Halloween Masks

I have some mask suggestions for Halloween. I love Halloween because it is fun to dress up in a costume and collect candy. As kids we would wear masks when trick-or-treating in the neighborhood.

This year’s mask theme – Trump Derangement Syndrome

The year of the Bug Eyes. Adam Schiff for boys and Hillary Clinton for girls. Both are scary enough to garner an extra treat. There was a runner up for the girls Halloween mask.

Nancy Pelosi was a tough runner up. With her wild staring eyes, over arching eyebrows are scary enough, but Hillary got the most votes in the end. Some of the deciding criteria was her decision to open an impeachment inquiry, illegally. The legal way would to have a vote to have an inquiry. So now the democrats think they have an open door for impeachment, but they have no crime to impeach.

Since Adam Schiff was caught coaching and writing the whistleblower’s complaint and lying about being involved. This is the same clown that was fishing for nude pictures of President Trump and was scammed by two Ukrainian shock jocks. It looks like Shifty Schiff is going to be censured and possibly lose his position on the House Lack of Intelligence committee. At first when you practice to deceive the American people.

Hillary goes around saying President Trump knows he’s an illegitimate President. After three years this troll has not gotten over losing big time to President Trump. Remember when Hillary and her media minions made a big stink claiming then candidate Trump would not accept the results of the elections? I do, and I remember the arrogance and hypocritical posturing by the media that was actively campaigning for Hillary. Talk about nonobjective free press. They believed they had already won the election and the American people would act like sheep and vote for Hillary because of her gender. Because it was her turn. Because everyone hates Trump. They were so sure of themselves.

It still 30 days till Halloween so there’s plenty of time to get those masks ready for All Hallows’ Eve, also known as All Saints Day. Because I live in a very rural location the chances of receiving trick-or-treaters are slim. That’s okay because we’ll probably watch a spooky movie and have fun dinner. Halloween falls on the Thursday and Aloha Friday follows.

The weather today is mostly showers with some sunshine. Subtle changes in the weather as we approach the winter months. Changes in temperature and rainfall is replacing a hot dry summer.




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