Secular Fascism

Let’s start with a look at tonight’s democrat presidential debate stage. What’s missing here? There’s not one American Flag to be seen. I watched a few minutes before I got bored with this clown show. So I’ll wait till the pundits break this down into sound bites.

One common theme from the democrats is how they will weaponize the government to force people to comply to their secular fascism. A question was asked if religious institutions, churches should lose their tax exempt status if they refuse to allow LGBT groups. If you’ll notice, they are referring to Christian churches. Not muslim mosques.

It’s interesting that a Christian Florist, a Baker, and a Inn owner are hauled before a judge and found guilty of discrimination because they did not want to be involved in a activity that violates their religious conscience. They’re targeted solely because they are Christians. The double standard is that the LGBT community fears muslims and they know Christians will not fight back.

It’s easy to violate a Christian’s Constitutional rights. You just get a leftist secular human rights commission to bring a lawsuit before a leftist judge that will gladly strip the rights of the Christian individual. This has happened too often around the country. People’s lives and businesses are destroyed by some vindictive leftist that wants to make an example of innocent people. Luckily, there’s hope.

AG William Barr Speech At Notre Dame Law School Nails The Destruction OF America’s Morality by “Militant Secularism”

The founding of our country was based on the Judaeo-Christian values. Our rights are given to us by our Creator. Our Constitution speaks clearly of what our God given rights are. These are rights that cannot be taken away, and no court in the land has the power to do so. Courts cannot force people to accept behavior that goes against their beliefs.

A trend that is happening in school libraries is transsexuals storytime where a drag queen reads to young children in kindergarten and grade school libraries. What’s unbelievable is the parents that bring their child to these events. Recently, YouTube took down a video of one of these drag queens speaking to a board of education. In the video the drag queen openly admits to coming for the children to adopt them into a pedophile lifestyle. Apparently, some parents don’t find anything wrong with grown men abusing their children. Even encouraging children dressing up in drag and and parading around in gay bar having dollar bills thrown at the child.

If as the gay community claims that they get upset and deny the accusation they’re grooming boys for sex. Then why don’t they speak out more strongly over this? I searched online for the massive gay protest, for the outrage, for the cries of child exploitation. If there are voices of protest, they are few and far between, and they are muted.

What’s even more puzzling is morning shows on ABC and NBC brought on their program a 11 year old boy in drag to an audience of clapping seals which seemingly has no problem with this child exploitation.

Now if you speak out against this, then you are accused of being a homophobic bigot. What grown adults do in their bedroom is none of my business. However, when it comes to exploiting children, then this is wrong. I live in a very gay tolerant and friendly State. We all live together and get along just fine. However, the gay community needs to police themselves. We can’t do it for them.

If they want our continuing support and tolerance, then they need to take a moral high-ground when it comes to child exploitation. I know gay couples that have adopted children and they are being brought up an a loving caring family. We can’t have gays suing businesses and people just because they do not want to be forced to adopt to their lifestyle. This will not garner any sympathy for the gay community, it will only drive people apart. Neither can we have children put in harms way. There’s too much child exploitation in the world today.




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