Something Wicked This Way Comes


Hurricane Erick has downgraded to the tropical storm, but it does contain damaging winds and flooding rain. Watching the radar in the lower right hand corner is Erick popping into the picture. It getting close.

I went out today for gas and food. Thank God they sell ethanol free gasoline. It protects small appliances and generators from being damaged by gas with ethanol.

You just never know what these storms will do. The longest we were without power was three days after tropical storm Iselle. The winds toppled Ibiza trees onto power lines. Since then the county has eradicated most Ibiza trees in lower Puna, the chances of damages are still there. Our infrastructure is like that of Puerto Rico, only without the government corruption.

If necessary, and if possible, I will live blog this event with Erick and Flossy throughout the weekend. It depends if we don’t lose internet connections. Generators will keep our power going. Wish us luck!



What Is A Human Right


When I was growing up we learned what our rights were God given rights. These rights were outlined in the United States Constitution and in the Christian Bible. This should not be confused with the human rights as defined by the United Nations. The United Nations has a list of 30 human rights which some are inline with the 10 United States Bill of Rights, and some are not.

Lately, the left has decided to add more rights claiming these are basic human rights. The left says healthcare, housing, jobs, and a basic income, are human rights. I always find it amusing when the left makes these claims but cannot explain how and who will pay for these human rights and how these rights will be enforced. As the democrat debates are occurring now, these rights are part of the heated exchange. Let’s look at them closely.

Free Healthcare: the democrats say healthcare is a right. Medicare for all is basically saying a government run single payer system. This also includes people who are non-citizens of this country. Specifically, people that enter the country illegally will be entitled to free healthcare. Of course healthcare is not free. Someone have to pay for it. Someone has to provide it. How do you provide quality care? We know that emergency rooms cannot deny care to anyone irregardless if they are either of legal status or able to pay for care. The scale of providing government medicare for all would be in the trillions of dollars and that cost would increase annually. How do providers get compensated? Are providers to be conscripted by the government against their will and forced to provide care to patients? This is not a sustainable model.

Free Housing: the democrats want to make housing free to everyone. You do have to right to property ownership and to do what you want on your property. What the democrats are saying is housing will be confiscated to make room for others that cannot afford their own property. They are doing this in Germany with the African migrants. The German government is seizing property that have been family owned for generations and housing migrants. These are socialist policies where property is owned by the government. Your right to happiness, property, is forfeit. That’s taking away your constitutional rights to ownership. The democrats are also radical environmentalists. They will force people to live in government housing. A pack em and stack em in high rise apartment buildings. Where you live, what job you have, what life you can afford, will be determined by some faceless government bureaucrat. You have no freedom of choice.

Jobs: the democrats are going to provide free jobs. It will not matter if your skill set will match the job requirements. You have a job.

Basic Income: the democrats are proposing a universal basic income. It doesn’t matter whether you work or not. Taxpayers will provide a basic income for everyone regardless if you need it or not. So in effect, the government reaches into one pocket, and puts money in another pocket. It’s like taking a 6 slice of pizza and cutting it in half to feed 12.

These leftist policies are destructive and unsustainable. These policies are socialist policies and takes away two basic rights, the right to freedom and the right to happiness. What the left is proposing is doing away with God given right for human basic rights. Rights once given can be taken away. That’s the consequence.

In Hawai’i news: the weather has been scattered rain all day long. The two hurricanes, Erick and Flossy are still approaching. Fortunately, the weather people are saying the storms will weaken when the finally reach the islands. However, we are preparing for any eventuality.

We’re concerned about the demonstrators on Mauna Kea. As the storms approach, it could bring dangerous winds and rain, perhaps even snow.




Inner Harbor

Over the weekend, President Trump posted on Twitter that called for Rep. Elijah Eugene Cummings to clean up his own district. Rep. Cummings had falsely accused the Trump administration of forcing illegal alien children to sit in cages in their own excrement. It was a false accusation against President Trump’s administration’s effort to try and get control over the volume of illegals crossing the border. This vulgarity by democrats is typical hostility towards law enforcement, the President, and the American citizens.

The former mayor of Baltimore complained about the smell of rats in her city.

This is Rep. Cummings district. He’s responsible for his constituents, but he could care less for them. Where is Rep. Cummings today? He’s in Venice, Italy with Nazi Piglosi at a 5 Star hotel, eating at 5 Star restaurants, all at taxpayers expense. It must be nice to take a month off and fly to Europe at taxpayers expense. It should also be noted that Nazi Piglosi’s district has the same problems of homelessness, rampant drug use, and a decaying city, and Piglosi’s district is San Francisco. As a matter of fact, all democrat run cities are hell-holes of crime, drugs, and homelessness.

Elijah Cummings has a net worth of $1,200,000. He’s been a Baltimore inter city misrepresentative for 36 years. His districts median household income is $46,600-$15,000 below the national average. Yet, Cummings has the audacity to say he supports his district. Baloney!

In 2018, President Trump awarded $15.7 billion in federal grants to the City of Baltimore for improvements for it’s citizens. Where has the money gone? Did the corrupt democrats pocket the money? President Trump is trying to create enterprise zones to promote job growth. Baltimore under democrat rule has lost the ship building industry, the auto industry, the airline industry, and other industries that pay high wages. Instead, Baltimore has encouraged other criminal industries: Drug and Prostitution.

This is Baltimore’s inner harbor, circa 2004, we went here for vacation. At the time we lived just outside Philadelphia in New Jersey. It was job related and we took advantage of visiting the cities along the north east coast of the United States. This is in the center of Baltimore city. To get to this location is like passing through a war zone. The city has been crumbling for years. This is also true with Philadelphia, Boston, and Newark NJ. They all have their tourist attractions, but the surrounding parts of the city is horrible.

It’s like this on the west coast also. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle all are plagued with democrat rot. I know first hand because I would travel to these cities for business. Even in my own State of Hawai’i, the city of Honolulu is crumbling with homelessness, drugs and human despair. Honolulu puts all it’s resources into a money pit called “The Rail.” A short elevated railway to try an ease traffic on the highways. Money that could be better spent providing solutions for affordable housing and jobs. Democrats don’t think that way.

What I find disgusting is how the democrats will accuse anyone of racism when questioning their malfeasance. It’s their default reaction to anyone questioning their power. So when Rep. Cummings and other democrats accuse the President of abusing illegal aliens, they and the fake news media follows along spreading false news. Yet the fake news never reports about the robust economy, low unemployment rate, raising wages and job creation. They never give any credit to President Trump’s winning policies.

Why do democrats do this? Success, they hate success. They need dependency. They need racial conflict. They want to keep people poor. They want voters to believe they are fighting for them by lying. They claim others are holding them down. It’s a lie.

Playing The Race Card


The weather started this morning with tradewind showers and by noontime the Sun came out. The evening is calm and cool. Very comfortable. Storms are far off in the distance and are not affecting the weather here. Maybe some surf conditions, but no real issues at this time. We’ll see what happens later on this week.



During President James Buchanan’s administration the first trans-Atlantic cable was laid between Europe and North America to allow telegraph communications. The first message took over 17 hours to be sent at 2 minutes and 5 seconds per letter by Morse code. That was the beginning of what would become a global network.

In 2018, a underwater cable was connected between Virginia and Spain at speeds of 160 terabits per second. That’s 16 million times faster than the average home internet connection. The technology uses fiber optics over the old copper wire connections. It’s amazing how the technology has evolved. Today, these underwater cables are world wide and provide instant communications. This includes voice and data connections.


Submarine cables that connect to the Hawaiian Islands

There’s an interactive map of the cables around the world here <–

Of course, satellite communications are increasing being employed. As a redundancy to submarine cable networks, satellite provides an excellent alternative when a trunk-line gets disabled either by storms, accidents by fishing trawlers, or terrorism. Although satellite has it’s problems also with solar storms, collisions with space junk, and the militarism of space. Which is why we need a Spare Force to protect our interests in space. He who controls the skies, controls the world. We cannot have rogue nations targeting our satellites.

Of course, satellites do more than just pass telecommunication date, they also track the weather. Tropical storm Erick is approximately 1,600 miles from Hilo and is expected to strengthen to hurricane status. However, the storm will be entering cooler waters and will encounter wind shear which will down grade the storm to a rain event.

On the heels of Erick is tropical depression Seven-E still forming off the coast of Mexico on its way into the central Pacific. It is expected to reach hurricane status. Tis the season.

Protesters are still blocking the observatory road to Mauna Kea. The group ‘Ku Kia’i Mauna’ (protectors of the mountain) are promising not to allow the Thirty Meter Telescope from being constructed. The stalemate continues.

Weather has been sunny and hot. A good day for yard work. We’re expected to get rain during the week as the storms approach.




We are tracking Tropical Storm Erick today which appears to be heading towards the islands. The storm is 2,055 miles east of Hilo as of 11AM HST. It could reach sustained winds of 40 MPH and is expected to reach the islands by late next week. The storm has not organized into anything but a tropical depression, but that could change over the next few days. I’ll keep you informed as time marches on.

Speaking of storms. U.S. Representative Elijah Cummings, the Democratic chairman of the House of Representatives Oversight Committee, who has called Trump a racist and sharply criticized his immigration policies, was scolded by the President to clean up his own city of Baltimore.

With typical democrat knee-jerk reaction, Nazi Piglosi jumped to Cummings defense saying, “We all reject racist attacks against him and support his steadfast leadership.”  The problem is that cities and States that are run by democrats are suffering from neglect and ruin. If you look at Kalifornia, Los Angeles and San Francisco (Piglosi’s district), have changed in the worst of ways. In my past life I did business in both cities and the change is frightening. Seattle Washington and Portland Oregon are in the same mess. With mayors and governors that simply don’t care.

When you criticize these leftist liberal people, you are called a racist. Which is what happened after the President tweeted his remarks. So it’s racist to point out the faults of these misrepresentatives? The President is running the country, people like Cummings are representatives for their districts. The representatives are responsible for their districts. Nazi Piglosi, Mad Maxine Waters, Ted Wheeler, Mario Cuomo, and other democrats that have failed their States and cities. Why do people continue to vote for these idiots?

In Hawai’i, both Crazy Mazie Hirono and Brian Snotzs are more concerned with their image at the Washington D.C. cocktail parties than our State. Tulsi Gabbard has delusions of grandeur believing she’s qualified to be President. No one knows who she is. Then there’s Ed Case who took over for the inept Colleen Hanabusa in 2019. Been there, done that. What has changed this time? More single party democrat failure.

Storms come in different forms. They all have something in common: they expel a lot of hot air.

Have a happy Saturday! See you all tomorrow.


Aloha Friday

Aloha and Happy Friday! What a week it has been. So much going on that I forgot to report the weather. It’s Perfect! As usual. Today has been scattered tradewind showers with intervals of brilliant sunshine. So much to talk about, let’s begin!

Did you watch the Mueller hearing? Wasn’t it sad? Here was a frail man losing his faculties, unsure where he was, and incoherently repetitively asking to repeat the questions. It was painful to watch. However the dims showed no mercy. It shows how heartless these communist democrats are. Time to investigate the investigators. It’s clear that Obama and Hillary and the dims were the criminals. Not Russia, but the democrats lust for power.

On Mauna Kea the protests are still on going. It has effectively shut down all the other observatories on the mountain. That’s too bad because science is put on hold.

Ok, I know some people were hoping for another episode of “What’s For Dinner”? So here we go! Have a good weekend!



The Gift That Keeps Giving

The Meme is a new social media phenomenon that has added a layer of political humor. They are absolutely hilarious. Many of these memes are targeted at our political leaders. No one is spared. That’s what makes them so funny. Some of these memes are pure genius in their comedy and entertainment value. Most of the Meme Master are conservative leaning artists, some are leftists but their memes falls short of the humorous spin. The left cannot take a joke.

Here’s a post of various memes starting with The United Spot

Of course, this is a meme about Alexandria Occasionally Coherent (AOC). She’s a favorite of mine because of her acting performances.

This Meme is from Solmemes about President Trump Gangnam Style. Solmeames is one of my favorite Meme Master. She has hundreds of hilarious memes.

Mad Liberals produced this gem of Trump the Peshwa Warrior a parody version of Malhari. This is amazing.

And then there is the GeeksTeam with this excellent parody meme of Guardians of the Presidency.

Carpe Donktum produced this excellent parody of the State of the Union. Even President Trump retweeted this meme.

If we cannot laugh at ourselves, then we’ve lost all humor. These are just a few Meme Masters that I follow. There are many more that I wish I could add here. However, I wanted to post these favorites. I hope you enjoy these parody’s. I did!



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