Bill 25 Kills Gas



Our gas company, Hawai’i GAS, wrote a letter to their customers regarding a bill moving through Honolulu City Council. If this bill passes it would effectively eliminate gas hot water heaters and any renovations made to homes would prohibit installing gas water heaters. Bill 25 also has Statewide implications because this also could sweep across the neighbor islands and effect other appliances that use gas.

Almost all the gas used on the islands is propane. It’s still a cheap, clean and reliable fuel that leaves very little emissions. There is a ridiculous initiative in Hawai’i by the environazis to be 100% on renewable energy. The problem is, there is no such thing as renewable energy. By renewable energy they are referring to solar and wind energy which is highly unreliable, toxic, and dangerous to the environment.

There are several reasons why renewable energy, or green technology, is environmentally unsafe: 1) Solar panels are made using rare toxic materials. 2) Windmills use hydraulic oils to operate. 3) Batteries used to store energy use caustic chemicals that harm the environment when disposed. Like Solar and Wind, they use huge amounts of fossil fuels to manufacture and install. Rooftop solar panels cause leaks in the roofs. Windmills and solar farms must clear acres of land. Land that could be used for growing food. This will only make Hawai’i more dependent on getting our food from the mainland which will increase the cost of food. That will cause a disastrous ripple effect across our island economy. Making the cost of living more expensive and hurting the quality of life.

Once they environazis get rid of gas hot water heaters, they will then move on to gas stoves, tankless water heaters, BBQ grills, anything that uses gas will be pushed out and made more expensive. The State will over-regulate the use of gas making it more expensive and less available. The fantasy of 100% renewable energy is an unrealistic goal because as I said before, there is no such thing as renewable energy. There’s no such thing as green energy. This is highly unreliable energy. Fossil fuels are still reliable, clean, and cheap.

I love to cook with gas. I prefer my tank-less water heater. I can taste the difference between gas grilled and electric stove top. However, the environazis won’t stop with just gas, they’ll target charcoal grills. The environazis don’t want you to eat meat because they say it’s bad for the environment. People need to eat meat, they need the vitamin B12 in meats to stay healthy. The last thing we want to do is allow the government control the food pyramid again, and like energy, they were wrong then and wrong now.

Welina mai ʻOkakopa (Greetings October) – A mostly sunny day with evening trade showers.




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