The Organic Lie


While perusing the local markets here in Hilo, I started thinking about Hawai’i County Bill 113.  The people who are for this terrible law claim that farmers should use organic methods for growing food.  Of course, most of those people are not farmers, they might have a garden where they grow a few tomatoes; but they are not farmers.

The organic movement is a sham, a farce, it is a flat out lie.  It is a scheme to charge people more money for less quality.  It’s a lot like Obamacare, where you pay more for health care insurance and then get denied medical care because it’s too costly.  Making food more expensive by calling it organic is just a cruel way of ripping off people, especially poor people.

2013-11-29 14.31.05

Besides the local farmers markets, we also have four large grocery chains on Hawai’i Island: Safeway, Food Land, KTA and Malama Markets.  All the stores have an organic section in their produce section.  The organic sections are basically ignored by the shopping public.  The picture above is the organic section in the Safeway store in Hilo.

2013-11-29 14.31.52

Here we have organic Yams at $2.49 per pound.  This is one single variety of Yams.

2013-11-29 14.32.10

Contrast that with non-organic Yams and Sweet Potatoes at $0.99 per pound. That’s two and a half times cheaper!

The non-organics are plentiful, larger, cheaper and in a taste test – no different!  The organic yams are two and a half times more expensive.  It’s no wonder why the organic sit on the shelves and rots.  Fruit flies buzz around the organic produce that is noticeably bruised  and over ripe.  Unattractive and too expensive to have any value, either economically or nutritiously.

What Bill 113 does is to take choice away from both the consumer and the farmer.  It is an unnecessary law that was crafted by ignorant anti-corporate, anti-people, liberal loons.  It’s pure socialism disguised as progressivism.  It has nothing to do with science, technology, economic development; it has everything to do with big overreaching government.  It plays on the ignorance of people’s fears with false science.

In fact, there has never been a single credible scientific study showing GMOs to have harmful effects on humans, animals or our environment. But scientific consensus hasn’t stopped activists from demanding mandatory labeling on all genetically modified foods. Yet there already exists an effective and uniform way for consumers around the country to identify non-GMO products: the presence of a USDA-certified organic label.

Read more here!

However, you cannot change the mindset of the ignorant.  They do not want to listen to facts.  They only attack what they do not want to understand.  It’s isn’t so much about GMO’s, as it is more about the effort to damage American companies by communists extremists.   Who cares if low income people and the poor can’t afford to buy the food they need to feed their families!  Who cares if farmers cannot make money growing crops of their choice, and using the technology of  their choice!  Idiots dance with joy that their freedom are being chipped away!

It’s all about equality with these people.  Equal suffering for all and liberty for none!  So the next time you are in a grocery store purchasing produce and you’re wonder why the cost of living in Hawai’i is so high?  Thank a Liberal!


What’s For Dinner?


Grilled Boneless Pork Chops Over Jasmine Rice with Sweet and Spicy Mango Pineapple Compote!





2 Responses to “The Organic Lie”

  1. zardoz007 Says:

    Good Morning Kini,

    Organic produce is strictly a boutique item and as such let the folks who are convinced that it is better for them pay the premium price for it.

    Forcing Hawaiian farmers to grow organically will be substantially reduce the yield from their farms but increase the time and effort required to raise the crop. If it wasn’t for modern farming methods America’s “bread basket” would not be capable of raising the crops necessary to feed our citizens. (No, let’s not get started on turning food into fuel via ethanol.) I grew up in the flatlands outside of Chicago where fields of soybeans and corn were a common sight. Let one of these organic purists try to tend a section of corn without the benefit of pesticides or GMO seeds and see how well it turns out.

    Those who can, do, those that can’t, legislate.

    When you posted your photo-blog on honey I was out of the country and couldn’t log in to add a comment. I drafted a comment and saved it, please, allow me to add it now.

    Aloha Kini,

    Well, I tried to comment on your photo blog when it was posted but since I was on the road and all of my username/password info is on my Mac at home and I couldn’t login. It’s frustrating to find out that my little gray cells are holding less and less information as the years go on.


    I enjoyed the photo blog on honey. And the “hang loose” wahine.

    We had so much rain this summer in central New Mexico that my hay fever kicked in. The volunteer librarian in town said the cure is a mixture or local honey, bee pollen and I can’t remember the third ingredient. My neighbor has some local honey from the farmer’s market and that, by itself, seemed to help. Next year I’ll be ready. My Swedish grandmother used a mixture of honey and whiskey for a sore throat or cough. Honey, is there anything it can’t do?

    I’m writing this from Nha Trang, Viet Nam (and will post it when I get home). I’m back to see what the country looks like after a 45 year absence. We started in Hanoi and have moved south over the past 10 days. The farther south we get the more developed and westernized the country becomes—fewer billboards of smiling and benevolent Uncle Ho. It’s been a long, strange trip but I’m glad I did it.

    As always, thanks for the good work,


    • Kini Says:

      Aloha Zardoz! Wow you’re really a jet setter! LOL! 😀
      Thanks for your post, I really enjoyed reading it.
      Glad you had a safe journey! Aloha!

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