans are the real pests on this planet.  Excerpt:

By overpopulating the earth we are destroying the viability of our habitat, not just for our own species but for most other species as well – save perhaps for cockroaches. Why are we not passing legislation to encourage birth control and provide incentives for birth control initiatives in developing countries in all nations.? Why do we give tax credits to parents with more children rather than expecting those with larger families to pay higher taxes? It is as if no one sees the inherent link between excess population and the climate change crisis.

Get that?  People are the problem.  We must consider people as cockroaches destroying the planet.  This is a glimpse into the black heart of a intolerant activist.  She’s got her little slice of paradise, and no one else deserves the same opportunity.  This is the same thinking as former Hawai’i councilperson Pete Hoffmann, who is responsible for the plastic bag ban on Hawai’i Island a few years ago.  These activists reason they are far superior and enlightened than you are and others; therefore they can dictate what you can eat, what you can drive, where you can live, and how you can build your house.

Why feed the world with the wonders of technology?  Developing crops that are drought, disease and insect resistant will now be outlawed by the actions of the ignorant few on Hawai’i Council.  It’s like killing the Golden Goose.



Facebook Activists Groups Proudly Displaying and Encouraging GMO Eco-Terrorism


Who doesn’t want their food to be safe?  The water we drink and the air we breathe; we all want to be safe from toxins and poisons.  There’s be a lot of talk about GMO’s and how safe, or dangerous, GMO products are.  Anyone that has spent any time overseas living in different countries will know how different the quality of food is.  In some countries, you take your life into your hands.  There is no quality control to check for the safety of food, GMO or otherwise.  Some countries have no refrigeration, clean water or food quality control. See China’s scandals for example.

What’s puzzling to me is how easily people believe in anything they are told.  Remember Global Warming, or what’s now being called Climate change? It is a perfect example of how a terrible a hoax runs out of control.  It doesn’t matter whether the science is either wrong, falsified, or just made up; people are being convinced that their food is toxic!

Hawai’i County Council and Kaua’i council are both proposing laws to ban all GMO testing, growing and GMO production.  Additionally, the legislation includes banning pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, that farmers commonly use to protect their crops from damage.   Those lawmakers proposing these laws claim that farming can be done using organic methods.  Methods that are equally as toxic if not done correctly.

Of course, none of these lawmakers are farmers.  They’ve never picked up a shovel, except at a ground breaking ceremony, and gotten their hands dirty working the soil.  These people haven’t a clue how farming works.  At best they may have planted a potted plant from the Home Depot store, but that’s the extent of their farming knowledge. Yet, they think they know what’s best for the people of these islands.  C.S. Lewis called these activists ‘Moral Busybodies’.  They really believe they are doing good by taking people’s freedoms away.  It’s the tyranny of the socialist progressive mentality.

Public hearings are taking place to review the language of the laws.  Civility all but broke down with the GMO activists shouting down the farmers.  The hostility demonstrated by the anti-GMO activists grew to the point of violence.  When the activists cannot prove their claims, they resort to name calling and violence.  Eco-terrorism has the farming communities frightened that they may become the next targets of these vandals, just by suspecting GMO crops are on their farms.   Living in terror by trying to make an honest living is not the Aloha spirit.

On the Big Island of Hawai’i, in the lower Puna district where I live, Papaya farmer’s crops were destroyed by eco-terrorists.  Not once, but several times, and the criminal vandals have never been caught.  Some council members have turned a blind eye towards the eco-terrorists calling their actions, ‘unfortunate‘.  Basically, callously ignoring the economic impact to the community and to the farmers.

A lot of people will lose their jobs, their farms and their livelihood.  The cost of food will increase because those lost local products will need to be shipped into the island.  The very same GMO produce grown elsewhere, but banned here.  More people will have to rely on government assistance.  The cost of living, as high as it is, will get higher.

I believe it is a deliberate and concerted effort, by some members of Hawai’i council to get rid of certain “elements” from the Island.  Those elements are the low income families, farmers and rural land owners that they don’t like.  They are in the way of progress and development.  Big business opportunities that some council members can economically enrich themselves with at the expense of local people.  Look at the people in Congress that have profited from their office! The trickle down theory applies to corruption also.

GMO products are already strictly regulated by government agencies: FDA, USDA, EPA and the CDC, all monitor and routinely test GMO products for safety.  The use of chemicals and science is closely scrutinized, more so than organic farming techniques are.  Some organic methods can be very toxic, but very little is either known to the public about the risks of organic farming.  You are more likely to contract hepatitis and rat lung disease from organic farming, than be poisoned by GMO foods.

It is the definition of the term ‘Genetically Modified Organism’, that is probably the most misunderstood part of the whole argument.  Genetic manipulation has been a common practice since the dawn of agriculture.  Plants, animals and even humans, have been genetically modified over the centuries.  Science has increased food production and safety, but you cannot convince activists with facts, they don’t want to hear it!



In the case of the Hawaiian Papaya, a virus called the ‘Ring Spot Virus’ was threatening to destroy the Papaya industry on the Big Island.  The University of Hawai’i at Hilo commissioned scientists to try and save the Papaya industry.  They succeeded by identifying the ‘Ring Spot Virus’ and creating a vaccination to halt the spread of the disease.  Just like a doctor gives humans a flu shot, penicillin, and vaccinations against deadly diseases.  It was that simple.

I’m old enough to remember the scourge of polio, measles, whooping cough and other diseases that either killed or disabled children.  However, many people, in particular movie stars and other public figures, have come out against vaccinations.  They believe vaccinations are causing other problems like autism and birth defects.  These celebrities have encouraged the low information voter to refuse to vaccinate their children from these diseases.  A terribly naive and dangerous thing to do to either their children, or to anyone else!  Although, these activists have no evidence to prove their claims that vaccinations are harmful, people have decided to believe their false claims anyway.  Blindly!

Loud mouth haole, washed up television actress, and unfortunate island resident, Rosanne Barr, has come out and advocated for violence against farmers and anyone that supports GMO science in farming.  She is an admitted  communist and a green party member.  She openly advocates for the murder of conservatives, and because she has celebrity status; she has a public bully pulpit to preach hate from.  That’s right, a Bully Pulpit!  A waste of Aloha!


Corporate Hatred Fueling Food Fight


The GMO Scare – Corporate Hatred and scare tactics.  Eco-Terrorism.  Anti-Capitalism hatred permeates the rhetoric, but is there any truth to the claims of people being poisoned?  Emotionally driven charges with claims of farmers working outside the realm of nature’s rules.  Activists claims of corporations like Monsanto are poisoning the food supply haven’t been substantiated.  Activists arguments are never about the food, it’s always about the business model.

The argument by some is that we need to know what’s in our food, so we need labeling.  That has been a favorite activist demand.  Fine, I get that!  I need to know what’s in the food I consume for health reasons.  The amount of sodium, cholesterol and fat are things my doctor warns me about.   It’s funny because just about every packaged food product has some GMO already in it.  GMO Corn, soybeans and other plants have been consumed for decades with no ill effects.   Why is it only now that GMO is suddenly being demonized?  Answer: people are misinformed about what the benefits of what GMO technology brings to farming, and the delivery of safe nutritious food.  But there is this seething hatred of corporations by these activists.  Environmental activists groups, you all know who they are; have brought nuisance lawsuits against farmers.  Corporations have teamed with these activists to shut out small business farmers from competing.  That’s part of the problem here in Hawai’i also.  It is a deliberate effort to drive the local farmer out of business.

Some Foreign countries sponsor some of the activist hatred because these are US based corporations.   Agenda 21, and United Nations countries, that have a profound hatred for the United States and US Corporations, are behind most of these activists.  You hear of countries banning Monsanto products, not because there’s anything wrong with the technology, but because it wasn’t invented there.  Follow the money behind the science.

There is more GMO in foods we consume today than anyone realizes, and we’ve been eating it for decades without any harmful effects.  I grew up eating GMO foods, and drinking fluoridated water, and never had any ill effects.  I still have all my teeth!

We live longer.  We are healthier.  We now eat better and safer than we ever have in history.  100 years ago, in 1913, the industrial age in America was in full gear.  Along the way there were mistakes made, and they were corrected.  Best practices eventually led to the quality of life we enjoy today. There are more people living today because of food technology.  We all live a better quality of life than those that live elsewhere in the world; like Africa, China and parts of the former Soviet Union.  Their food quality control isn’t a good as ours; and yet there are those with this romantic notion that being closer to the Earth, the Planet, and the ground; that they are willing to bury themselves in their own grave of ignorance.

But because of an innate fear of what people don’t understand, they have taken out their pitch forks and torches to battle the Frankenfruit monster. They don’t care that they are destroying their future, their environment and our Planet.

If only stupidity had a label.


What’s For Breakfast?




Egg McKini with GMO Rainbow Papaya and GMO Hash Browns






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