So the Mueller sham investigation into President Trump’s collusion with the Russians to fix the 2016 elections is a farce. A Lie! A Witch Hunt! Innocent people’s lives were destroyed by a corrupt special prosecutor that indicted 13 Russians. No Americans, Not Trump, All Russians. Big Deal! Who Cares? What a waste of money and time!

This is government corruption at its worse since Watergate. I’ll wager greater in scope and corruption. The FBI was sworn to protect and defend the Constitution. Instead, they conspired and colluded to overthrow the government. At the heart of the deception is the Democrat National Party. Pure Corruption. They allowed the Russians to lead them by the nose like cattle.

Where is the real Russian collusion? Right Under The FBI’s nose. I believe they allowed it because the most corrupt hussein lapdogs were willing to do the bidding of America’s enemies. Hussein even colluded with the Russian’s! Caught On Tape!

It troubles me that the Fake News Media ignores this and focuses on a nonexistent charge against President Trump of collusion. They invented a Dossier that was more of a Peter Sellers Pink Panther story than truth. How stupid do these useful idiots think the American people are?

They KNEW! They Did Nothing But Cover It Up!

The FBI knew about the Florida shooter, knew about the San Bernardino shooters, the Orlando shooter, and they did nothing! NOTHING!

The FBI can no longer be trusted to protect the United States Citizens. They need to ‘Drain The Swamp’ of this corruption! The FBI was too busy colluding with the Russians to manufacture a coup to overthrow a legally elected government. The FBI allowed terrorists and disturbed millimums to murder innocent people. This goes for the entire Justice Department also. What the hell is Jeff Sessions doing? It’s like the Keystone Cops. If it wasn’t so true, it would be sadly funny.

Show Me The Man And I Will Find The Crime

This has been the method of operation by corrupt democrats charging President Trump with Russian collusion. This has also been the exploitation of tragedies by democrats.  Add the corrupt news media that spreads false information faster than Russian Pravda can travel, and you have a shadow government of communists.

Pravda in Russian means ‘Truth’

Truth seems to be a bewildering concept within the third branch of government. Perhaps it’s the result of eight years of anti-American implants put into positions of high government by a corrupt hussein regime. It’s beginning to look like a banana republic! Not just the mall store!

When progressives advocate for socialist ideas, remember they are only regressive policies, like that of Venezuela. The millennials have been thoroughly indoctrinated with this leftist dogma. They equate socialism with social media, and they demand safe spaces for a mental health day. Where are the parents? Missing in action. Let me tell you this, I will not be caring for these adult children.

If you send your child to college and not do the research into the political atmosphere, then you are wasting your money.  You deserve the useful idiot with a degree in totalitarianism. If you teach your child to hate their country, they won’t defend their country. When you think about how many people want to enter this country for the freedoms; ask how millennials can reject the freedoms they take for granted.

Despite all the warnings, and all the calls for investigations, the powers to be decided it wasn’t worth the FBI’s time.  There were more pressing rabbit holes to chase down. Who will be held accountable? Doubtfully, no one.

Adam ‘Shifty’ Schiff

I’ve got wild staring eyes.

And I’ve got a strong urge to fly.

But I’ve got nowhere to fly to. 

When I pick up the phone. There’s still nobody home.

I think the assumptions by Chucky ‘Cheese’ Schumer, Nazi Piglosi, Debbie Wassamaterwitherhair Schultz, and all in the national democrat socialist party are a reflection of a deterioration of American Constitutional Common Sense. This is a fascist party of hate that spreads fear, uncertainty and doubt, to manipulate the electorate into believing America is nothing more than a nation of hate and bigotry. This has got to be stopped for the sake of the country and our God Given Rights.


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