Progressive Fascism

Troubled Waters

Discourse in our culture has become dangerous. Here’s a elected misrepresentative from Kalifornia, making threats towards the President, and his staff. This 79 year old bat has been in congress since 1991, representing several districts, to which she doesn’t live in.

On Saturday June 23, 2018, Wilshire Federal Building, this screaming incoherent banshee went on a rant to an audience of trained seals clapping away. Most disturbing was Mad Maxine’s call to use violence against President staffers.

Remember it wasn’t that long ago that Congressman Steve Scalise was almost killed by a crazed gunman that was encourage to kill as many Republicans as possible. The gunman was a democrat. The gunman was so filled with rage and hate, that he drove all the way from Illinois, to Alexandria, Virginia. This is what Mad Maxine Water is encouraging her followers to do.

To date:

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was asked to leave the Red Hen restaurant.

Pam Bondi was heckled out of a movie theater

Homeland Security is Kirstjen Nielsen faced screaming loons in a restaurant.

Notice, the left targets women. I would recommend cabinet members get a conceal and carry permit, and back it up with a pistol. These leftists are insane. The left tries to blame President Trump, but this is not a fair claim. When the left uses inflammatory language, violence is soon to follow. It’s nothing new by the left, as far back as the Viet Nam war, returning soldiers was called baby killer by out of control, deranged, drugged out leftists hippies.

I don’t remember any Republicans making threats to Barry the BS’er and his staff. Plus, if anyone did, they would have labeled a racist. Additionally, there would have been 24-7 news coverage of condemnation and calls for firing. This is the double standard the left plays all the time with people.

Mad Maxine, and the fake news media, have been ranting and raving about the Trump administration uphold the law. The immigration law states that anyone entering the country illegally will be arrested. If they are accompanied, then that will be separated until their case is processed. President Trump didn’t write the law, but he’s doing something that other presidents did not do, enforce the law.

The Open Borders crowd are the ones putting these people, and their children, in harms way. I blogged about this before. I have no sympathy for people that break the law.

Mexican presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador declared mass immigration to the United States a “human right” for all North Americans during a speech last Tuesday. Mexico is openly encouraging illegal entry into the U.S. If anything, President Trump should cut off all aid to Mexico, and place sanctions against the country for funneling illegals through their country, and into ours.

The fake news media is attempting to label President Trump as following a Zero Tolerance Policy, when in fact, the President is just following the law. Plus, the media has collective amnesia. They forget that Barry the BS’er did the same thing with illegal aliens. The difference was the conditions in the detention areas were worse during the Hussein regime. As former Homeland Security director, Jeh Johnson, explains on Fox News Sunday. Link —> HERE 

As long as the democrats, like Mad Maxine Waters, goes off the rails with crazy talk, and the media blathers on about their fake news, the real story will not get out. That’s the progressive fascism.

So far, the lefts attempt to demonize President Trump hasn’t worked.

The Russia collusion, didn’t work.

The President is a racist, didn’t work.

The President is going to destroy the economy, didn’t work.

The President will never pass Tax Cuts. Tax cuts were passed.

The President will never get North Korea to disarm. North Korea disarms.

The President will destroy international relations. Relations are better than they ever have been. Especially in the middle east.

The President will never move the American Embassy to Jerusalem. The American Embassy was moved to Jerusalem.

The President will never reduce unemployment. Lowest employment in over 30 year, with black and hispanic unemployment the lowest in decades.

What does the left have left to accuse President Trump? HE’S A NAZI!

When the left has sunk this low to use Nazi comparisons, it diminishes the horror of the Holocaust, and it make the left look like troubled lunatics. The question that I have, when will the left attempt another murder against innocent people? It’s just a matter of time. Be careful out there people. We are praying for President Trump, his family, staff, and all conservatives to be safe in this time of leftist hysteria.


Here I was thinking she was bitching for a Colt 45





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