Day Of Rest

A day of rest, a day of prayer, a day of reflection. A day I get to sleep in for about an extra hour, before I have to get up because I cannot sleep no more. I usually get up in the early morning when the sky starts to brighten and the birds start singing. The mind starts working and I’m thinking of the things I have to accomplish today and how I’m planning my work week. So much for the extra hour of sleep. I think I do my best thinking laying in bed away from external distractions.

Our weather is in that pattern where the days are partly cloudy and sunny. At late night the rains come and by morning are gone. It’s just enough rain to refresh the water tank and keep everything green. Temperatures are back to normal, 80 degree Fahrenheit, 26 degrees Celsius. Humidity 72%, but feels like 55%. Tradewinds keep a breezy cool comfortable feel. It’s expected to be like this all week.

Even though it’s hurricane season, there hasn’t been any reports of any storms forming off the Pacific mainland. We’re grateful for that.



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