Po’aono Ao



During our winter months, we get VOG, “Volcanic Fog”.  Our volcano spews noxious sulfur dioxide and when the winds shift, the VOG blankets over the east side of our island.  It causes breathing problems, runny noses, itchy eyes, just an unpleasant environment.


2016-01-09 13.45.23


Mauna Kea is complete hidden in the haze.   Normally on a sunny cloudless day, you can see Mauna Kea clearly.  It’s sunny, and cloudless, but the haze is blocking out the mountain views.




Click on the graphic above to view the VOG Measurement Prediction Project Website

Normally, the VOG floats high over the Kona side of the island, the west side.  However, in the winter months, the winds shift from a north easterly flow to a south westerly pattern.   Such is life on a volcano.


What’s For Dinner?



Fresh Tomato Basil Mozzarella Salad



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