Tuesday Treats



Hilo is one of the most food diverse centers of the universe.  There are more restaurants and food producers in this quiet little town.  Honolulu is a city, and like Los Angeles, a large and sprawling concrete jungle.  Hilo is Hawai’i second largest city, but it’s far from looking like a city.  You can drive anywhere in Hilo on the compass map and find yourself in country farmland within minutes.  That’s how small the second largest city is in Hawai’i.


2016-01-16 17.48.20

Moon and Turtle – Smokey Sashimi 


Some of the smaller restaurants produce some of the most creative cuisine.  Of course we have our fast food chains and grab-n-go snack stands, morning breakfast bento boxes sell out before 9AM, and high end linen table seating for a classy experience.  There’s something for everyone and you won’t go hungry.











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