I miss using plastic bags. The environmentalist nutbags are quickly destroying every convenience in life. From plastic bags, to plastic straws, to Styrofoam containers, and now regulating your home thermostat.  These are the regulations that hurt quality of life and make consumer items more expansive.

I remember when paper-bags were banned because the same environmental nutbags said we were cutting down too many trees and plastic bags were the clean environmental friendly alternative. Now we’re back to cutting down more trees to make more paper-bags because plastics are deemed environmentally dangerous.

Does anyone see the irony in this?  Here in Hawai’i, much of the plastic that’s in our oceans is fishing gear, and not plastic bags. Recycling is encouraged here in Hawai’i, but not everyone recycles. We take our rubbish to the transfer stations since we have no rubbish pickup. Hilo has rubbish service, but the smaller subdivisions do not. I prefer it this way since a rubbish service would raise our taxes.

Weather: mostly cloudy with breezy tradewinds. 80 degrees and 81% humidity. About the humidity, because our tradewinds come off the cold Pacific waters, it feels very comfortable. It’s not like east Atlantic or Pacific shores where the humidity can be stifling hot.




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