Week In Review

We dodged a storm, again! Hurricane Barbara whimpered out but stayed long enough to recharge the water catchment. The downside is hurricane season has only started and will continue till December.

It’s about time that the government is looking at the Unsocial Media Big Tech platforms. Fascistbook was fined 5 Billion dollars by the FTC for privacy violations. Full story here <— YEA!!!

It seems the divide in the country centers on patriotism. On one side, the democrats, aka leftists, communists, antifa, islamic terrorists, violent fascists. On the other side, the Republicans, aka American citizens, Trump supporters, God fearing, country loving, patriots. I must point out that some RINO’s (republicans in name only) are not Pro-American. Many are part of the swamp that infests the government. A good example is former House Speaker, Paul Ryan, he’s upset that President is moving too fast to repair the damage to the government.

At the Whitehouse Rose Garden, a gathering of conservatives arrived to participate in President Trump’s Social Media Summit. After the event there was a press conference where one reporter started verbally abusing the participants. A reporter for CNN, Brian Karem, then challenged Dr. Sebastian Gorka to a fight. Seb Gorka got up and confronted this CNN moron and called him a punk. Brian Karem is no stranger to the Whitehouse press pool, he has verbally abused former Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders. This punk is the enemy of the people.

Even Joy Villa passing through the airport was insulted by some woman. She called Joy, gross! Just because Joy was wearing a Trump pin. It’s this incivility by the left that has put people in harms way. The Coventry Catholic boys for example were vilified by the fake news media. People’s personal information placed on the internet where kooks show up at the homes of people frightening families. This nonsense has to stop and people held accountable.

Despite my gloom and doom rants, I do see a positive outlook. People are becoming aware and are starting to fight back. The economy is roaring! All the US Markets are in record territory! Unemployment is at an all time low for all demographics! Economic opportunity and wage growth is rising! All within a three years that Trump has been President. Now if only the dims and the never trumpers would get off their hatred for America First and began to work for the People! This country would reach new levels of greatness.

Meanwhile, the weather here on the Big Island is gorgeous and the weekend is looking great. Our prayers go out to our Maui ʻOhana struggling with a serious wildfire on the Valley Isle.  Stay safe, we’ll see you all tomorrow.


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