Freedom For Sale

Selling your soul for a handful of dollars. That’s what many have done in business and in politics. They’re fish hooked by the lure of money that they’re willing to give up their freedoms and liberties for money. These people are are selling themselves into slavery. Nike the shoe company that sells sneakers for hundreds of dollars while paying the Chinese sweatshop workers pennies is just one example. Apparently, the market in China is more lucrative for a company that sells over-priced and over-valued sneakers.

Houston Rockets’ general manager, Daryl Morey, tweeted “Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong.” and then was forced to apologize after the NBA (Nothing But Asses) got their Nike panties in a bunch. Then useful idiot, James Harden, apologized to China tearfully saying, “We apologize. You know, we love China. We love playing there.”

Xi said, “After you are done licking my shoes, James Harden, you can then kiss my ass.” Apologizing to a fascist Communist government, and these same NBA players put down the United States. We, the United States, are the bad guys in the warped minds of these uneducated ball dribbling hood thugs.

Meanwhile in Philadelphia a fan was ejected from the stadium for wearing a Free Hong Kong t-shirt and shouting “Free Hong Kong.”

The NBA and the left are so sensitive not to offend their Communist masters that Americans are treated as second class citizens. How much does the NBA charge for tickets? Million dollar cry babies that have little education, no common sense and no loyalty to country. They have only one talent, they shoot hoops. NBA commissioner, Adam Slilver, made a veiled threat to the Rockets’ general manager, Daryl Morey, that free speech has consequences. So, I expect Morey’s job will soon end for an innocuous tweet. The intolerant left strikes again.

Meanwhile, in Hong Kong the people are fighting to keep their freedoms from a fascist communist regime. Glory To Hong Kong!!

They fight for their freedoms harder than some American do. Especially the politically correct idiots in the NBA

Did you hear that Crooked Hillary Clinton still believes she won the 2016 election and that she’s the President of the United States?

The Hildabeast believes she can beat President Trump again! Again? DO IT! Unbelievable as it may seem, a Fox News poll says the majority of Americans want President Trump impeached and removed from office. Ever since Rupert Murdoch stepped down as NewsCorp CEO the company has taken a hard left turn to manufacturing fake news. There’s been a purge of Fox News talent by whispering scandals. There’s been a change in the reporting accuracy. The motto of “Fair and Balanced” is now keeping up with the declining ratings of CNN and MSNBC. Report only one sided news, exclude relevant information, water down objectivity and promote opinion.

I do like some of Fox News opinion shows. I used to like their news production because it used to present both sides equally and without bias, but that’s all gone now. Except for some shows on Fox Business where exceptional reporting can be found in a few shows. I recently did a google search for reliable unbiased news programs and the search results came back with all the leftist programs that present fake news. You have to use other search engines to find objective journalism. Bing, DuckDuckGo, for example.

So according to the Fox News Poll, if the majority of Americans want President Trump impeached and removed from office, then why does President Trump’s rally’s continue to pack 50,000+ seat stadiums with an overflow crowd outside in the thousands watching on a Jumbo-tron. If this President is so disliked then why is he gaining so many minority voters? Evangelicals have shown support for this president, both Blacks and Whites. Americans in all walks of life have shown support for the President.

When Trump invites Blacks to the White House these are people of faith, family values, and patriotic beliefs. These meetings were open to the media and the public. When Obama invited Blacks to the White House they were racists like Al Sharpton and other crooks. Whites were excluded and shunned. Under the Obama regime Asians and Hispanics were excluded. The media never reported this. Even today, the media tries to put a racist spin to Trump’s popularity with minorities. If you ever watch the Trump rallies you’ll see a mix of races blending together. You see smiles and happy people. You see enthusiasm. So tell me Fox News, who did you poll to get such results?

If you want to remove President Trump from office, do it the right way, the American way, at the ballot box.

{sigh} Weather: brilliant morning sunshine until late afternoon when the rain and thunder moved in. Had lunch in downtown Hilo with my sweety. They served a great Ono fish plate with a mango-balsamic sauce with rice and a sesame soy salad. Very Yummy! Hawai’i County Civil Defense just put our district under a flash flood warning.




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