America The Beautiful

A beautiful day this Third of July, 2019. Preparations underway for a spectacular fireworks display tomorrow. So many wonderful things to talk about. The Stock Market reaches new records. The Dow, S&P, and NASDAQ all reaching remarkable records. That means anyone investing in the stock market has made some money! If you have either a 401K, or savings bonds then you have made money!

President Trump is going the have a military parade in Washington D.C. that’s sure to be an event of extraordinary patriotism. The left isn’t happy about it. The Fake News channels, ABC, CBS, NBC,  and MSNBC all say they will not cover the parade. Not unexpected, they are anti-American. It’s a shame because there is so much destructive leftism that the media focuses on. It can be depressing, but I tune them out.

The shoe company Nike decided to pull their sneakers with the Betsy Ross flag embossed because cop hating anti-American Colin Kaepernick said the flag represents slavery. He’s wrong, and so is Nike. Well, another company that I will not purchase from.

Why did Nike recall their shoe with the Betsy Ross flag embossed on their shoes? Because anti-American Kaepernick hates America. Wait! Where have I’ve seen the Betsy Ross flag before? Was it at Barry the BS’er’s inauguration?

Why, yet it was! So suddenly a flag is now racist. These are the examples where the left has businesses pulling products because they are worried about creating a negative public image. By being cowards, they are creating a negative image, but not what they think.

The level of anti-Americanism has bled over into Hawai’i. Honolulu City Council members Carol Fukunaga and Ann Kobayashi, introduced bill 31, the measure is called the Ho’okipa Welcoming Act, that would prohibit the Honolulu Police Department from cooperating with federal authorities to detain and investigate immigrants who may be living in the country illegally. Thus turning the city of Honolulu into a sanctuary city. A city with a large homeless problem. Who would pay for this? The taxpayers. As if you weren’t taxed enough already, the Council would ignore the needs of its citizens, and direct money to illegal aliens. Insanity!

Leftists want to stain the beauty of America by engineering the country into a socialist nation. This is why we must vote them out to preserve our way of life. These leftists will either rewrite the Constitution, or eliminate it altogether! We cannot allow that to happen.

So I look forward to celebrating Independence Day. The left won’t. So screw the left. Break out the BBQ’s and Party like its 1776!

See you tomorrow!



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