Twelve Monkeys

Anyone remember this science fiction movie, “Twelve Monkeys?” It’s about a future world devastated by disease, and a convict is sent back from the future in time to gather information about the man-made virus that wiped out most of the human population on the planet. One of my favorite Terry Gilliam movies.

I started thinking about the absurd parallels of the movie plot and today’s political irrational nonsense. The common theme is the coming climate disaster. The oceans will rise and people will die. I guess people forget that only eleven years ago a certain President was proclaiming that he will stop the rise of the oceans and they will recede thanks to his election. Behold his mighty hand!

So what has changed now? Are we to believe that we had eight years of a stable planetary environment and only now after the 2016 election environmental disasters are looming? Heavens to Murgatroyd!

Every single democrat candidate supports the “New Green Deal.” They are promising to raise taxes in order implement the redesigning of buildings, eliminating all fossil fuel transportation, and banning flatulence. They really believe this is a winning policy for 2020.

Fear is their ally. On social media many of the millennials have fallen for this impending climate catastrophe. Without any scientific evidence to support a climate collision. The same arguments get recycled over and over. They say 97% of scientists support climate change. Yawn!

While the climate does change with the seasons it is hardly a predictor of an impending planetary disaster. That’s for Hollyweird movies and not real life.

Here’s what real climate scientists are saying


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