The Price To Nowhere Has Increased A Dollar More

Anyone growing up in the golden years of television knew the difference between science and science fiction. Many of us going to movie theaters watched science fiction as an entertainment. We didn’t take the shows seriously. It was escapism for an hour for fun. In many ways it replaced reading books because the emotional setting could be visually brought to the senses real time. A voyeur witnessing an event and the mind stimuli absorbing the visual sequence. There’s a name for this, it’s called entertainment.

Unfortunately, real life is much more scarier. For example, New York City’s Commission on Human Rights announced on Thursday that residents could face up to $250,000 in fines if they use terms such as “illegal alien with intent to demean, humiliate or harass a person.” How do they determine intent? Isn’t this a violation of our first amendment right to free speech? Scary!

Did you know that the whistleblower rules were conveniently changed by the Intelligence Community in August which now allows hearsay to be covered by the whistleblower protections. So now a whistleblower can say, I got this information from a source I know. I got this information from a person who knows a person. I read this in a newspaper, and so on and on. What a coincidence that gossiping is now protected after the transcripts of President Trump’s conversation with the Ukraine President. The revisions to the Whistleblower rules were done changed in secret. It seems to conveniently timed.

Then there is the domestic terror group antifa harassing an elderly couple trying to cross the street. This happened in Canada, but it has happened in the United States and around the world.

The police are nowhere to be found. Antifa is a pro-fascist communist terror group that assembles as a mob of masked creeps that intimidate people by shouting them down, threatening weapons, and property damage. The police seem powerless to stop them. Local city and State government allow them to roam the streets. Especially in cities where the police are hostilely treated by elected officials. These are democrat run cities and the democrats no longer support America, the Constitution, and the citizens. The democrat justice is mob rule.

When the democrats came after the second amendment to ban and confiscate guns, this is what they are inviting. Amy Swearer of the Heritage Foundation testifies before Congress regarding the misinformation about guns. Ms. Swearer recalls the time during the 1992 LA riots. The Korean community was targeted by rioters destroying their businesses. The police couldn’t defend the communities so the Koreans used guns to defend themselves.

This is the real life Outer Limits and you can’t turn the channel and you can’t leave the theater. There are real life monsters out there both in mobs and in the government who will prey on the defenseless. These monsters will never go away and the daily nightmare continues. When first responders either cannot or will not do their jobs, how then does the public citizenry defend itself? If legal justice is replaced by so called social justice then societal norms quickly break down into chaos. No one will be safe and we cannot have this destructive leftism running our country.



Hilo Saturday

It’s Saturday and I’m in Hilo enjoying the bay. It’s clear now, but clouds are moving in from the south. A little drizzle produced a rainbow. I run to pickup a local plate lunch. It’s got everything loaded: Garlic shrimp, Chicken long rice, Squid Luau, Lomi lomi salmon, Teri beef, Kimbap, and rice.  An ice cold beer to wash it all down and for the next hour enjoying the Hilo bay seen. Might even get a glimpse of whales on the bay. It’s that time of year when they start arriving for the winter.

I’ll run some quick errands in town and then head home to so some yard work before the rain arrives. I’ll jump on the internet to post this blog, check the news and weather, and disconnect from politics for the day. My favorite Fox opinion shows are on Saturday. I do enjoy watching Watters World, Judge Jeanine, and Greg Gutfeld. I always DVR them and watch them when I have time. It’s late September and that means the new television shows are starting. My DVR is working overtime. Time to make myself a couch potato and enjoy some entertainment.


The Week That Was

First of all, Happy Aloha Friday. It’s been an interesting week in politics. We learned that Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) sold his office to the Silicon Valley unsocial media giants. Senator Willard “Mittens” Romney (R-UT) has been working with the democrats to impeach President Trump. This is uncharacteristic of Republicans and a violation of their oath of office. It’s crap like this that gives Republicans a bad name.

Shakedown artist Joe Biden did threatened to withhold a billion dollars in US aid to the Ukraine to get a prosecutor investigation Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, fired. We’ve since learned that Hunter Biden was given a board position on a Ukraine energy company in a quid pro pro deal. We also learned Joe Biden and his son got 1.5 billion in a deal with China. The money was funneled through several country’s in a attempt to launder the money. This is felony corruption, gangster tactics, and abuse of the oath of office. Now the democrats are trying to pin this on President Trump.

Nancy Pelosi opens a impeachment inquiry, not a resolution, but an inquiry to impeach President Trump. Even though there was no crime committed by the President. What the democrats are doing is attempting to slow down the success of the administration and hurt the American people with endless baseless investigations. They are punishing the success of this administration. The democrats under the regime of Barry the BS’er Obama couldn’t accomplish any success over eight years. Wait, strike that, the Obama regime deliberately hurt the economy, healthcare, responsible for the murder of an ambassador and countless American soldiers by hog-tying their hands with irresponsible, albeit criminal, Rule of Engagement.

We’ve watched children being denied a proper education with a diet of fear that the world will end if the world governments don’t address global warming. The claim of a planetary catastrophe has been around for more than a century, but the claims are always the same. People are destroying the planet, we must get rid of people, we must take life conveniences away, and we must go back to living in trees and caves eating nuts and berries. Meanwhile children of wealthy activists leftists take expensive yachts, private jets, and limousines to expensive resorts to lecture people to give up their standard of living so that they can maintain their lifestyles. Hypocrisy.

Meanwhile in Hawai’i, I’m watching all this unfold in disbelief. I knew the left was perpetually angry, but this has expanded to a whole new level of vitriol. We now have antifa fascist roaming the streets beating people and destroying property. The left gathers at people residences shouting, screaming and threatening families. The left, with the encouragement of members of congress, target members of President Trump’s cabinet to chase them out of restaurants and other businesses. There’s a complicit fake news media that refuses to report this, and defends these acts of violence.

Racism within the fake news media is growing at alarming rates. Especially at CNN where the opinion mouthpieces started a campaign of accusing white people as neo-Nazis and white supremacists. While gangs of black teenagers roam the streets beating white people gets ignored by the media. Illegal aliens cross the southern border sex trafficking children. The democrats, and now some Republicans, are encouraging this criminality. While our President is being prevented from effectually doing his job with endless investigations.

I cannot believe the American people are not seeing this in horror. Watching the left destroying our society is clearly on display. Democrat candidates platform promises higher taxes, destroying healthcare, increasing regulation, forcing companies out of the country and eliminating jobs. All common sense is gone. The democrats want to remove the Constitution and our rights. They don’t care about the citizens. They only care about regaining power. This criminality must be dealt with at the ballot box.

Have a good weekend and stay safe out these. Of course the weather here is always great. Rural Hawai’i is peaceful and friendly. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.









The Experts

Give me your children and I will own your future

This is how socialism operates and they are winning. Remember when students all over the world went on strike for climate change? These minds of mush are being molded by fear by their teachers in public schools. It’s not just public schools only, it’s social media also. Facebook and Google direct searches and results promote a climate crisis. Hollywood’s left leaning movies promote anti-American themes. Remember when Superman gave up his United States citizenship to be a citizen of the world. There’s that one world, one government theme.

Once you train a generation to believe in a global warming hoax then they are more apt to adopt socialist government control as the method of safety. Those that would give up freedoms for the illusion of planetary security deserve none. It’s not the first time in history that despots used children to take over the future of a nation. Hitler did it, so did Lenin and Mao. The end results went horribly wrong.

It’s no wonder why the people in Hong Kong are demonstrating against China’s interference in their autonomy. Hongkonger’s were taught and they know by first hand experience the nature of communism. Unfortunately, the institutions of learning that are being run by leftists are indoctrinating a curriculum of socialism. Students are not learning anything to prepare them for any future, except to be cared for by an ambivalent controlling government. Where all of your life decisions are made for you and you surrender your liberty and freedoms.


Weather: Occasional sprinkles and mostly sunny skies. A cool 79 degrees and humidity at 82%. Neighbor islands getting heavy rains. Flood watches and warnings issued. These warning are expected to expire this evening. West Hawai’i island Kona-Kailua is seeing more rain than the normally east Hawai’i. This is good to help reduce the drought that has been ongoing for over ten years.



Punishing Success

Rewarding corruption and punishing success. That’s what’s going on with the democrats attempt to impeach President Trump. Now that we know the transcript of the conversation President Trump had with the Ukraine President, there was no quid pro pro. No illegal activity. No conspiracy except by Joe Biden. I wonder if the democrats realize how bad this looks for them?

Ironically, the whistleblower is now worried about remaining anonymous. What do we know about the whistleblower? We know this person is in the intelligence agency. How this meets the standard of intelligence is unknown to me. We know the whistleblower is a never Trumper. We know the whistleblower heard from secondhand sources the content of the conversation President Trump with the President of the Ukraine. We know the whistleblower violated his oath of office and let their political views drive the complaint.

Now that the democrat beehive has been poked, I have to wonder. Was this a setup? We know that since Trump has been in office for three years and there has been an unprecedented number of leaks from the top agencies. All the leaks were from embedded holdovers of the Obama and Bush regimes. We know that during conversations with heads of state the conversations are transcribed and placed in record. So how and who informed the whistleblower?

This makes me curious if this was a setup by President Trump to expose the leaker. It seems plausible to bait the whistleblower into exposing themselves with the help of the democrats. The democrats are demanding to hear from the whistleblower a part of their impeachment hearings. The democrats are gambling on the whistleblowers testimony will provide damning evidence to make an impeachment resolution. It all sounds too easy.

Democrats are so desperate to punish President Trump’s success that they are grasping at anything that would remove the President from office and destroy any chance for reelection. All the previous manufactured scandals failed and now a new manufactured scandal suddenly and conveniently appears. Remember how the democrats wanted the transcript of President Trump’s meeting with Putin? So why not set a trap? I know I’m creating a conspiracy theory, but the democrats are playing checkers and Trump is playing 3D Chess. The predictability of the democrats pouncing on this manufactured crisis was too easy. It’s one dimensional thinking.

We know know there’s nothing to the whistleblower’s story. The democrats are looking very foolish. So I’m wondering if the democrats took the bait and fell into a trap. It all seems too easy, but if it was a setup then the democrats have lost any chances in 2020.




It’s an inquiry probe. The probe focuses partly on whether Trump abused his presidential powers and sought help from a foreign government to undermine Democratic foe Joe Biden and help his own reelection. Pelosi said such actions would mark a “betrayal of his oath of office” and declared: “No one is above the law.” How this violates the oath of office is a mystery to me. Is Nazi Piglosi insinuating a President cannot have conversations with foreign leaders about corruption?

This is part of a whistlebower charge brought by someone in the intelligence community. How can you have a whistlebower when this person wasn’t in on the conversation? How is it a crime to inquire about corruption by Joe Biden when he clearly used his office to have a foreign prosecutor fired? The full transcript is going to be released on Wednesday, but that’s not stopping the democrats from going forward when they have no evidence of any crimes.

If there was something in the transcript worthy of impeachment, then why would President Trump release the full unredacted transcript? Apparently, President Trump is pretty confident there’s nothing impeachment worthy in the transcript. The democrats have no idea what’s in the transcript either. Just like the Russia collusion investigation where Adam Schiff claimed to have incontrovertible evidence of collusion but has yet to produce anything. Schiff has been lying and he’s have not been held accountable for lying to Congress.

The Congress is going to impeach President Trump for a crime that Joe Biden did. This is absolute insanity. Biden is bragging that he got a Ukrainian prosecutor fired because the prosecutor was investigating Biden’s son. Biden abused his office to shield his son’s criminal activity. Biden’s son, Hunter, was hired to the board of a Ukrainian energy company by Joe Biden’s influence. Biden’s son was getting millions from the board that was funneled through several countries. That’s money laundering. That’s a crime. The same thing was taking place in China. It was influence selling and Biden is bragging about it.

Biden’s son has no business experience in the energy industry. Further, Biden’s son was discharged from the military for using cocaine. This guy has a history of corruption and being protected by his father from prosecution. This is how democrats in Congress on a $174 thousand dollar salary suddenly make millions while in office. They are all corrupt. Trump was a billionaire when he became President, and he’ll still be  billionaire after he leaves office.

The democrats calling for impeachment make the same claim that President Trump has been breaking the law and abusing the office of the Presidency. But they never explain exactly what the abuse and what law was broken. Like I said about the whistleblower, how can this person be a witness to President Trump’s conversation with the Ukrainian President when they get the information through a third party? In legal terms that’s hearsay and is neither admissible in a court of law, nor in Congress.

Democrats have a habit to abusing their office to make slanderous accusations against people. Most notable is former House leader Harry Reid’s accusations against Mitt Romney claiming that Romney never paid his taxes. This is one of the reasons why Willard the Rat lost his campaign against Barry the BS’er, he never defended himself against these slanderous charges. Then again, Republicans have a habit of never pushing back on such false charges. They believe doing so is beneath their integrity. So the charges stick with the public’s mind.

President Trump fights back. Albeit twitter is President Trump’s tool for getting his story out there because the fake news media won’t tell the truth. I believe the public is tired of this bull shit by the democrats. I know I am fed up with this nonsense. However, I want to thank the dummy dimmies for today’s Trump’s reelection. I believe this is another baseless investigation that will blowup in the democrats faces. Hopefully enough to gain back the House, keep the Senate and finally bring justice to those embedded in years of corruption in government. Obviously, the reason why the democrats are driving their clown car into the ditch is because they know they will be losing and losing extraordinarily YUGE!





I had mentioned in my previous post that I was disappointed by some in the Republican party and their hatred for President Trump. These are career politicians. They have no other skills but to write and pass bad legislation. Two such politicians are Willard the Rat Romney and Mike turncoat Lee.

Failed Presidential 2012 candidate Willard the Rat Romney ran a horrible campaign and lost miserably. Now Mike turncoat Lee is pushing legislation to fast-track cheap H1B Chinese and Indian labor into the country and thus taking American jobs. Why are they doing this? They loath President Trump’s success in creating jobs for Americans with increasing salaries. By bringing in cheap labor they take good paying jobs away from Americans. Bill S.386 would be a disaster for the American worker.

Romney is challenging President Trump’s authority to discuss issues with foreign leaders, as with the democrats. The whistleblower controversy created by an unknown source who was not listening to the Presidents conversation with the Ukraine Prime Minister. Instead, the whistleblower heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend, and so on. It looks like this manufactured hoax is falling apart. But not before Romney the Rat got his two cents in to the media. Last time I read the Constitution, it is well within the President purview to have conversations with other heads of State. Who the hell is Willard to inject himself into the People’s Business?

On another subject, a bizarre event took place at the United Nations regarding the global warming hoax. Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg chastised world leaders for failing younger generations by not taking sufficient steps to stop climate change. “You have stolen my childhood and my dreams with your empty words,” Thunberg said at the United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York. “You’re failing us, but young people are starting to understand your betrayal. The eyes of all future generations are upon you. And if you choose to fail us, I say we will never forgive you,” she added. Thunberg traveled to the U.S. by sailboat last month so she could appear at the summit. She and other youth activists led international climate strikes on Friday in an attempt to garner awareness ahead of the UN’s meeting of political and business leaders.

“How Dare You”, she belched, “You’re not mature enough to tell it like it is”! Ecocide is the new term that would make it a punishable crime to eat meat for example. Students across the globe walked out of class on September 20 as part of a “climate strike” aimed at pursuing “environmental justice.” The College Fix sent one of its student reporters, Kyle Hooten, to a climate strike at St. Olaf College in Minnesota where roughly 1,000 students vacated class, marched into the town of Northfield, and held a rally. Many of these students said they believe humanity is on a collision course with climate catastrophe and agree with Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that there’s only 12 years left before the planet becomes uninhabitable.

These are college students. They are supposed to be the highly educated. Never mind that the world population is growing, the Earth is greener, there is more food production, and people’s lives are better off than ever. They’re spending $40 to $80 thousand dollars to get an education. What a racket these colleges are running. Give me $100 thousand dollars and put yourself in debt for decades all for a piece of paper that says you have brain.

The paper isn’t worth the ink it was printed on. Don’t try to convince the weak-minded into actually doing the science. The science is settled because the mastery of Alexandria Occasionally-Coherent said it’s so, and Greta the mentally underdeveloped child being used as a prop to spread a socialist message. What a world, what a world, we live in.




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