A Vulgar Display Of Exhibition


The woman’s march wasn’t anything about women, because the march excluded certain woman’s groups.  In particular, Pro-Life woman’s groups were not allowed into the march.  The woman’s march was about leftist protesting against President Trump.

The temper tantrum from the left continues.  The peaceful transfer of power has brought out the anarchists, socialists, and leftist fascists, also known as democrats.  As they gnash their teeth, stomp their feet and commit acts of violence, against anyone that does not agree with them.

What was most disgusting were the women, men, and even children, dressed in outfits depicting the female genitalia.  The women speakers that spewed vulgar language and hate speech.  This is what is passes for modern feminism.  Absolutely disgusting.


Femininity represents the real woman, with class and dignity.  Feminism represents the abuse of women. 

Case in point are the organizers of the woman march.  Linda Sarsour is a muslim that supports sharia law.  She supports the barbaric islamic practice of female genital mutilation.  Sharia law represents the oppression of women.  In islamic cultures today,  the practice of selling woman as sex slaves is a common practice, but it’s not reported and it’s not protested by these feminists.


Yazidi woman being sold as a sex slave.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a Somali woman and a victim of this barbaric islamic practice.  She has written extensively about the islamic oppression against women.  Yet, she was not invited to the woman march to speak in behalf of victims of islamic oppression.  It makes you wonder why the woman’s march excluded  such people, but the answer is the organizers support this barbarism against woman.  Shockingly, many of the marchers are totally ignorant to this reality.  Today, I have never understood what the purpose of the woman’s march was about.


The woman’s march wasn’t about women, it was a leftist protest against the 45th President, Donald J. Trump.  It was an excuse to foment violence in the name of feminism.  The excuse of woman’s rights and gender equality was a sham.  It was all about the violence.


Even children are targets of the intolerant left.  From exposing young children to pornographic demonstrators, the acts of violence against children for just wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.  Instead of the victim getting justice, the victim is then punished.

This is the intolerant left that is exacting revenge for losing the election.  These are not marches, these are riots.  The left thinks they are above the law to commit property damage, destroy businesses, and injure people.

This is the behavior of adult children.  There is no rational  excuse for this behavior.  The news media, the “Fake News” media, gleefully ignores the violence by calling them demonstrations.  The media says it’s the demonstrators “First Amendment” right to demonstrate.  Look at the logic of the leftist, violence is a protected demonstration.  That’s what they are equating.  This is insanity.


Animals Have Better Sense Than These Leftist Freaks






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