Friday The 13th

Pōʻalima ʻUmi kūmākolu. Friday the 13th and it’s a happy Friday the 13th. Generally, Friday the 13th has some superstitious context, but I’ve never found the need to be wary of this day. In other words, no bad or good luck, but it is the start of the weekend.

An update on Halema’uma’u: The volcano has been very quite since last year’s eruption. The county is doing what it can to reopen the two major roads, highway 137 and 132, also known as Kapoho and Kapoho-Kalapana roads. They used to intersect at the four corners location in lower Puna, but were devastated when the lava cover the entire area. All the subdivisions there were destroyed.

The vacation lots are all gone now and replaced with over 20 feet high of lava rock. Some areas are still hot and steaming. This has delayed repaving of the highways and the costs may exceed what the country can afford. I believe it will take years before the highways are fully repaired.

The number of earthquakes hasn’t changed, but the magnitudes have been low. I have not felt a tremor for months and that’s a good thing. Even though we are in the middle of hurricane season, there hasn’t been any storms crossing the islands. We are very grateful for that. As we get closer to October-November, whale season begins.

Weather: 80 degrees and humidity 83%. Mostly cloudy and we’re expecting rain. Stock market is edging towards another record high, and you would never know because the fake news media will not report good news.




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