The Dogpile

The democrat dogpile is getting more shrill and desperate as each of the candidates attempt to sell the American voters on their socialist policies. Some might call is socialist light, but it’s still socialism. At least half of all the democrat candidates are full blown socialists.

The recent horrific events in El Paso and Dayton has started the democrat blame game. With the assistance of the fake news media, the accusations of racism has both the democrats and the lame-stream media wallowing like pigs in the mud. It’s pretty sad when both the media and a political party cannibalize themselves for attention.

Instead of calling for unity, the democrats are ramping up accusations of racism. Their main target is President Trump. It’s the democrats modus operandi to divide people into groups. Just as the media and democrats accused the President of saying White Nationalist and the KKK were good people. Even though there is video of President Trump condemned both groups on multiple occasions, the media still lies about what the President said. If that is not pathetic enough, the democrat dogpile runs with that same narrative.


This is the front page of tomorrow’s New York Slimes headline above the fold. The democrats and fake news media are not going to be happy about this. Don’t think the American people are blind to the events taking place in the media. The American people are thinking what Trump is saying. The media sensationalizes tragic events like this and ignores mass shootings elsewhere.


Well that’s didn’t take long. The leftists screamed and howled at the NY Slimes that they gave in and changed the headline. Cowards!


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