World’s Smallest Clown Car

Democrat Presidential Debates, All Aboard!

I did watch the democratic debates and I have several observations. First, every single candidate is pushing socialism. Second, illegal aliens are the democrat audience, they did not speak to the American people. Third, they all promise to raise your taxes, give free healthcare to all, including illegal aliens, make education free, take your guns away, provide free housing, and eliminate American sovereignty. No borders.

Whose is going to pay for all this free stuff? You the taxpayer! This is the regressive democrat socialism policy they are all proposing. What’s scary is that some people think this is a good idea. They point to other democrat countries as models of their dystopian Utopian for the United States. The money that was confiscatory taken from the taxpayers will now go to non-citizens. So what’s next? Remember when the Obama regime was looking at people’s 401K’s as money just sitting around not doing anything? If the democrats win Congress and the White House, they will implement these policies. Make no mistake, the democrats will create an entitlement society to keep them in power for generations. Once socialism takes hold it is damn hard to get rid of it.

I watched a opinion video by the New York Slimes editorial board stating that America is just okay, and not the greatest country in the world.

It’s op-ed pieces like these that appear before the election cycles. The country is falling apart, the environment is in crisis and it is all the fault of United States. It’s meant to depress the citizenry into believing there is no hope. It’s meant to make the United States look like some developing nation with cascades of economic, environmental, and humanitarian deficiencies. Your success cannot be achieved without the help of a benevolent government providing for your every need. You need bigger government! {SIGH} Don’t be fooled by this propaganda.

We have an economy that is the envy of the world. Unemployment is at its lowest level. Incomes are rising, and employers are hiring. GDP is above 3% and the long economic term outlook looks great. The Fake News Media would tell you different.

Anyway, here’s the latest on hurricane Barbara:

Barbara has developed into a category 4 hurricane. It’s expected to downgrade to a tropical storm as it approaches the islands. The prediction models are very unclear at this time.

Today was sunny and partially cloudy. It is hot, but the humidly is low. A typical summer day. High surf warnings are out because of the hurricane and some beach parks will close as a result. As usual, we are prepared for hurricanes.

USGS Volcano’s has put Mauna Loa on yellow advisory. There’s some activity causing the mountain lava inflation. There have been earthquake swarms on the mountain and last night at 9:30 PM HST there was 3.6 magnitude earthquake in the eastern rift zone in Volcanoes National Park. We felt that jolt. There’s no eminent eruption at this time.

That’s It For Today! See You Tomorrow!



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