Kohala Mountains




Kohaha Na Manua i Moku o Keawe.  The mountains of Kohala on the Big Island of Hawai’i.  Located on the north eastern side of the Island of Hawai’i, it is also the oldest part of the youngest island in the chain of Hawaiian islands.   The island of Hawai’i is still growing in the Volcano and Puna districts.  Acres of new land is created daily by the lava flows form Kilauea.




Kohala cinder cones are brushed by the low clouds creating ghostly effects.


Some of the best farmlands are found here.  Large ranches with cattle grazing on lush grasslands.  Parker Ranch is the largest and oldest ranch that spans several islands.  The annual rodeos are fun events.




It’s quiet and peaceful here in Paniolo (Cowboy) country


What’s For Dinner?




Grass Fed Beef Salad – All Local Ingredients





2 Responses to “Kohala Mountains”

  1. zardoz007 Says:


    Thanks for the inspiration and escape from reality. There’s still snow on the ground, light rain and now sleet. The county road has turned into a mud bog and even with 4WD it is a challenge. I guess we’ll stay home for the next couple of days.

    Your short photo-blogs are a welcome retreat, sort of a puʻuhonua (if I’m using the term correctly) on the internet.


  2. Kini Says:

    You are very welcome Zardoz and mahalo for your comments. Stay warm and safe. The climate always changes. 😀

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