Day of Rest


Lāpule Kou


There’s nothing more relaxing than looking over ocean views, feeling the soft trade breezes, and listening to the bird singing.  Bathed in warm sunlight and shaded by puffy white clouds, the rustling grasses provide a soothing day.


Aloha Friday



Praying for a wonderful weekend for everyone

Mauna Kea



Riding along Hilo Bay road towards Mauna Kea.  It’s a beautiful day with cool trade winds and fluffy white clouds.  Hilo is a perfect city, not too large, and not too small.  Not too crowded, but with plenty of people of all kinds.  We don’t have traffic congestion.  Here, the language of Hawai’i is spoken, ka ‘Olelo.  Here, the dance of Hula is performed.  Here, the family spiritual reflections are known as the ʻaumakua.  It is amazing, kupaianaha.



Pele’s On The Move



Pele is on the move.

Covering the access roads in lower Puna and directly into the ocean.

The views are spectacular!



Chicken Eggs


2015-04-11 16.33.33

Chickens will find anyplace to lay an egg




Return To Normal


Hoʻi hou ‘ano mau

2016-07-25 14.52.33

Return to blue skies, fluffy white clouds and cool trade breezes


Sunday Recovery


Tropical Storm Darby Update


It was apparent that the weather people got Darby all wrong.  It tracked south of the islands and not north, as the weather people predicted.  We got a lot of rain, but not any flooding.  Winds were moderate, but not damaging.  The storm lasted for days and is still present even now.   I think the weather forecasters rely too much on computer models and not satellite observations.  Some of us look out the window to see what the weather is like.   Anyway, the International Space Station (ISS) is scheduled to pass over around 8PM tonight. If the clouds break up enough, we might get a view.  Aloha!



Tropical Storm


ʻO ka uhiwai nō ka i ʻike i ka ʻino o ka wai, the mists are those that know of storm on the water


Tropical Storm Darby approaches.  It’s going to hit east Hawai’i island where we live.  We are as prepared as we can be.  I’m expecting trees to fall and power failures.  However, we have the generator, gas, food, charcoal, water and prayers to get through the next few days.  The next few hours will tell.






We grow this here



Monday Mele


2014-02-21 13.27.47




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