Obama’s EPA Nominees Have No Knowledge Of How The Weather Works


The Hoax Of Global Warming


It is amazing to listen to Obama’s nominees to the Environmental Protection Agency’s display their ignorance of how the environment works.  Their lack of science  knowledge regarding what is known as Global Warming, also known as Climate change, or the “weather”, and how it works is appalling .  Just watch this exchange between Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) and Janet McCabe, Obama’s nominee to head the EPA’s Air and Radiation office, at an Environment and Public Works Committee hearing earlier today.  It proves one thing: Obama’s nominees have no science knowledge of how the climate works, and they ignore the scientific community’s findings about global warming.  They make up their own facts.


How are these people even qualified for the job?


Now watch at the end of the video where Barbara Boxer (Communist – Kalifornia)  tries to sneak into the record an unscientific inference used by global warming activists to falsely claim man-made warming exists, and that a heated atmosphere causes increases in hurricanes.  Boxer uses a dishonest attempt to change the facts and use a false hypothesis.  There is no scientific evidence to support the theory that when the air warms it “can” create more hurricanes.  There’s no way to accurately measure that claim since the world temperatures are different at different levels in the atmosphere.  The evidence is right there in the IPCC report that there has not been any increase in either hurricanes, tornadoes, or any other weather anomalies because of warming in the last 100 years.  Yet, Boxer and McCabe are going to ignore the scientific evidence anyway.

These environmentalist kooks are so determined to create an atmosphere of fear in the public, they are willing to spread false information to create a public panic.  Why?  What For?  Money!  Follow the Money!  

It has always been about the money.  Rich liberal donator’s get kickbacks in the form of taxpayer’s monies for campaign donations.  Every single one of Obama’s donator’s were awarded with taxpayer’s monies to create “Green Energy Companies”.  Solyndra, Evergreen Solar, and Beacon Power, are just a few of almost 100 companies that received millions of taxpayer’s monies, only to go belly-up!  This is something the private sector would have never invested into because the business model would have nevered worked!  Because of government regulations, the high tax base, and foreign competition;  read more here and here!

Albert Gore claimed in his movie, The Inconvenient Truth, a fictional documentary claiming that global warming exists and is caused by mans activities.  Remember his claim that the Polar Ice Caps will be melted by 2014 if the government didn’t take control of industries, force people into government controlled cars and homes, and shut down all fossil fuel development.  A huge hoax!

None of those claims have proven to be correct, just the opposite has occurred.  If there is such a thing as man made global warming (and there isn’t), then the cause would be from bad government policies.  The waste of money the Obama regime has spent is a form of environmental pollution.  However, that hasn’t stopped environmental madness from destroying the environment.

The environmentalist don’t want to consider that the medieval Warming Period, which lasted from about AD 950 to 1250, was not man-made, there were no SUV’s running around back then.  The growing seasons were longer and people lived longer.  In contrast, a cooling earth makes for colder seasons, and more famine and death.  It seems the environmentalists prefer death over life!




The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System is the largest solar array in the world, and the largest migratory bird frier.  That’s correct!  Environmentalist plans for “clean energy” using solar energy is killing birds that fly over the array and burning them to a crisp.  Nearly 350,000 gigantic mirrors are generating 1000 degree Fahrenheit temperatures.  Isn’t that heating up the atmosphere also?  Isn’t this making the Earth’s temperature increase, exponentially?  Are environmentalist willing to slaughter animals to protect the planet?  Is this their barbaric sacrifice to their God Gaia? 

Worlds Largest Solar Plant


Of course, we’ve all seen the video’s of  birds being clobbered by the windmills that were suppose to be generating “clean energy!”



I live on a volcano that emits tonnes of sulfur dioxide everyday!  More than all the U.S. coal fired power plants emit in a year.  When mixed with the atmosphere, it returns back to Earth as acid rain.  That’s my drinking water when properly filtered, and my water I use to irrigate my farm.  Our primary source of power is fossil fuels, and  that power is supplemented with wind, solar and geothermal.  We have the resources in this country to produce our own power cheaply, but environmentalists are against using cheap forms of energy production.  They prefer to use expensive unreliable sources of power.  Energy sources that have detrimental consequences to the environment.  It doesn’t make any sense!  Environmentalists are killing animals and destroying the land to install unreliable energy sources.



Does This Look Environmentally Friendly?


In Kalifornia, Barbara Boxer’s home state of insanity, the government has cut off the supply of water to the central valley.  What was once the most productive growing region in the world lays waste  to man-made drought, all because of a fish, a common smelt.  The environmentalists would rather starve people of jobs, homes and the environment, all because of a minnow!  That’s dangerous thinking, that’s foolish thinking, that’s pure idiocy!  This is the way democrats think!  They ignore science and facts, and promote fairy tale utopian societies; they put people’s lives and our way of life in danger to the cruelty of the world’s realities.




What’s For Dinner?




The Earth’s Bounty Of Fresh Vegetables





3 Responses to “Obama’s EPA Nominees Have No Knowledge Of How The Weather Works”

  1. Zardoz Says:


    Dinner looks delicious in spite of not including animal protein. Something rare—barely up to body temperature.

    A little bit of ignorance goes a long way. Words to live by for Ms.McCabe. She’s yet another Harvard graduate who’s long on education but short on common sense. Senator Sessions tried to spoon feed her the facts but she had her talking points and refused to waver from the script. Her long history as a state and federal bureaucrat has served her well. She will fit in well in the Obama administration.

    Here, in central New Mexico, a proposal has been raised to build a pipeline to move CO2 from the source on the Arizona/NM border to a pipeline that runs down to the oilfields in Texas. The CO2 would be used to pressurize existing oil wells to extract even more useable crude.

    The local crazies are up in arms and are doing all they can to insure that the BLM does not approve the pipeline. Everything about how toxic CO2 is (plant food) to the dangers of fracking (this pipeline has absolutely nothing to do with fracking). Their shared ignorance is amazing to see at times.

    “Science” these days is completely different from that which I studied in the dark ages of the 50’s and 60’s. (Yes, I sound like the old geezer I am.) Consensus is not science. Models are not science. Science is repeatable, predictable and produces the same results under the same conditions. Ms. McCabe can’t be expected to understand, she’s suffering from the handicap of being a Harvard lawyer.

    • Kini Says:

      Aloha Zardoz, thanks for your comments! Sorry for not getting back sooner. It’s been busy in between postings. I do not understand the liberal insistence on using expensive, inefficient, non-environmental friendly energy. Your fracking example is a great example where existing technology could be used to provide cheap energy and create jobs. At least pipelines are buried under the ground and don;t become eyesores.

      I agree, what passes for science today is complete nonsense. Even the remake of Cosmos references the claim of man-made global warming! Then claims religion as the greatest reason why science hasn’t advanced fast enough?!? Are we suppose to believe that global warming is not a religion? Please!

      As far as Obama’s nominees, they may have some Ivy League degree, but they are seriously unqualified for the position, have no managerial experience, and no knowledge of the science. It’s like hiring the dog catcher for municipality treasurer. It’s crony politics getting paybacks for their fund raising.

      Well, I hope you’re doing well! Aloha!

  2. zardoz007 Says:


    I’m bummed out this morning. I had it confirmed a day or so ago that my favorite store on the Kona-side is closed. Bong Brothers, in Kealakekua, sold all kinds of local fruit, veggies, coffee, etc. Their website has been down for quite some time and there has been no response to email. The folks at KonaWeb said BB’s has been out of business for a while.

    My last BB’s t-shirt is turning into rags and I also wanted to order some of their French roast but they’re gone. I don’t know if it’s related to the economy or if they finally got tired of running a small business in one of the states most hostile to small businesses or what.

    If you get the time, how about doing another photo-post to help get me out of my funk.

    Mahalo, Z.

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