Raise Your Hands

When you prepare to file your tax returns, you first receive a W-2 form. It has your federal and state gross wages. Included are your withholding taxes for Federal, Social Security and Medicare. These are your compulsory deductions the government takes from your paycheck. These obligations are then distributed back once you either reach retirement age, or have a disability.

So at the democrat debate, the question was asked: “A Show of Hands, Will Your Healthcare Plan Cover Undocumented Immigrants”

Every Democrat Raised Their Hands

Judging from the clapping and hooting by the monkeys in the audience, they believe this is a good and moral thing to do for illegal aliens. It’s clear that some in America don’t see the problem with that idea. It will damage the economy and an already damaged healthcare industry due to obamacare.

Let’s talk about fairness. The money that legal citizens paid into the system would be distributed to illegals. That’s your money the government placed in a fund to be distributed back to American citizens, not illegal aliens. How is it fair to appropriate the money you paid into the system, only to have it given to those that never contributed to the system?

The democrats keep insisting that illegals are already paying into the system via sales taxes and property taxes. However, there’s something wrong with that argument. Sales taxes I can see, some states have a sales tax, but property taxes are different. That assumes illegals have social security numbers and bank accounts. If they are new arrivals, then they have none of those credentials. If they have been living as undocumented aliens, then they still do not have those credentials. Thus the term “undocumented.”

The larger question is who are the democrats campaigning for? Illegals or Citizens? Hint: It’s not American citizens.



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