The Four Horsefaces Of Impeachment

Note: President Trump never called these congresswomen out by name. He simply referred to them as “Progressive” congresswomen. Of course, these four angry racist women naturally thought the President’s tweet was meant for them. They took the bait, and so did the Fake News Media.

All of America is thinking the same thing. President Trump is saying what we Americans are all thinking. The Four Horsefaces Of Impeachment. These socialist democrat anti-American, antisemitic haters: Illhan Oman, Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ayanna Pressley. They all hate this great country. They hate Jews and Christians. They hate the Constitution. They hate the Founding Fathers. They call the United States corrupt and racist. It’s no wonder why they believe the message was meant for them.

These are the democrat socialists that want to destroy our way of life. It was Cortez that successfully chased Amazon out of New York. While the inept mayor, Bill de Blasio, and clueless governor, Mario Cuomo, sat with their thumbs up their rear ends and did nothing. Now, thousands are out of a good paying jobs. Great Job, morons!

This scene is being played out in other cities where the democrat socialists have taken over. In Seattle WA, Amazon is moving its headquarters out of the city because of hostility of radical city council members. They’re all leftists that hate corporations. It’s not the corporation’s fault the city didn’t plan for the necessary housing, infrastructure, traffic and services. The left lives in a Utopian fantasy world which is economically unsustainable. These are the same cities that are sanctuary’s for illegals, a growing homeless population, shrinking middle class, and the streets are lined in feces.

It’s rather amusing watching the democrats battling each other. There’s a saying, “Never… Murder Someone Committing Suicide”. The democrats are committing political suicide. As they continue to lose members of their base, and gain members of a radical left, they are increasing becoming more violent. Socialism throughout history has left a trail of bodies in its wake. One of the most destructive political ideologies that continues to believe that this time, somehow, socialism will finally work.

Of course the Fake News Media calls President Trump’s tweet racism. The Four Horsefaced Fools are fueling President Trump’s march to a landslide reelection in 2020. To that, I am very pleased, but not complacent. We must get out the vote if we are to keep the country great.

I remember the 1960’s when during the Vietnam War, violent demonstrations by radical leftist hippies and domestic terrorists repeated the same thing. “Our Country, Love It Or Leave It” — was the motto from patriot Americans that grew disgusted at this violence. Back then as it is today this extremism was all orchestrated by the democrats. History repeats, and lessons are never learned.


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