Irony Of Truth

Deception is the values of leftists. They disguise themselves as fighters of truth and nobility, but in reality the truth is a veneer over lies. A devil with a halo in appearance. There are several topics I’d like to touch upon to illustrate my point.

The protesters in Hong Kong are struggling for their freedoms from the tyranny of communist China. The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act mandates sanctions on Chinese and Hong Kong officials who carry out human rights abuses and requires an annual review of the favorable trade status that Washington grants Hong Kong.

HongKongers wave American flags and sing our national anthem. The people of Hong Kong love their country. They have a real reason to fear communist China. China has a horrible human rights record. The communist Chinese regime is brutal.

In America, a domestic terror group known as ‘antifa’ is a pro-communist anti-America group that uses mob tactics to beat people up in the streets, terrorize neighborhoods, and destroy businesses.

The irony is in the differences between the good people of Hong Kong and the evil of antifa in America. One knows the value of freedom and how dear it is. The other is hate filled fascist destruction and brutality.

Antifa is associated with the core principals of communism and fascism. It is also loosely coupled with today’s democrat party. Many in the democrat party are openly socialists. Communists by any other name. What the democrats also infamous for is accusing others of the crimes they commit.

In the clip above, Joe Biden brags about getting a Ukrainian prosecutor fired in a quid quo pro deal. Something the democrats are trying to pin on President Trump. Here’s a sitting VP on video bragging about committing a crime and getting away with it. A sitting VP that used his influence to get his dope-snorting son a job on a corrupt Ukrainian board. Then getting a Chinese banking deal. Biden sold his office and has never been charged with corruption. Instead, the democrats are accusing President Trump of corruption.

The fake news media is a complsit partner with the democrats. They are like antifa in enforcing the lies and smears against innocent people. The irony is they all believe the American people believe their lies. The media wonders why we consider them the enemy of the people.

After two years of trying to find a crime, the democrats are now accusing the President of a quid quo pro and bribery. Even though all the so called witnesses, witnessed nothing. It was all hearsay, presumption and outright lies. They had a lying Adam Schiff that falsified President Trump’s conversation with the Ukraine president. Then a transcript of the conversation was produced and still the democrats lied to the American people. That failed miserably.


Now, with true irony, they’re propping up the guy that uses his trousers as a bib, Nadler, to continue with looking for a crime that doesn’t exist. The criminal tactics democrats use: First make sexual accusations. Next make up a false charge and spend millions of taxpayer’s money only to fail. Next make up more false charges and prevent any defense witnesses, use a Star Chamber secret testimony with no cross examination. These are the tactics that communist China uses to silence any opposition.

Note that after ambassador Sundland, the democrats star witness, testified that he presumed there was a quid quo pro, but he had no first hand knowledge. Right after that, a story came out that three women accused Sondland of sexual misconduct. This is right from the democrats playbook. If the democrats don’t get their way, make more false accusations. The democrats tried this with President Trump, with Justice Cavanaugh, and George H.W. Bush. Yet the irony is there are more democrats with a history of sexual misconduct including covering for pedophiles. The democrats get hefty political donations from Hollyweird moguls like Harvey Weinstein and Oprah Winfrey which have a history of sexual misconduct. The democrats always accuse others of the crimes they commit. It’s madness.

Our weather today, Saturday 30, 2019, the last day of November, is mostly cloudy with some scattered showers. Temperatures in the mid 75’s with humidity at 80%. Cool Pacific trade breezes make it feel like 70 degrees. Tickets for Merrie Monarch 2020 will be going on sale soon, and they will be snapped up fast.






Black Friday

It’s Black Friday and the official start of the Christmas season.  As usual here in Hawai’i the stores will be crowded with shoppers. It’s a special time of year, lots of smiles and local entertainment. People dressed up in Santa hats and saying, “Merry Christmas.” Of course, the real celebration is the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. You don’t have to be a Christian to celebrate Christmas. You don’t have to be religious to celebrate Christmas. The most important thing is to enjoy the season with family, friends, and even strangers, through acts of charity and kindness. Of course, the Grinch’s will be out to spoil the season.

The Grinch’s are out preventing people from shopping. Note the poster’s moniker, Extinction Rebellion NYC, these are the climate crisis nutcases that believe the world will end in 10 years. There’s no science to back up their claims, but this is their socialist mantra.

Anti-Consumerism is their message. Remember it was always a protest about being material things. You’re not suppose to enjoy the fruits of labor and success. Life should be minimal, the leftist kooks say. It’s better to sit in a tree and learn to play the flute whilst eating twigs and berries. I suppose we have to put up with this silliness, but I have little patience for people trying to force their warped ideal upon others.

Expect the attacks on Christmas to increase by secular atheists. Luckily, here in Hawai’i there’s not many that many leftists here that want to spoil Christmas. Plus they wouldn’t be welcomed.

Our police are looking out for us. Hawaiʻi Island police advises the public to take precautions against car theft, identity theft and the theft of items from within vehicles. Unfortunately, we do have crime here in Hawai’i. Nether the less, I intend to enjoy this Christmas season.

Our weather started today sunny and warm. Clouds formed in the afternoon with scattered showers. The evening the temperatures dropped to 73 degrees and are expected to drop into the 60’s by late this evening. Humidity is at 86%. A extra blanket on the bed tonight.




Happy Thanksgiving

It’s Turkey Day! I got a 12 lb turkey, brined and stuffed with a vegetable bread gibbet stuffing mix. The house smells great. Sweet potatoes, saute’ vegetables and plenty of gravy. It looks like we’re going to have on and off showers throughout the holiday weekend. Right now, it’s sunny and partially cloudy. Yesterday while shopping, I dropped a few more donations to the food basket and Salvation Army. Ever wonder how Hawaiians celebrate Thanksgiving? Watch this video.

Thanksgiving came early for residents of lava ravaged lower Puna with the reopening of Hwy 132. Big Island Video News was there to capture the Hawaiian blessing at the road opening. A Hawaiian blessing is something to witness. There’s nothing like it elsewhere in the world. People stood in the rain to see the reopening Hwy 132.

What do I have to be thankful for? Too start, I’m thankful to be an American. I was lucky growing up and in my career to have the opportunity to visit and live in different countries. From Europe, to South East Asia, to Central and South America. My career allowed me to visit many of the 50 States in the Union.  I won the American dream to eventually live in Hawai’i. There’s no place like America.

I’m thankful for the opportunities in life and to have mentors that helped guide my path in life. I’m thankful to be a home owner and my investment decisions. There are so many things to be thankful including my health. I’m am thankful for our President.

We pray for the freedom fighters of Hong Kong. Those that wish to have liberty and freedom. Our President supports the Hong Kong protesters. A surprise visit to Afghanistan to visit the troops on Thanksgiving Day. News Weak tweeted asking what the President was doing today, tweeting, golfing, very sarcastic fake news. The White House Press secretary gave News Weak an earful.

Failed Navy Secretary, Richard Spencer, who was fired for insubordination and gross misconduct, is a pencil pushing bureaucrat with no battlefield experience. An arrogant blowhard that ties our military service hands form doing their jobs being soldiers. There’s others in the government that need to be purged. They think they know better than our Commander in Chief on how the run the military. I’m glad our President is standing with the armed service people that protect our nation.

To the families of our troops, I thank you, our nation thanks you, and we share in your sacrifice

Tomorrow is Black Friday and the officially starts the Christmas season. The Economy is strong and the projected year end receipts look promising. Be sure to give to the less fortunate and count your blessings. Be joyful and be kind to others. Happy Thanksgiving.


A New Opening

Highway 132 in lower Puna has been buried for over a year by lava. Road work to reopen the highway has been completed and the official reopening is scheduled for Wednesday, November 27, 2019. The road completion was delayed because parts of the lava rock was too hot for paving. Highway 137 was reopened earlier this year.

Highway 132, a major thoroughfare in the lower Puna district, was inundated with lava during the 2018 eruption. A 1.6 mile stretch of the upper portion of the highway and a 1.5 mile section of the lower portion of the road were covered in lava, leaving a kipuka, an isolated area surrounded by lava, in the mid-section of the highways. A 1,100-foot section of Government Beach Road from Four Corners to the lava inundation was also restored.

Both major highway’s, Rt. 137 and Rt. 132 were cut off by the 2018 lava flow. The upper map shows the roadways and the lower map shows where the lava went over the roads. Between the two roads in the area that was spared is now known as the “Kipuka”.

Where the two highways meet is known as 4 corners. There was a dirt road that led down to Cape Kumukahi lighthouse. It really wasn’t a lighthouse but an automated beacon that warned ships of the coastline. People would visit the area for good fishing.

Restoring the road will provide access for residents with properties in the kipuka to return to their homes and businesses; provide shorter commute to residents and businesses beyond the lava inundation on Old Government Beach Road; and facilitate emergency response in the area.

There are many farms in this area. This is also known as lava zone 1, the most prone to lava damage. Everything from Cape Kumukahi, Kapoho Vacation Lots, to Wai’opae tide pools were all destroyed, along with parts of Leilani Estates. The good news is there’s a gradual  return to normalcy. The bad news is the county will not clear the side roads that were destroyed.



Our weather today was partly cloudy with some scattered showers. Temperatures were 81 degrees with humidity at 68 percent. It felt like 75 degrees. Very comfortable.

The stock market hit another record high, the 100 record high since Trump took office. Remember when all the so called experts claimed that the markets would collapses because of Trump? I do. There was panic by the chattering class of non-experts predicting a depression.

My brine is all prepared for the turkey which I will dunk into the bag for overnight soaking. Then the drying process where I place the turkey back into the refrigerator to evaporate the moisture. Makes a crispier skin. Woo Hoo!


Cult Of Personality

The fake news media was in overdrive over the weekend calling American voters supporting President Trump as cultish. It’s a level of arrogance much like the Hildabeast said about Trump supporters being deplorable’s. Apparently the left never learned the lesson that insulting the American people is not a good idea if you want our support.

I support President Trump because his policies are working. The democrats are out of ideas to support our nation. They only have a lust for power. The democrats don’t care about “We The People”, they only care about control. John Dingle berry, now deceased, said it loud and clear what the democrats plan for America is all about.

In a moment of clarity, a corrupt democrat tells the truth. Talk about extinction revolution, it screams of being so out of touch with the public and who is the public servant. The democrats act like they are the ruling class and they get to dictate what rules will be followed. Laws are for the bourgeoisie little people and not for us the elitist elected.

The fake news media repeated the claim that Trump supporters are a cultish group that doesn’t care about policy, but only the personality. So the media is doubling down on insulting the American people. The media keeps making claims that our President isn’t above the law. They say laws were broken. Yet, they cannot specifically say what law was broken. It’s astonishing.

To think that the media has some Svengali effect over the news and people will blindly believe what they are told. Granted that the left is easily swayed by any repetitive narrative they’re fed by the corrupt media. I see that everyday on unsocial media, besides the news. It’s a bubble these leftist in the media live in. They’re too interested in their own cult of celebrity and the camera’s that follow them around.

There’s no doubt the fake news media is the political arm of the democrat party. Their contempt for the American people is particularly disgusting. Obama said of flyover America as bitter clingers that stick to their religion, guns and have a distrust of people that don’t look like them. Basically calling the majority of Americans racists. Which is why today you see many of the democrats candidates saying Americans have to come to terms with their whiteness. What the hell does that even mean? Liberals has long expressed a self loathing guilt complex.

You want to see real a cult. Watch this.

Such long faces. Screaming in the streets. Beating up people wearing MAGA hats and going to Trump rallies. Doxxing people’s addresses and family members. Encouraging mobs of leftist terrorists to threaten people at their homes. Causing property damage. Setting businesses on fire. I don’t remember any conservatives doing this when Barry the Bullshitter Obama was elected, twice. The cult of leftist media conveniently ignores coverage of the leftist violence as a nonevent. Never happened. Not important. Not newsworthy.

I remember when Trump was sworn into office and a reporter asked if he would go after the Clinton’s. He said he didn’t want to hurt them, this wasn’t about revenge. Ever since then, the Hildabeast and her flying media monkeys have been trying to hurt President Trump, his family, and anyone that was involved in Trump’s election. I don’t see how the American people can’t see this corruption and criminality by the media and the democrats. Trust me when I say this, the democrats, Clinton’s, Obama, are plotting to steal the 2020 election. They are determined to change this nation into a socialist state. God help us if that should happen. Be aware.



Our weather has been a mix of clouds and sun. The occasional rain showers are tapering off. Temperatures in the low 80’s and dipping into the 60’s at night. Humidity at 90% but it feels like it’s in the low 70 degrees. Winter is coming.



Enemy Of The People

Rendered Image

The fake news media is trying to defend itself by claiming they are not the enemy of the people. Yet, here they are pushing false stories, lying narratives, and outright hoaxes. The most prolific of the lying media is CNN and MSNBC. Of course there’s the big three alphabet network channels which I have stopped watching for the same reason. All leftist propaganda.

Even Fox News which hasn’t been left leaning is now following in the same pattern of CNN. It’s gotten to the point where I tune out the mainstream Fox News shows in favor of the opinion shows. That’s because the opinion shows actually do report news, accurately. Not just what I want to hear, but the unbiased truth. The other news shows conveniently leave out pertinent facts. So you don’t get the whole story to judge for yourself. It is very frustrating until you move to another news channel, like One America First (OAN) and get the full story uncensored.

It seems there’s a new brand of younger news journalists that are dedicated to in-depth reporting without the spin of filtering selective parts of the stories. These are unbiased individuals that are nonpartisan in their craft. That’s what we’re looking for in the news.

Fro example: When President Trump went to get a physical checkup at Walter Reed Hospital, the leftist fake news media went on a frenzy of wild speculations: They said, “The President has a mystery illness. He had a heart attack. The President is deteriorating.” All wrong.

Meanwhile, Ruth Bader Ginsburg get hospitalized or the 97th time this year and the fake news media says, “She’s healthy enough to be serving on the Supreme Court, leave her alone.” This is ridiculous reporting. The leftist media protects the hard left and hides the truth.

Even Matt Drudge of the famous Drudge Report has gone far left. Once relying on the journalist stories of Andrew Breitbart which brought Matt Drudge’s website to fame has now changed into pushing far left narratives. The site is almost unrecognizable with tabloid stories. It seems the art of journalism has become lazy, unresponsive, incurious, and lacking in relative content.

The hope is in the new generation of journalists: Project Veritas, Epoch Times, Judicial Watch, Prager University, Andy Ngo, Michelle Malkin, our Conservative Talk Radio shows, Fox Business, and a whole lot more that I have no room to mention. Suffice it to say, traditional journalist channels are dead and buried. Make way for real news while the television news rots and dies.

Then there’s our newest batch of warriors that make up of satirical cartoons, political commentary: Our Meme Masters: Carpe Donktum, William of Ockham, Mad Liberals, and my personal favorite Solmemes. At least several Meme Master’s were invited to the White House at the invitation of President Trump. As you may well know,Trump uses Twitter to get his message out because the fake news media will not do their job. Our Meme Masters are very pro Trump and made many videos featuring the President.

If you’re not familiar with the Meme Masters, there’s quite a few of them out there on the unsocial media platforms. I see them on Twitter and on YouTube. Their satirical videos are hilarious and very politically orientated. One thing we have learned is that the left can’t meme. They try too, but fall flat to the talent of the Meme Masters.

The traditional fake news media is dying. The airports that featured CNN on terminal screens are ignored in the USA. In Europe they have CNN International and the BBC. Both extremely biased. The governments controls the media and content, so it’s not free to evolve and grow. Our Constitutional allows for a free press, but it doesn’t require us to listen to the worse of the media. Instead the free markets decide by open competition. That’s the hope I was looking for. It’s up to us the listening public to spread the names of these heroes of the new media and forever banish the fake news media to ratings hell.


It’s officially Thanksgiving week in Hawai’i. I have everything I need for the turkey feast. I don’t know why I don’t have turkey more often during the year. It’s always a bargain and there’s so many ways you can prepare a turkey. Why just on Thanksgiving? Tomorrow starts with making the brine for the turkey. I make a concentrated mix and chill it before submerging the turkey.

In Hong Kong, the pro-democracy movement won a landslide victory with record voter turnout. Remarkable turnout of over 71% and at least 2.94 million people voted. Who knows what China will do now. I’m glad the US passed a resolution supporting Hong Kong democracy movement.

Our weather today is partly sunny with scattered showers. The showers tend to increase in the afternoon. Temperatures are 73 degrees with humidity at 81%. Winds are light. I can see the rain in the distance on the ocean heading towards me. Sometimes it’s like a wall of water and other times a drizzle. I can always tell when the rain is going to arrive soon when the wind chimes start to pick up. We have a high surf warning for all islands going into the new week.



Rendered Image

Strengthen Me, Then I Am Saved

I am constantly on the lookout for musicians that play to a special message. You’ll be surprised where they may be found in the most unlikely places. I wrote about Alice Cooper. An unlikely musician with a message in his music with a hard rock heavy metal edge. Even Black Sabbath produced an album dedicated to God, Master of Reality. I had always thought the crosses they wore were just a fashion statement.

There has been other musicians/bands with messages about God. Some are outwardly displayed, and others subtly mentioned. There was a whole rock opera based on the Biblical life of Jesus Christ that eventually became a movie, Jesus Christ Superstar. Megadeth’s song, “Peace Sells”, opening lyrics mentions God. “What do you mean, ‘I don’t believe in God?’ I talk to him everyday.” This is just Heavy Metal music and there’s lots of other God references in other musical genres. I use the Heavy Metal references because it’s what I grew up listening to. However, I do listen to other musical genres like country, gospel, ethnic and so on.

These musicians carry a huge public following. Almost like a religious following. When John Lennon of the Beatles made an off hand comment that they were as popular as Jesus Christ, it set of anger by Christians in America. I thought that was over the top outrage. Soon after the rage meltdown has ended the Beatles regained their popularity.

I’ve been following this artist for years and I am very impressed by her talent. I hope to see more of her work. I had no idea that Lindsey Stirling was a religious person, but her music did reflect that in my earlier impressions of her. Then I came across this video and I was moved to write about this extremely talented artist — Lindsey Stirling

Last year I watched her Christmas videos and I was impressed then. I should have written about her sooner, but I didn’t pay enough attention. That’s an error on my part. Animated and energetic, this artist takes her craft to send a message of God’s blessings. Ka Lēhowa ʻOe E Hoʻomaikaʻi Mai, Ā E Mālama Mai — The Lord bless you and keep you.

Hawai’i weather is rainy and winter is officially here. Even though the temperatures are in the mid 80’s, it feels like the low 70’s. That’s chilly to us. Especially when you walk into air conditioned stores. The handy umbrella is close by to fend off the rain. It’s Turkey Week!


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