Bought Off

George Soros is a billionaire Marxist that uses his criminal enterprise to bribe, corrupt, and manipulate democrats. Soros was responsible for currency speculation of the British Stirling causing it to lose value and his manipulation netted him a billion dollars. Soros runs several corrupt organizations most notably the Open Society Foundation. It’s a sham Social Justice organization that is a front for Marxist programs to control democratic government. He does this by endorsing Marxist politicians like Elizabeth Warren.

Many within the democratic party accept campaign money from Soros and Soros organizations. Barry the Bullshitter Obama is a big supporter of Soros as with many others in the democrat party. Soros was also involved in our currency as part of decline in America’s dollar. Many in the democrat party got rich with Soros influence. Senators and Representatives are paid $174K salary, but they walk away millionaires using insider trading and working with Soros organizations. The democrat party is a far left fascist Marxist anti-American cabal.


In Hawai’i News: More crime problems in Hawaiian Paradise Park. Two people were arrested with illegal firearms. There’s been a number of these crimes here.

Happy Aloha Friday! The weather here has been rainy all day. Temperatures in the mid 70’s with 95% humidity. The rain is expected to last all weekend. Which is great because I won’t have to do any yard work.







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