Writ Of Certiorari

Certiorari — Latin for “to be more fully informed.” We’re living in an age where information is deliberately distorted to fit a political narrative. This is seen nightly on the television news. The big three news networks and on cable, the news is selectively reported. You have almost no other means for complete and accurate information. It’s no wonder why opinions are so biased to the extreme left and right.

You cannot order a writ. An order to provide more information. Instead a racist narrative is used to create a atmosphere of fear and hate. Fueled by a dishonest media that repeats a narrative that even Paul Joseph Goebbels would have appreciated. This is because the media selectively produces outrage for sensationalism.

For example, in Chicago, there are shootings daily. As with many other big cities, Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and many more liberal run cities have multiple shootings. You never hear about them. It’s just not interesting to the media. So when a horrific event like El Paso and Dayton takes place, the media coverage is 24/7 nonstop. Thus starts the blame game. Pathetic.

We’re officially under a flash flood watch as tropical storm Flossie approaches. A great way to start the work week. Today started with brilliant sunscape. Then the clouds moved in and it looks like rain is on the horizon. The King Tides are present and it will make the shoreline flooding more evident. Flossie is 350 miles from Hilo moving at 13 mph. High surf warnings have been issued and many beach parks are closed.

And the lawn needs mowing.






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