Mr. Obama’s Jealousy Of George W. Bush


Bumbling Hussein Obama has been on a curious journey to redefine his legacy by trying to outdo former President George W. Bush!  For the last six  and a half years, Obama has constantly been blaming President Bush for everything wrong in the world, but now Barry the Blamethrower words are falling on deaf ears.  OK, Barry, we get it, you don’t like President Bush!  So now, Barry the bumbler is trying a different angle.

Send in the Troops! Obama’s disdain for the Military is well known.  Barry, or Barack, whatever name he goes by these days, we still don’t know who he really is, because that information is under lock and key, but I digress….  Obama’s orders our Military to have boots on the ground in Ebola infected Africa.  To do what, hasn’t been defined.  Our Military is neither trained to be doctors, healthcare workers, nor equipped to battle infectious diseases.  Our Military is trained to fight evil terrorists, and people that want to kill Americans.

Meanwhile, ISIS, the Islamic Terrorist State is killing and enslaving people, muslims, Christians, Kurds; anyone that is not a savage follower to the primitive 6th century muhammad pediophile god.  Wait, Barry the bumbler, assured the American people that ISIS is not islamic.  Yet the name ISIS means islamic state.  Who is Barry lying to now?  It’s been a pattern by Barry the bumbler to either blame everything on President Bush, or feign ignorance and lie about  his own failed policies.

So, to try and redeem his abysmal legacy, Barry the bumbler is now attempting to match President Bush’s Aids Relief success by using United States Troops to battle Ebola.  I believe Obama is deliberately putting the lives of this country’s blood and treasure at grave risk.  Humanitarian efforts aside, sending in the military to battle a deadly disease like Ebola is the height of sheer stupidity and incompetence, all in an attempt to save his precious legacy.   If and when soldiers return infected with Ebola, which is problematic at best.  There is no achievable goal stated.

Obumbler is a lot like the television character Mr. Bean, who bumbles his way through life and somehow gets a pass.  Watch this Mr. Bean video where Mr. Bean attempts to compete with a guest in a hotel in a food eating contest.  From the episode;  “Mr Bean in Room 426”.  Mr Bean has an eating competition at the hotel buffet and ends up with a tummy ache after eating some bad oysters.


Obama: No, George W. Bush Was Not Better On AIDS Than Me

Throughout his Africa trip, Obama said his administration has continued, and improved upon, the work Bush began. The Post reported that behind the scenes, administration officials “bristle at the comparison to Bush.” In a gaggle with reporters on Air Force One as the plane flew across Africa over the weekend, Obama said the reason there hasn’t been an increase in PEPFAR funding during his administration is due to “budget constraints” in the current political environment.

So there you have it!  Another attempt by the “Blamethrower” in Chief to pass off his failed leadership onto someone else.  Remember that President Bush was demonized by Obama’s media minions well after the successes of the Aids program.  They miss President Bush in Africa:

[A]cross this continent, many Africans wish Obama was more like Bush in his social and health policies, particularly in the fight against HIV/AIDS — one of the former president’s signature foreign policy aid programs. Bush poured billions of dollars into the effort to combat the spread of the disease that once threatened to consume a generation of young Africans, and as Obama has spent two days touring South Africa, the shadow of his predecessor has trailed him.

So while Obama attempts to compete with a real world leader like former President Bush, Obummer ends up looking very foolish, petulant and immature.  What’s also astonishing, is how the doting lame stream media follows along after Obama, salivating like Pavlov’s dog, and dutifully protecting a bumbling idiot.  Liberal logic at its finest.  Let’s hope after the next two years of this incompetence we still have a country left to recover from.





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