Ianuali ‘elua.  He nani kakahiaka.  Another beautiful morning on Moku o Keawe.  It’s our winter so the trade breezes coming over the islands are chilled by the Pacific waters.  It’s in the low 70’s in the morning, and by afternoon the temperatures are the upper 70’s.  It’s partly cloudy, but with generous portions of sunshine.


A view of Akaka Falls in beautiful Honomu Hawai’i on the Big Island.  Wailele means waterfall, and at this State park there are several waterfalls to view.  When we get extensive rains, more waterfalls appear like magic.  People from all over the world visit this location.  Locals get discounted entrance fee.

They had to add an entrance fee to prevent people from breaking into cars.  It’s a shame, but it’s sign of the times.

What’s For Dinner?



Roast Rack Of Lamb with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Asparagus


2 Responses to “Waterfall”

  1. zardoz007 Says:

    On my first trip to Akaka Falls, almost 40 years ago, I was convinced I was on the wrong road because all that could seen was fields of sugar cane. No way was there a waterfall anywhere nearby. It’s not until after starting down the path from the parking lot that you know you’re in the right place.

    A favorite stop near the falls is Hawaiian Tropical Botanical Gardens. The boardwalk down to the gardens is steep–leave your flip-flops at home. Lots of orchids, heliconia and different species of tropical trees along well-maintained trails. And, yeah, there can be lots of mosquitoes on some days.

    Please post updates on your grocery store and maybe another photo-blog from the farmer’s market.

    • Kini Says:

      Aloha Zardoz, thanks for the comment. Yes, I will post more about grocery store. We love the botanical garden at Onomea. Many of the mainland visitors cannot make the steep trails, so now they have golf carts to help them up and down the trails. Beautiful place.

      Most of the sugar cane fields are gone now in Honomu. Replaced with many new homes. They remodeled the walkways with guard rails and concrete steps to walk around all the falls and get great views. Aloha!

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