Hilo Honey Festival

2013-11-23 14.24.06

The fourth annual Hawai’i honey festival took place in Hilo at the Nani Mau Gardens resort area.  Honey makers and bee keepers demonstrated their products.  It was a resounding success! The following is a pictorial blog post of the event, here’s a link to the flyer here!


With over 100 different honey varieties to sample, it was hard to pick a sweet winner!


Every honey variety had a label. There were dark honeys and light honeys.  Subtle flavors with bold sweetness.


Vendors booths were set up selling honey and bee keeping knowledge.


The rules are simple.


Besides all the delicious honey was plenty of food and drink made with honey based recipes.


Great food and great music.  Master Slack Key guitarist Cyril Pahinui dazzled the audience and inspired impromptu Hula dancing.


Educational Presentations


So many flavors


Entertainment for everyone including the keiki’s (children)


So many different colors of honey. From very light to very dark. Each with floral smells and tastes.

The organizers of this event really have to be congratulated.  There was a great turn out of people.  It was nice to see the Nani Mau Gardens reopening again after a long absents.  The place is a little known jewel in the Pana’ewa Hawaiian homelands section of Hilo.

We would have never been aware of the event if it weren’t for Cyril Pahinui’s Facebook post advertising the event.  Let’s hope for more events like this at the Nani Mau Gardens.

What’s for Dinner?

2013-11-23 18.41.40











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