Because We Deem It So

Kū'ē Kumukānāwai

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nazi Piglosi, went to the podium and declared there will be an impeachment inquiry. She claimed that the President violated his oath of office, but she didn’t explain why. Based on hearsay by a Intelligence officer that claimed they heard something, from someone, that told someone, that the President said something inappropriate to the Ukrainian President.

Then President Trump released the transcript of his conservation with the Ukraine and there was no inappropriaty. Now the lack of Intelligence community, along with the corrupt democrat, Adam Schiff, have turned up another whistleblower that claims to have first hand knowledge of a Quid Pro Quo.

This sounds so much like the Kavanaugh nonsense that the corrupt democrat tried to discredit and destroy a good man’s honor. They started with a witness, Christine Blasey Ford, that couldn’t remember what house, what year, what time, and whom else was there, but she’s 100% sure it was Kavanaugh. When her testimony was falling apart, 7 more witnesses suddenly appeared saying the same thing, but couldn’t remember and their witnesses had no recollection either.

Like the deranged leftists that claimed, “We Trust The Victims”, the democrats say, “We Trust The Whistleblowers.” Why? Because We Deem It So! So how can you have an impeachment inquiry? Because We Deem It So! Even if there’s no corroborating evidence? IRRELEVANT! We Deem It So!

I would not be surprised that shifty Schiff finds a whistleblower claiming sexual relations with President Trump, or at least phone sex.

The democrat controlled House has no impeachment inquiry; congressional Democrats have an impeachment political campaign. The Constitution specifically says the House must vote for an inquiry. It is a judicial process, not a political process. There must be a process where evidence is presented and witnesses are cross-examined. The Republicans are shut out the process.

The Trump administration doesn’t have to comply with any demands for documents, subpoenas, and any other demand from the democrats. This unconstitutional lawlessness to remove a duly elected President is just another attempt in a string of false charges the democrats have failed to deliver for their socialist base. This is not going to help the democrats in 2020. Nazi Piglosi desperation to hold onto the House leadership proves she’s scared. Piglosi’s base are rabid socialists that are determined to change the government into an communist oligarchy. The democrats know better than us little people, the bourgeoisie uneducated masses that clings to our guns, God, and country.

I have a theory why the democrats are being such maniacs. It’s because President Trump fights back. I’m also noticing other Republicans are fighting back, especially against the fake news media that tries to defend democrats and spread lies about the President. Their hate seethes. The democrats betrayal is being exposed. Notice every one of the democrat candidates have repetitively called President Trump a racist, antisemitic, women hater, and uses his office to enrich himself.

Facts: Lowest unemployment numbers for all Americans: whites, blacks, Hispanics, and Asians. Trump moved the US embassy to Jerusalem. His daughter, son inlaw, and grandchildren are Jews. Trump has women in government and supports women in business. Trump’s net worth was 4 billion dollars, but has dropped to 3 billion. How is this enriching himself when he’s losing money?

The democrat party’s house is built on lies, a history of violence, government slavery, and deep corruption. They disguise benevolent government has a hands up, when it’s dependency by taxpayer hand outs. Destroying the family by removing fathers from the house and forcing women to marry the government for welfare. It’s called government slavery.




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