Absent Of Rainbows

As expected, the remnants of Hurricane Barbara has arrived. Downgraded to a tropical storm, the storm has not produced strong winds where we’re at, but other parts of the island did have strong winds. The rains are heavy at times and arrive in waves. The weather forecast has called for light rain. It’s expected to continue into tomorrow and tapering off towards the end of the week.

We did lose power for about a half hour in the morning. Apparently a tree fell on a power line. Hawai’i Electric Light reports outages as far north as Honoka’a in Hamakua and south to Hawaiian Beaches in lower Puna. As of 1:30PM HST the remaining 1600 customers have finally had their power restored. Luckily there’s been no lightening and reports of flooding.

On my cell phone, I have an app called “scanner radio.” It allows me to listen to police and emergency responders. It’s a handy little tool to stay informed real-time. Plus we get text and emails from emergency crews, police, and civil defense through nixle. That’s very useful for road closures and other emergency messages.

At 4PM HST, the Sun appeared for a brief period, but the rain hasn’t gone away, and no rainbows have appeared.



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