Happy Halloween


Halloween is here. It’s a fun day with people dressing up in costumes. Everywhere I’ve been today people are in the spirit of Halloween. At the grocery store the cashiers and workers are all dressed up. People in the county and State government offices are dressed up also. Halloween office parties with food and prizes for the best costume. Workers kids in costume are getting candies and sweets.

Some people made their own clever costumes. It a lot of fun, but make sure you’re safe out there.

Weather: Mostly sunny throughout the day. Clouds have moved in and the sound of thunder in the distance. Rain is arriving. Hopefully that won’t put too much of a damper on the Halloween Trick or Treaters.



Hero Dog


This Meme was posted on Twitter and retweeted by President Trump. Apparently some in the Fake News Media didn’t get the Meme. CNN’s crackhead reporter, Abilio James Acosta, apparently had to contact the White House to verify the story that a dog was presented with the Metal of Honor by the President. Then, Acosta, promptly took to twitter to report his findings.

And CNN’s wonders why their ratings are falling. I don’t think anyone watches CNN except in airports and in Europe, and even then in a semi-coma. Actually, several fake news reporters took to twitter to report this Meme. Apparently a simple Photoshopped Meme can trigger the most gullible of the fake news.

The Belgian Malinois joined in the U.S. special operations raid on the Islamic State leader’s compound near the Syria-Turkey border. Al-Baghdadi’s death was made public on Sunday when Trump delivered a televised address from the White House. Luckily the Hero Dog’s injuries were not life threatening. God bless our brave troops and the Hero Dogs that take point against the enemy.


きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ – ファッションモンスタ

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Fashion Monster

One of my favorite J-Pop artists, Kiriko Takemura, known professionally as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, is a Japanese singer, model, and blogger, her public image is associated with Japan’s kawaii and decora culture, centered in the Harajuku neighborhood of Tokyo.


In Hawai’i News: KTA Super Stores are having their Halloween special events at the stores around the island. The store we like to go to at the Puainako shopping center in Hilo features a Haunted House. This is an annual event now on it’s tenth year. The kids love it!

Our weather today started with brilliant sunshine for most of the day. In the afternoon the clouds and rain moved in. Temperatures in the mid 70’s with 90% humidity. Winds are calm. Tomorrow is Halloween!



Impeachment Scheechment

The democrat impeachment clown show, staring Mr. Potato Head Adam Schitt, is turning into a Soviet style Star Chamber. Republicans cannot cross examine witnesses, and Schitt tells the witness not to answer any Republican questions. Nazi Piglosi now wants to have formal vote, but wants the vote electronically tabulated. No Voice Vote. Why? To hide those dummy dims from being exposed where President Trump won big in their districts. It would certainly hurt the dims chance of being reelected.

Notice that we’re no longer hearing about the whistle blower? Now we have ambassadors and never Trumper military buffoons stepping forward saying they had concerns. Never mind the transcript. In the dims warped minds, the witnesses must be believed and the transcript ignored. Still, there’s no crime found at all. So Nazi Piglosi says, we must impeach first and then find a crime later. These so called witnesses serve at the pleasure of the Commander in Chief, not the other way around. The bottom line: The President will not be impeached. The President has committed no crimes. The democrats want to embarrass the President. They want to prevent the President from doing his job on foreign policy. The democrats want a return to the policies of Barry the Bullshitter Obama where we grovel to the world and surrender our sovereignty, our borders, and become a socialist nation. NUTS!

This Is Halloween By Broken Peach

Hawai’i News: Tulsi Gabbard is not going to run for her seat in the House of Representatives. She doesn’t have a chance of ever being elected President. So is this the end of her political career? Who knows.

We learned that Big Bird de Blasio, the mayor of New York City, has been secretly shipping his homeless population to Hawai’i. Now we know why Honolulu’s homeless problem has been growing. We knew this was going on for years, but politicians kept it quiet for some reason.

Hawai’i business tax climate dropped from 26th to 37th, thus insuring Hawai’i’s one party system high cost of living. Liberal democrats ruin every thing they touch, including paradise.

Our weather today was mostly rainy. Thunder storms arrived in the evening. We’re under flash flood watch till late this evening.





Only Women Bleed

The LGBT community has a problem, and they better start policing themselves or else they will not get any support or sympathy. They will get contempt and little support. The amount of bullying by both transsexual and gay people against straight and religious people is becoming intolerable and spiteful. What’s going to happen is when someone in this LGBT community needs assistance from people like myself, we will walk on by in fear of retribution. We wouldn’t want to be in the same company where vindictiveness and intolerance towards anyone that doesn’t support the trans community that demand you accept their lifestyle while persecuting our lifestyle.

Several commercials of feminine sanitary products are now being marketed for men because the trans bullying wants companies to be more “inclusive” to trans causes. Trans males that say they identify as women are being allowed to compete in women’s sports. The men are beating the women. What’s really unfair is that women competing for scholarships are being shut out by men. Because people are afraid to confront men that they are not women for fear they will be called trans-phobic. That’s extortion by so called “Social Justice Warriors.” Not all LGBT people are like this, but the militants are vicious and intolerant.

I cannot believe the cowardliness but I can also understand why. In States that are sympathetic to gay causes will prosecute people that refuse to violate their religious convictions. It’s legal persecution against people of faith. It’s not equal justice and the Supreme Court has said so, but that hasn’t stopped the States from continuing to illegally prosecute and harass people’s religious conscience. It’s discrimination against women. It’s predators grooming children into sexual and trans relationships. Ridiculous claim that men have menstruation cycles goes against biological science and common sense. This bullying is a form of terrorism and it needs to stop.


A little trivia about Alice Cooper. He’s been married for over 34 years to the same woman, Sheryl. They have three adult children together. What keeps them together for so many years is their faith. Both are children of ministers. In the world of Rock and Roll long term marriages are rare. Cheryl is a classically trained dancer and ballerina and performs on stage with her husband Alice. Thus I chose the song, “Only Women Bleed.” For this Halloween week I decided to include a Halloween themed song in my posts as a celebration of All Hallows Eve.



The Left Weeps For Terror

Washington Post Headline – An Amazon Bezo Production

Last night I came upon a tweet by our great President, Donald J. Trump, that something big happened. Soon after the twitterverse was buzzing with speculation. The fake news media started running stories of a secret operation in Syria. Soon after that video clips were posted about an operation taking place in Syria. It be came clear there was a major target being pursued.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the ISIS leader was the target. President Trump tweeted that he will hold a news conference at 9AM EDT. I decided to stay up till 3AM HST to watch the news conference live. At the news conference the President said about al-Baghdadi, had been killed, dying “like a dog.” If you know anything islamic culture calling a muslim a dog is a great insult. “He died after running into a dead-end tunnel, whimpering and crying and screaming all the way,” Trump said, adding that three of Baghdadi’s children were also killed in the blast. Apparently, the cowardly Baghdadi wasn’t going to be taken alive.

When I woke in the morning to check my twitter feed, I saw the WAPO headline and couldn’t believe my eyes. While I knew the left was sympathetic to islamic terror groups, I had not expect this. Remembering that the New York Slimes editor once said, “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.” Referring directly to the islamic terrorists. This was said during the Iraq war when President GW Bush was President. It interesting that when Barry the Bullshitter Obama was President, the Post and NYT both praised Obama for arming the islamic fighters that morphed into ISIS. To this day, I believe Obama, McCain, and others in both parties wanted to ramp up the middle east wars. All the while Obama was starving the military of much needed equipment and supplies to do the job. Obama even put in a restriction, a rule of engagement, that prevented our soldiers from defending themselves.

The rise of ISIS began when Obama pulled out of Iraq and let ISIS metastasize into a huge terror group. Obama called them the JV team and the slaughter of people was shared by ISIS on social media. Daily beheading’s of people and acts of pure evil, and there was Obama snickering at the carnage.

President Trump campaigned on ending endless wars in the middle east. I’ll admit I did not know how President Trump was going to accomplish ending America’s wars. Then the strategy started to reveal itself. First, Trump started to rebuild the military. Giving the military the equipment and tools needed to accomplish the job. Trump spoke with the generals in Washington and we learned the generals said the war will last for years, no end in sight. Trump then went to the battle field and spoke with the generals in the war zone. They told the President we could defeat the enemy in two weeks or less. Surprised, Trump asked the generals how can this be done. The generals replied, “Give us the tools, and untie our hands to go after the enemy.” Trump did exactly that. Ignoring the Washington DC generals and listening to the generals on the battle field. The result were amazing. The military eviscerated ISIS in little more than two weeks. They were hunted down like animals and destroyed.

President Trump’s next goal in his strategy was economic warfare. Trump got tough with the Arab countries and the European countries that were not engaging in the fight. “It’s your country, it’s your people, it’s your fight, your culture,” Trump said. Economic sanctions were placed on Turkey to prevent them from slaughtering the Kurds. That worked. Russia has a seaport in Syria. The Arabs and Russians hate ISIS. Let it be their fight. Why should we spend our blood and treasure to help a culture of endless war.

The trap that Trump built. When President announced a withdrawal from Syria, the military and members of congress cringed at the thought of a repeat of Obama’s blunder. This is where the economic leverage is used. The news that the Americans were leaving Syria triggered ISIS to move and al-Baghdadi was being watched. Once al-Baghdadi location was confirmed, Trump launched the sneak attack killing the ISIS leader.

Democrats immediately were upset that they were not notified about the operation in advance. Given that the treasonous democrats would have leaked the attack to the enemy, the secret was hidden from everyone till after the operation. As I have said before, the democrats cannot be trusted to work with this President and protect the American people. The democrats are complaining that Trump didn’t treat al-Baghdadi’s body with the same respect as Obama did with Usama Bin Laden. The insect, Baghdadi blew himself up, what was there left to respect? Plus Obama gave bin Laden a military funeral. The guy that was responsible for murdering over 3,000 people was honored by Barry the Bullshitter Obama.

This was another example of Trump’s genius. He got the insect Baghdadi to come out of his cave long enough to smash the cockroach. Meanwhile, none of our people were killed or injured. The dangerous operation went flawlessly. President Trump gave the generals what they needed and they executed the operation in meticulous precision. Trump understands Sun Tsu and the Art of War. Always pray for our troops and our Commander in Chief.




Volcano Lake

An update on the rising water in Halema’uma’u crater. A year ago after the lava lake drained and destroyed several subdivisions in lower Puna. Water have been rising in the crater. It’s now larger than a football field and still rising. Although water has not been seen in the crater for at least two hundred years. In Hawaiian legends there are mentions of water in Halema’uma’u, associated with explosions and Pele and Hi’iaka.

The question remains if lava will return back to the crater. We still get many earthquakes, but they are small and very deep under the island. Scientists believe the water is from the underground water table and will continue to rise till it reaches equilibrium. If lava returns, it will either do two things. Boil off the water in the crater, or cause massive explosions. So far Mauna Loa where Halema’uma’u is located at the Kilauea caldera has been fairly quiet. There doesn’t appear to be any inflation or deformation of the mountain at this time.

Volcanoes National Park has reopened and most of the roads have been repaired. The road that used to circle the crater is gone altogether.

If Pele should return we hope she will spare our homes, but this is her home and when she wants to clean house, she will move unrestricted.

The weather today is mostly cloudy. High clouds from south are moving over the island. Expecting tradewinds to bring in occasional showers. Temperatures are in the mid 70’s with humidity at 78%.


Bought Off

George Soros is a billionaire Marxist that uses his criminal enterprise to bribe, corrupt, and manipulate democrats. Soros was responsible for currency speculation of the British Stirling causing it to lose value and his manipulation netted him a billion dollars. Soros runs several corrupt organizations most notably the Open Society Foundation. It’s a sham Social Justice organization that is a front for Marxist programs to control democratic government. He does this by endorsing Marxist politicians like Elizabeth Warren.

Many within the democratic party accept campaign money from Soros and Soros organizations. Barry the Bullshitter Obama is a big supporter of Soros as with many others in the democrat party. Soros was also involved in our currency as part of decline in America’s dollar. Many in the democrat party got rich with Soros influence. Senators and Representatives are paid $174K salary, but they walk away millionaires using insider trading and working with Soros organizations. The democrat party is a far left fascist Marxist anti-American cabal.


In Hawai’i News: More crime problems in Hawaiian Paradise Park. Two people were arrested with illegal firearms. There’s been a number of these crimes here.

Happy Aloha Friday! The weather here has been rainy all day. Temperatures in the mid 70’s with 95% humidity. The rain is expected to last all weekend. Which is great because I won’t have to do any yard work.







The Fallout

How many people have lost friends and family because you voted for President Trump? There are more people than I had ever expected. I’ve lost friends and family members because I voted for Trump. One friend called me evil for voting for Trump, and a family member won’t even speak to me anymore.

I tried asking why they were supporting Hillary Clinton and the answers were always the same. They couldn’t defend their candidate but they could explain why they hated Trump. It’s like they couldn’t see the corruption in the democrat party. They couldn’t see the corruption in Hillary Clinton. The corruption from the Obama regime, and how the corruption had spread like a virus to the highest level of government.

After the 2016 election and the inauguration of the 45th President, I was sure things would calm down and relationships would eventually be restored. After three years things remain even more divided. Trump Derangement Syndrome had permanently set in. As we get closer to the 2020 election, the divide in the nation is even more pronounced. The entire democrat party has jolted to hard left socialism.

The good things that President Trump has accomplished with the economy, international relations, rebuilding of industry and jobs is totally ignored by the socialist democrat base. The fake news media certainly doesn’t report the good news, and democrat accuse the President on a daily basis of being a racist, a puppet of Russia, violating the emoluments clause, and engaged in criminal activity. None of which has ever been proven. The fake impeachment behind closed doors is design to spread misinformation to the public. The democrats are interviewing witnesses with hearsay information and then selectively leaking to the willing fake news media to create a whisper campaign of corruption .

As I have written about this before, the decision to vote for Trump was easy. It was either continuing another 4 years of the corrupt Obama regime with Clinton, or take a chance on novice non-politician that wasn’t embedded in a corrupt government. The result was that in three short years, President Trump has managed to outdo the last previous administrations. Even embarrassing the previous Presidents for allowing the administered decline of the United States. It’s like they didn’t even try to work for the American People.

So now that good paying manufacturing jobs have returned. Remember that Barry the Bullshitter told us those jobs were never coming back. The economy is growing, wages are up, and opportunities abound. It’s great for the Nation. However, relationships are gone and that’s the saddest part. Not being able to share in the growth and prosperity with family and friends.

In Hawai’i News: Protests continue at the Kahuku wind farm. Arrests were made. The Ku Kia’i Mauna Kea protests continue and are continuing to be peaceful. Eventually, the heavy machinery will be brought to the mountain and I fear violence will break out.

Our weather has been hot and sunny. Evening clouds are moving in and we expect rain throughout the weekend. UV index was high, and humidity is 60%.



A horrible story out of Texas of evil child abuse that is getting either little or no coverage by the fake news media. I cannot believe a court is going to allow the mutilation of a child for sexual grooming. This injustice beyond all evil of child abuse.

A Texas jury has ruled against Jeffrey Younger, the father who is trying to protect his seven-year-old son, James, from chemical castration via a gender “transition.” This means James’ mother, Dr. Anne Georgulas, will be able to continue “transitioning” him into “Luna,” and now has full authority to start him on puberty blockers and eventually cross-sex hormones.

This is chemical castration of a prepubescence child that has no idea what horrors of a sex transition will do their their life. The mother is pure evil. I feel for the father because he’s going to lose his son. I blame the courts and the judge for not protecting the child from an abusive parent.



Torch Ginger

A beautiful red torch ginger in the Onomea gardens is just one of many ginger plants that can be found here.

On Maui, a brush fire has closed down Kapalua airport and could threaten’s homes in the area. Although a decision on the G-7 location hasn’t been made yet, Maui has been looked at closely and local politicians are trying to steer that decision. I actually think Waikaloa would make better location.

Today’s weather has been calm, breezy, with high clouds and partially sunny. Tradewinds have brought some occasional showers. Temperatures in the low 70’s with 99% humidity. Evening rain showers are starting to move in to the area. The days are getting shorter. Sunset is 5:52PM and sunrise 6:16AM. UV index is low. should be good sleeping weather.




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