New York State Of Death

God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.”

Genesis 1:28

The Population Bomb was a book written by Stanford Professor Paul Ehrlich in the 1968. It warned of mass starvation of humans due to overpopulation and it’s effects on the environment. It referenced the Malthusian catastrophe theory that the population would outpace food production. Of course, all those predictions were all wrong, because food production has outproduced the demand in capitalist economies. So much so, that food is often wasted and thrown away, because food cannot be consumed fast enough. Resulting in larger waistlines, obesity, and so many assorted related health problems. So, mass starvation due to overpopulation, and the rise of Soylent Green horrors was just another Hollyweird fiction movie.

However, it did give rise to apocalyptic panic by leftists. The idea of overpopulation wasn’t new, the idea was around for decades. Some leftists used the panic to call for the extermination of “undesirables”. Margaret Sanger was one of those prophets of Eugenics. By her own reasoning, people of color, mental deficiencies, and birth deformities, were to be pruned from the tree of life. Their rights to life, and liberty, had no applicable meaning. There needed to be a purification of the Human race to protect the future. Thus, Planned Parenthood was formed.

Lets fast forward to today, and the New York State legislature, and their Roman Catholic democrat governor, Andrew “crazy eyes” Cuomo, passed a State law allowing for abortion of a viable human fetus, right up to the moment of birth. With great fanfare, a rousing standing ovation, and wild cheers from the radical left, the bill was passed. Some in the fake news media called it an update to New York’s archaic abortion law. Now we can kill children with impunity! Oh Happy Day!

I call Andrew Cuomo, “Crazy Eyes”. Like many on the left, they have wild staring eyes. You see this in many of the hard left people in government.

It’s the look of a Satanic blood lust for power. The look is frightening. I think Tony Soprano would fear this look also. Cuomo is a modern day King Herod.

New York has a exodus of people leaving this State of Madness. Like many of the leftist coastal States, the taxes are too high, the rent is too high, the cost of living is too high, and the quality of life is coming to an end. It could be that’s the plan. To shed the State of what the left considers undesirables.

People keep voting for these creeps, and I really don’t understand it. A culture of death permeates in a State of Madness. I guess that’s how Venezuela got to be where it is. The promise of Free Stuff!

The New York State Of Death. Where life doesn’t get a chance. Other states have similar laws on abortion and euthanasia, and I believe there’s an underlining danger that once this becomes mainstream acceptance, it will spread like a virus. Your existence might be questioned as “irrelevant”. Kermit Gosnel was a prolific murderer. He aborted thousands of live children. Now in New York, they made murder legal.

What’s interesting is that you don’t have to be a healthcare provider to perform abortions. As the State moves to legalize murder, and remove the Constitutional God Given Rights to the unborn, the inevitable question has to be asked: “What About The Living?” People never ask a pregnant women, “How’s the Fetus?”, people ask “How’s the Baby?”.

Where is the Catholic Church in all this? I haven’t heard a peep from a priest. Not even a Bishop, a Rook, a Knight, it seems Check Mate compliance into the vortex of the fear of leftism. The church fears the left, more than they fear God. Where are the other religions? It’s like a mob of Satanic followers. I like using the word “like’, it’s so Hudson Valley speak now. It used to be like a Kalifornia galleria vernacular. Calling the grammar police! It’s almost like a surreal Seinfeld episode with the Soup Nazi, “NO LIFE FOR YOU!

Guess Who Doesn’t Get A Choice?

The leftist mantra of “My Body, My Choice“, just doesn’t cut it anymore. Why not choose adoption over abortion? The risks are far less, and the rewards are much greater. No one will say that, because the left’s use of intimidation has silenced people that appose abortion.





24 Responses to “New York State Of Death”

  1. Brooke Says:

    “Why not choose adoption over abortion? The risks are far less, and the rewards are much greater.”

    unfortunately, I don’t think you have a very good understanding of the adoption world, with this above statement.

    • Kini Says:

      I do have a very good understanding of the adoption process. I have family and friends that have adopted children. I’ve been directly involved in adoption. I have seen the left make it harder for some families to adopt.

      • Brooke Says:

        That’s because the adoption industry is a multi billion dollar business. It’s not about lives, it’s about supply and demand of children.

      • Kini Says:

        It’s more than that. The abortion industry profits from the murder and sale of body parts. I don’t want my tax dollars going to ghouls.

      • Brooke Says:

        And the adoption industry doesn’t?!

      • Kini Says:

        The adoption industry doesn’t destroy lives, it saves them. That’s priceless.

      • Brooke Says:

        Then why is the suicide rate 6 times higher amongst adoptees than non adoptees?

      • Kini Says:

        I don’t believe there’s any supporting data to support that claim. However, I can tell you the number of actual dead babies due to abortion, it’s in the millions.

      • Brooke Says:

        And i can back up my “claim” with hundreds of adoptees who struggle almost daily with suicidal thoughts.. and another many that have actually gone through with the act.

        They aren’t a solution for each other.

      • Kini Says:

        Present your evidence. I’d love to see what you have.

      • Brooke Says:

        How about you just talk with some people who were actually adopted? Not people who did the adopting, rather people who live it.. every single day.

        If adoption were the solution to abortions, we would not have thousands of children waiting in foster care.

      • Kini Says:

        As I told you before, I have family, friends, and I have been directly involved in adoption processes. As I suspected, you don’t have any evidence to prove your claim.
        Here’s something for you to read.

      • Brooke Says:

        Directly involved in the adoption process, meaning what.. that they adopted someone? Look up blogs done by adoptees, join a group on Facebook, adoption is not a hallmark card version that it’s painted to be.

      • Kini Says:

        I’ve concluded that you have no evidence to support your claim. I have direct data, from the government, churches, and communities, and I have provided you with some. You made a false claim, and you cannot support your claim. Yet, you want me to do research on your false premise. You’re untitled to your opinion, but not your facts. Either present your evidence, or stop embarrassing yourself.

      • Brooke Says:

        There are endless articles about the increase in suicide rates amongst adoptees. You have access to the internet, I’m sure you’re able to search that easily, I don’t need to provide a list of articles for you. I’m not making something up that I live with daily and am surrounded by other adoptees voicing their stories.
        I am not embarrassing myself. You fall into the ever so well known category amongst us adoptees known as.. another ignorant non adopted person trying to tell us adoptees what life is like. I will never stop standing up for adoptees. And I will never be embarrassed by that fact.

        I am not embarrassed, not one bit.

      • Kini Says:

        Present one. If there are articles as you say, then present one. If you can’t/won’t, then I conclude you have no data, no information, and you made it all up. You should be embarrassed.

      • Brooke Says:

        Literally a simple google search “suicide rates amongst adoptees.”

        4 times as likely. I said 6, sorry my math was off by a percent or two. But I’m not making this up. Your ignorance to even search it on your own is embarrassing in itself.

      • Kini Says:

        You had to search real hard for any article you could find. A couple of observations: 1) The article is 5 years old. 2) the sample rate is very small. 3) When compared to abortion, the numbers of dead babies out number the rate of suicides. 4) Suicide is not limited to adoptees only.
        Still, the numbers do not match the murder rate of abortions. Those making comparative analysis are deflecting from the greater problem, which is abortion.
        As I mentioned before, adoption is preferable to abortion. You might not like that, because you are obviously for abortion.

      • Brooke Says:

        I literally typed in “Suicide rates amongst adoptees” and they popped up. No hard research at all. It’s an old article, huh? Then I can only imagine those numbers have increased as adoptees have grown. And I’m sorry, I’m not an idiot, I know suicide happens throughout all of humanity…

        My point is adoption is not a solution for abortions. If it were true, we would see 1. A decrease in abortions and 2. Less children waiting in foster care.

      • Kini Says:

        I disagree. Abortion is not any solution to anything. It’s an industry that harvests body parts, and kills. Emphasis, kills.
        Adoption will always be a preferable solution to murder.

      • Brooke Says:

        Great. Good luck on that.

      • Brooke Says:

        Whether I be “for abortion” or not, adoption is not a solution to this issue.

      • Brooke Says:

        I am an adoptee. I live this experience daily. Adoption is not a solution to abortion. Education, prevention.. those are great ways. Not adoption.

  2. Kini Says:

    Abortion is a multi-billion dollar industry, and it’s also about the lives of children. In this case, its about the sale and profit of body parts.

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