10 Simple Laws, or 100,000 More Laws?


Years ago I attended a gathering at one of our local churches here in Hilo.  They were hosting David Barton of Wallbuilders to speak to the community about the Constitution and the Judeo-Christian relationship in our system of government.  A fascinating historical look at the history of our country through the writings of the founding fathers, various clergy members, and writers of that period.

It’s interesting how many of the stories have parallels to today’s issues, and it reflects how many things have changed in the evolution of our government.  The perceptions and misconceptions of the Constitution’s meanings.  It’s clear how the lack of civics education is ruining the basic freedoms Americans now take for granted.

One of the stories that David told was of a nun that was working in a prison.  She worked with the prisoners to try to bring salvation to their lives.  One of those prisoners was a repeat offender that had been in and out of jail all his life.  One day, the nun and the prisoner were having a conversation:

The prisoner said to the nun, “Sister, did you know that there are over 50 thousand laws that will land you in jail?”

The nun looked him in the eye and replied, “Did you know there are 10 simple laws that will keep you out of jail?

That story struck me as profound, as these 10 simple sublime laws have been around for over 3,000 years and known as the 10 Commandments.  Ten simple rules, that when followed, will enhance your appreciation of life and wellbeing.  Why then are their so many laws, and why do we need them?

Dennis Prager has an online university program, it is free and available to anyone that wants to watch the 5 minute programs.  These videos cover everything from history, life studies, economics, political science, religion and philosophy.  Each one of the videos are hosted by experts in the various fields of expertise and ability.  The videos also include spanish translations as well.  The following video is the introduction to the 10 Commandments series.

The videos are beautifully done and include a quiz/questionnaire, as well as a Prager University credit.   Accessibility to the learning material is found on YouTube and on Facebook.  Dennis Prager is a syndicated conservative talk show host that has national reach around the country on the radio.  Prager’s three-hour daily shows are entertaining, funny, serious, thought-provoking and always spiritually uplifting.  It’s not a bible thumping show, it’s a show that takes current events and serious issues, along with opinion and listener thoughts.  It’s well worth the time to listen to Dennis’s radio program and to watch the educational videos, even if you either are, or are not religious.




 What’s For Dinner?


Our Daily Bread




2 Responses to “10 Simple Laws, or 100,000 More Laws?”

  1. zardoz007 Says:

    Howdy Kini,

    An article from Drudge today ( http://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/story/27868207/native-hawaiians-debate-best-for-path-to-sovereignty ) says the sovereignty movement is becoming active again. I know there was a big push for an independent Hawaiian nation a number of years ago but that seemed to fade until recently—at least it’s been out of the news.

    Those of us on the mainland rarely hear anything about those advocating the state leaving the union and returning to self-governance. Maybe when you get some time you could write a post on this topic. It would be useful to get the opinion of someone closer to the subject.



  2. Kini Says:

    Aloha Zardoz,

    The movement is too small to gain any real political traction. They’re a squeaky wheel that gets noisy until they dry up their unemployment, their beer and resources. Most Kanaka Maoli I know are happy being Americans. Flush toilets work better than a lua, and commerce begins with something of value to trade. The ‘Olelo is respected, as with the culture, it is far from being dead, so I really don’t know what else they want in today’s reality.


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