Volcano Lake

An update on the rising water in Halema’uma’u crater. A year ago after the lava lake drained and destroyed several subdivisions in lower Puna. Water have been rising in the crater. It’s now larger than a football field and still rising. Although water has not been seen in the crater for at least two hundred years. In Hawaiian legends there are mentions of water in Halema’uma’u, associated with explosions and Pele and Hi’iaka.

The question remains if lava will return back to the crater. We still get many earthquakes, but they are small and very deep under the island. Scientists believe the water is from the underground water table and will continue to rise till it reaches equilibrium. If lava returns, it will either do two things. Boil off the water in the crater, or cause massive explosions. So far Mauna Loa where Halema’uma’u is located at the Kilauea caldera has been fairly quiet. There doesn’t appear to be any inflation or deformation of the mountain at this time.

Volcanoes National Park has reopened and most of the roads have been repaired. The road that used to circle the crater is gone altogether.

If Pele should return we hope she will spare our homes, but this is her home and when she wants to clean house, she will move unrestricted.

The weather today is mostly cloudy. High clouds from south are moving over the island. Expecting tradewinds to bring in occasional showers. Temperatures are in the mid 70’s with humidity at 78%.


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