The Best Of 2019

The Great Awakening

 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things. — Isaiah 45:7

Happy New Years Eve everyone. As much as I report the bad news, I occasionally do report some good news. If I had to weigh the two, there’s much more good news than bad news. However, being aware of the bad news can direct the way to solutions. I believe there is something wonderful happening that I had not realized before.

When darkness seems to be be the only inevitability, a light appears and washes the fear away in bathing sunlight that surrounds the body like a ribbon. Bringing warmth to the soul and heart to chart the future into the next decade. The Great Awakening.

I believe there is another Great Awakening happening in our lifetime. There have been four Great Awakenings in the past. Although, some might believe we are still in the fourth Awakening. I really don’t know. The fourth Awakening is described as the following:

1960-?: Return to sensuous religion and reassertion of experiential content of the Bible; rapid growth of the enthusiastic religions (including fundamentalist, Pentacostal, and Protestant charismatic denominations, “born-again” Catholics, Mormons); reassertion of concept of personal sin; stress on an ethic of individual responsibility, hard work, a simple life, and dedication to family.

1990-?: Attack on materialist corruption; rise of pro-life, pro-family, and media reform movements; campaign for more value-oriented school curriculum; expansion of tax revolt; attack on entitlements; return to a belief in equality of opportunity

Given that each Awakening lasts for about 100 years, or a generation in several phases. It seemed in my lifetime the last decade there was a decline in pro-life and traditional religion. Indeed, I have gradually seen this phenomenon since I became aware in the 1960’s. The rise of socialist secularism had managed to infiltrate into colleges and K-12 public schools. It seemed the 2016 election was supposed to be sealing the path of the nation from a Constitutional Republic into a socialist secular oligarchy. I really believed that. Then a miracle happened. Trump got elected and everything changed.

A president that is a Nationalist. A President that put the Nation First, the American People had priority, brought traditional religion back to the White House, and began to reverse the socialist trend that has so embedded itself into the public life. So at the start of the new decade, will we see a return back to the traditional American values? I very much hope so. Remember, that once socialism takes hold, it is damned hard to remove it..

First is to reverse the socialist trend in the schools, especially the K-12 years. This next generation is critical to restoring these traditional American values. The First Lady Of The United States has started the initiative.

First Lady Melania Trump’s “Be Best” program has been a success in 2019 and will continue into the new year. Be Best is a public awareness campaign promoted by United States First Lady Melania Trump, focusing on well-being for youth, and advocating against cyberbullying and drug (particularly opioid) use. Encouraging children to be free thinkers. Socialists abhor freedom of thought.


The Stock Markets closed on a banner year. All indices closed in record territories. A market analysis said this market is recession proof. Over 7 million jobs created. Salary incomes up over 3%. Unemployment remains low and the job market is expanding. All good news.

Despite the predictions of economic depression by the experts, Trump’s economic policies have worked, extraordinarily so. Economists are now saying this is a recession proof economy. It tells you that the so called experts are not experts at all, but snake oil salesmen.

Work is there, if you want it. Opportunities are abound with hope for a prosperous future, now and for generations to come. It comes down to basic economic fundamentals that are driven by careful steady planning and not emotional jerkiness.

Unfortunately, there are people that live in a gloom and doom bubble. They will never give President Trump any credit for his accomplishments. Instead, they look at Trump and his supporters with contempt. They call these people bigots and racists. They don’t think Trump supporters are wrong, they think they’re evil. I call it social conditioning. This follow the pack mentality where this hive mentality forbids any free thought. Leftism stands for two reasons: Chaos and Irrational Emotions.

It’s sad but this is how the left thinks of people on the right. They don’t know us, they don’t want to know us, and they hate us. It’s important to continue being who we are and not giving into the hate. If they don’t want to be friends with us, then there’s little we can do the change their minds. The best we can do is to work with those that are sitting on the fence. Those in the center that drift either way based on a fraternal desire to belong to somewhere. We offer so much more. The left, well, they have no sense of humor. For example, most people can distinguish between an action movie and reality, but not the left.

Remember that meme where President Trump was placing a medal around the hero dog? The fake news media went nonlinear fact checking the meme. It left most of us scratching our heads wondering what the left was thinking? Couldn’t they get the joke?

Lets examine the fake outrage. Clip setup: The movie the Kingsmen is a action spy thriller with typical scenes of violence and comedic relief. In this clip, the Meme Master, The Geekz Team, took this scene and superimposed the fake news logos on the criminals and President Trump on the hero. After the meme circulated and broke the internet several times, the fake news media was totally indignant. Did anyone else notice the double standard here?

Be sure to watch the entire clip to note the double standard the left uses to shame others, while they get away with doing the same thing. I had to laugh at the snobbish indifference the CNN bubble head anchor, Allisyn Camerota’s, fake outrage over a meme. Why? Perhaps it showed her lord and master Barry the Bullshitter Obama and that offended her. Big Deal. What these phony’s say about us is worse and they get away with their hate speech.

Just for everyone’s edification, here’s the entire meme. Enjoy, but remember, this is a YouTube video. A video that YouTube would claim as violent and restricted, but it’s not. If it were a PragerU video about the 10 Commandments, then it would be restricted. Again, the leftist double standard.

I’m easily entertained by these movies. It’s all fun and games until the left gets offended. The left cannot meme and that gets under their scales. It’s too bad, but the left gets offended at the drop of a hat. That’s their failings and their cross to bear. I find it amusing they only get serious when someone pokes fun at them, but they have carde blanc to insult and belittle conservatives. Ho Hum!

Over all it was a very good year. Next year arrives in just a few hours, and 2020 looks promising also. If the course continues on the same path, then it will be a great start into the next decade. My hope for the new year is a happy, healthy, and prosperous year for everyone, even the left. Unlike the left which thinks we’re evil, we know they are just wrong. So we wish them a happy new year anyway.


I never strive for success, but ideals. Success is a moving goal post. Ideals are fixed. If success is your only goal, then what do you do when you retire?

Today’s weather has been a mix of tradewind showers. Mostly cloudy and cool. Temperatures are in the mid 70’s with humidity of 64%. We’re still under a high surf warning for the entire islands. Should be a good evening for fireworks.

Aloha Hau’oli Makahiki Hou


The Eve Of The Eve

Want to trigger the left? Write this on your $20 dollar bills and see what happens. Incivility will be lost in the new year as the left plans more attacks on Americans. You can see it in the democrat debates by the candidates responses and proposals. For example, Joe Biden wants to imprison oil executives because he says they caused man made global warming and they knew it.

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders say the people that voted for Trump are racists. In effect calling 63 million Americans racists. Hillary called Trump supporters deplorable’s: homophobic, islamophobic, racists, bigots, you name it. Didn’t work out so well for Hillary, did it? Celebrities are getting into the act of calling White Americans racists. Notice the celebrities are also white.

If they really think Americans are just going to roll over and take this abuse, they have another thing coming. Especially at the ballot box. These elitist leftists snobs that are on TV, from Joyless Blowhard on the View calling the attacks on the Jewish Synagogue in New York was by White Supremacists and encouraged by President Trump.

Then the fake news media jumps the shark and immediately assumes the attack was by white supremacists. Michael Moore, aka Pizza the Hut, repetitively slanders white people as being bad and you should be very afraid when you see them walking in the streets. The left is a hateful scourge that infests everything they touch. It does get irritating when you’re being accused of doing what the left does with impunity.

On this eve of the eve of the New Year, and into the new year, I will be watching the left and holding them accountable to smear attacks against good people. We’re through being cool about this harassment. It’s time to call out the left, and those that think counter measures are unproductive and beneath our dignity. Rubbish. We have Republican members of Congress that are fighting for the President and for the American people. It’s about time!


In Hawai’i News: The fireworks are becoming for frequent in the evening. That means the light show is going to be excellent.

Our weather today was a mix of tradewind showers and sun. Temperatures at 78 degrees with humidity at 62%. Trades make it feel much cooler. It’s expected to be like this throughout the week, but that could change very quickly. Mauna Loa campsites are closed due to high winds and severe weather at the summit.

“If you plan for a year, plant kalo. If you plan for ten years, plant koa. If you plan for one-hundred years, teach the children.” -Hawaiian Proverb





How many times have you seen the cover of the Time Magazine with the Person of the Year plastered on the cover and thought to yourself, how did this person make the cover? Honestly, the only time I have seen a Time magazine is in the doctor’s office, maybe at the dentist. It’s something to flip through the pages, look at the pictures, and skim through the articles. It’s a mindless activity to suppress boredom while waiting to see the doctor.

Although, these days people have their smart (dumb) devices to mitigate the boredom rather than engage in ancient paper technology. I know many people my age that grew up reading magazines like Time, Life, and other pop-news publications. With pages of pharmaceutical  adverts stuck in between the articles enticing you try a new drug with potential side effects that are worse than the ailments they’re trying to prevent.

Being someone who is technology challenged, I am constantly annoyed by the constant popup commercials on my smart (dumb) device that painfully forces me to watch the advert till the very end. At least with the magazine I could just flip past the pages and continue onto the pictures. The articles are usually boring anyway, tedious, and incoherent. Articles that are written like that of a sophomoric high school student failing English 101 for the second time, but can recite all the Heinz 57 genders in Fascistbook.

Who do I believe should get the Time Person of the Year? Certainly not Greta Thunberg. Neither Alexandra Occasionally-Coherent. Or any of the covers of the last 25 years. You can now see why Time magazine ends up in doctors offices. It provides a numbing effect to prevent white coat syndrome before seeing the doctor. Time is a way to relieve the tension before seeing the doctor. An anesthesia of sorts that provides a stupefaction calming effect on the patient.

Quite frankly, I never quite understood the significance of a person of the year and how it plays into the cultural psyche. Maybe it’s just my indifference to the selection of just one person as a greater influence to a moment in time. When there are so many others equally worthy of such accolades. Here today, gone tomorrow, the fame, like time, is fleeting as with age. The memory fades. Names are forgotten, as with accomplishments, and a year later another is chosen to be fronted on the cover of Time. As with other magazines that have their person of the year. It reminds me of the lyrics to a song about being on the cover of the Rolling Stones Magazine: “Is the thrill that’ll gitcha when you get your picture, on the cover of the Rollin’ Stone”

I look for the timeless. The illustration of endless accomplishments that span generations and the centuries of time. The elucidation of timeless reliance that cannot be dismissed. Something that isn’t a blip in the confines of a calendar event within the year. I can think of several people that would make that list, starting with President Trump, the Hong Kong Protesters, the Hero dog, all would be more significant covers on Time. However, there is only one person that makes the list of timeless covers.

It is with a strong sense of irony that the democrats are now proselytizing they have a belief in a faith, when they have previously kicked God out of their platform. Indeed, we had Barry the Bullshitter Obama quoting from the Koran and telling us how islam will dominate the United States. It was this that sparked a wave of antisemitism and Christian persecution. As America returns to it’s Christian foundation and a sense of unity the attacks on Synagogues and Churches has increased. The left has been conditioned to hate and attack the values of America. They believe America is evil, wrong and should be destroyed. This is the byproduct of 8 years of a socialist regime.


In Hawai’i News: It is the last Sunday of the year 2019. New Years is on Wednesday. Most people on the island that can have extended their their weekend into the first half of the week. This means the traffic on the roads will be light during rush hours, but the last minute shoppers will be out all the way to closing time on New Years Eve.

I’m really anticipating our neighborhood fireworks display. We sit out on the Lanai and watch the show. At our vantage point, we can see fireworks several blocks away. In previous years some folks had floating lanterns filling the skies. The weather should be good. Even though there’s a chance of rain. The heavy rain that soaked us for weeks has moved off shore and we’re back to our normal tradewind weather. Which means possible scattered showers. At least the forests are wet on the windward side and not dry like West Hawai’i where brush fires are possible. Every evening there’s someone setting off fireworks. The weekend parties

Our weather today is cloudy with some sun. Temperatures are in the upper 70’s with humidity at 65%. Winds are calm.





Last Aloha Friday

I missed posting this on Friday, and now I’m combining this post with my Saturday edition. This is the last Friday, and Saturday, of 2019. The last Aloha Friday, and the last Saturday, of the year. There are so many things to reflect upon. In just a few more days we head into the new year. The end of a decade to be put into the woods forever. It wasn’t all that bad of a year.

It’s that time of the year where people, places, and things are idolized for their contributions, or lack thereof. The revelations about the impeachment is becoming clear why the democrats and some republicans want this to speed up as quickly as possible. The root of the corruption is deeper than anyone thought.

Romney, Kerry, Biden, McCain, Pelosi, Schiff, Mueller, Soros, Brennan, McMaster, Obama and Clinton are all tied to sketchy Ukraine deals. No wonder they want to impeach President Trump! They all have dirty hands. Why else are these criminals so desperate to impeach President Trump. The media will not report this, instead they are saying there’s no evidence to support this claim. Think about this, there’s no evidence Trump did anything wrong dealing with the Ukraine’s, yet the dims and repubs want this impeachment trial to be choreographed to ensure Trump is removed from office. It’s the only reason why these crooks get rich in office. They are conducting crooked deals which nets them and their family millions in laundered money. This has been going on for decades at the taxpayers expense.

It’s not just limited to the corrupt politicians, we’re learning the top military brass was lying for decades to keep us in endless wars. As long as the Pentagon was get billions of taxpayer dollars and changing the Rules of Engagement, then the lives of soldiers were expendable. Thousands of American soldiers died unnecessarily so the military machine could continue to wage endless wars that served no national security interests. The military leaders would retire, become lobbyists for the war machine, get very rich, while American soldiers died in vain. And there were the politicians making sure no one found out about this scheme. General Flynn was about to expose this and he was framed with lying to the FBI. Still today, the FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA, have not been held accountable for this travesty of justice. So much for a government for and by the people.


In Hawai’i News: A helicopter crashed killing 7 in Kaua’i’s Na Pili mountain range. On the Big Island a missing 6 year old boy with autism and is non-verbal has been missing for days. I fear the worst.

The fireworks are selling out all over the islands. This year is no different than past years. It’s a tradition in Hawai’i and it part of the culture.

Unfortunately, the mainlander’s that moved here don’t like the noise. They say it hurts their dogs and cats ears. They don’t take care of their animals and they get lose and run away. Every year this happens. People from the liberal west coast come to live in Hawai’i and they bring their mainland baggage with them. They want to change the traditions, the culture and impose needless regulations on us.

I’m looking forward to the show.






Thoughtful Thursday

Aloha mai kakou! I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Now the march to 2020 begins and into the Presidential election year. The political divide is even more pronounced than I’ve ever seen it in my lifetime. Perhaps with the exception of the 1972 election between Richard Nixon and George McGovern. However, it was a very different America back then, but with many similarities.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a deeper problem than I had ever thought. We learned that John McCain was also behind the fake Trump dossier and he passed false information to James Comey at the FBI. The IG report discloses that McCain gave five new Steele reports to Comey that the FBI did not previously possess, showing that McCain served as a conduit for Steele’s information to reach the FBI even after the British ex-spy was formally cut off as an FBI source. I knew that McCain was a vindictive pompous ass, but here he was falsifying evidence  against the President. I hope he burns in hell. How many other republicans are involved in this scheme to frame the President?

New York’s Maggot Dim Governor, Crazy Eyes Cuomo, cited Donald Trump in announcing his veto last week of a bill that would have allowed more federal judges to officiate weddings in the state because some were nominated by the President. Could you get anymore petty than this Cuomo clown? This idiot is the governor of New York state. I hope the people of New York are paying attention to this childish behavior.

Then there’s Alaska’s Senator, List Murkowski, RINO Alaska,  says she was “disturbed” to hear Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell say there would be “total coordination” between the White House and the Senate over the upcoming presidential impeachment trial. I don’t know what she’s disturbed about, except her hatred of the President and his followers that see a sham impeachment that’s destroying the Constitution. Sarah Palin would have made a better Senator than this wicked witch of the frozen tundra.

Kalifornia Governor Dim Gavin Newsom says that Kalifornia’s failure to curb rising homelessness in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco is the fault of President Donald Trump and the Trump Administration, not a stalemate in the California legislature or failed progressive efforts to curb the rise of tent cities and transient populations. But while Newsom is quick to place the blame, he isn’t quick to give details on precisely why Trump is to blame for the Kalifornia homelessness crisis — and that’s probably by design. Newsom is the governor, not Trump, and Newsom should have never been elected governor. This is what you get in a single party state of Kalifornia. Failed socialist policies and a two class system of the extremely rich and the very poor. The middle class in Kalifornia has either been effectively been decimated, or has moved from the State elsewhere. Where democrats run cities and states, outbreaks of Dark Age diseases have appeared: Bubonic plague, Typhoid Fever, Typhus and Tuberculosis are medieval diseases that were thought to be gone. Name on city or State run by Republicans that has these problems.

The fake news media hasn’t reported on this because they are the propaganda arm of the socialist democrat party. Basically, what Nazi Piglosi and many other democrats have said is that they don’t want the voting American citizens to have a say in the elections. Who runs this country, Nazi Piglosi or the People? The elitists elected in government forget this is a Republic By the People For The People. Can you imagine this, the democrats are saying they don’t trust the American voters to vote they way they want, so Nazi Piglosi, et al, wants to remove your rights to vote, to choose, to select, your President. This is Stalinist Marxism creeping into our republic. The goal is to rule by an socialist oligarchy and that is dangerous.

Meanwhile, the stock markets have reached another record heights. Global stock markets have been on a torrid run in 2019, adding more than $17 trillion in total value, according to Deutsche Bank calculations. The value of global equities began the year just under $70 trillion but has now surpassed $85 trillion, and is predicted to grow past $90 trillion. This means a lot of people are making money and that wealth is found across all classes.

The middle class is directly benefiting from this booming markets. If you have a 401K, an investment program, an employer profit sharing program, bank CD’s, all these sectors are growing with no end in sight. This also translates into more jobs, increased salaries, more opportunities.

The 2019 holiday shopping season retail sales was a banner year and rose 3.4% over the past year. The labor market is strong and the economy is still growing. Meaning corporations are generating revenues and we are confident in a 5-10 year forecast. Trump’s tariff strategy has worked to get China to level their trading markets. The USMCA deal was finally passed by the house after Nazi Piglosi had sat on it for a year. This means the China deal and USMCA will finally benefit the farmers and other industries as fair trade is enforced. Trump accomplished this in the first three years of his Presidency. It’s clear that Trump’s economy is boosting the global economies. Even though the European central banks are in negative interest rates. The fears of a recession must have been a real disappointment for the economy experts that predicted a severe market crash. Despite the foundation of the Trump Economy is on a solid economic rock.

What have the dims done during those three years of the Trump Presidency? Scheming to impeach President Trump with false charges, false witnesses, and fake treasonous charges. The only crimes committed were by the democrats, and some republican never Trumper’s that thought they could pull off a coup d’etat. It nearly worked and that should alarm all Americans. If those in the government could do this to Trump, they could do this to all of us. Our government is not working for us and Trump is exposing the Deep State.

The Blue Collar President


In Hawai’i news: The county is raising the General Excise Tax (GET) from 0.25% to 0.50%. Businesses may pass the tax and country surcharge on to customers at a rate of 4.712%. The neighboring islands rates will not be rising.

Mauna Kea access road is closed to clear out the TMT protesters. The leaders of the Ku Kia’i (The Protectors) have agreed to move the tent structure off the road. Mayor Harry Kim has made assurances that no heavy equipment will be moved to the summit until a decision is made in February, 2020.

The stormy weather has finally moved out and we’re back to our normal tradewind weather. Temperatures at 80 degrees with humidity at 93%. It is muggy and warm.




Mele Kalikimaka





Christmas Eve Hawai’i

Mauna Kea’s Heart

On the side of Mauna Kea is a heart. A anomaly of lava flow that formed a natural shape of a heart. You can see this from Saddle road. This road traverses between Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. Originally built during WWII as an escape route in case of an Japanese invasion.

It’s no wonder why the native Hawaiians consider Mauna Kea a sacred place. Puʻuwai, or heart, is found throughout Hawaiian folklore. In most Hawaiian folklore stories there is the presence of a ʻaumākua, a family or personal gods, deified ancestors who might assume the shape of various animals and things: sharks, turtles, owls, geckos, insects, dogs, clouds, rocks, octopuses, and many others. They are considered guardians. 

Today, we are tracking Santa Claus via NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command). The North American Air Defense Command, is a combined organization of the United States and Canada that provides aerospace warning, air sovereignty, and protection for Northern America. We wish a Merry Christmas to our Military and their families.

As we wish a Merry Christ to everyone around the world, we want to pay special attention to the free people of Hong Kong. The communist Chinese will suppress any religious activities including Christmas. We pray for the Hongkongers that they will be granted their God given rights to liberty and freedom. I am humbled by their love for America.

I want to wish all my reader of my blog a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah. Even if you don’t have a religion, I still wish you good health and long life.

Merry Christmas Eve



Merry Monday

The week of Christmas has begun, and my post on Christmas music that I like. My week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. Even though my calendar displays Sunday through Saturday, my official start of the week is Monday. Pō’akahi Le’ale’a means Merry Monday. So it’s a time of great joy and happiness for me.

The Waitresses produced this now Christmas classic, “Christmas Wrapping”. Unfortunately the band was short lived, but this song is timeless and has become a Christmas standard for years to come.

A popular trend a few years ago were the flash mobs where musicians would infiltrate locations and sing Christmas songs. Flash mobs were trending around the world. In a shopping mall somewhere, unsuspecting shoppers got a big surprise while enjoying their lunch. Over 100 participants in this awesome Christmas Flash Mob.

Then there are the Christmas cartoon specials that would come on television during the Christmas season. One of my all time favorites was the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. A very profound clip in the show was when Linus is explaining the true meaning of Christmas. This scene received high praise by Christians and criticism by atheists. There was an effort to remove the scene from the program, but it failed. It’s be best moment in the cartoon special.

In Hawai’i we have Christmas in the native Hawaiian language, with English lyrics. This mele (song) is called Kana Kaloka (Here Comes Santa Claus) by Na Leo Pilimehana which in Hawaiian means the voices blending together in warmth, is the most popular, most award-winning and biggest selling female Hawaiian group in the World. Na Leo consists of three childhood friends, Nalani Choy, Lehua Kalima Heine and Angela Morales.

Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas) is a Hawaiian traditional song made famous by crooner’s like Bing Crosby. Leʻaleʻa, wela ka hao (make merry) is a year round lifestyle in Hawai’i, and especially at all holiday’s. Give us any excuse to have a celebration.

The weather here today is a repeat of the last few days. Rainy, chilly, and cloudy. Of course in other parts of the island’s the sun is out and bright. The temperatures this morning were in 60’s and how now warmed upped to the mid 70’s. Humidity is 95% and that’s because of all the rain. The winds are calm and still. This won’t dampen our Christmas.

We are under a high surf warning for the whole eastern side of the Big Island, from Hawi, Kohala, Hāmākua, Hilo, and Cape Kumukahi in Puna to Ka Lae South Point in Ka’u. That’s called Surfs Up here.

We are blessed with a strong economy. The markets closed today at another record high. The 5-10 year economic forecast looks very promising, as long as the business incentives are not undercut, unemployment will remain low.



Offending The Fake News

The distortion of the fake news media is painfully obvious. The search for truth is nowhere to be found in the traditional news outlets that I grew up with. The Big Three news networks, ABC, NBC, and CBS, were free over the airwaves networks that ruled what information they deems was news fit for us to know. At times, they were objective and in-depth, but that time has long gone.

Then there was the cable news networks. You have to purchase a subscription to a cable provider to access these channels. The big three channels are CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News. To various degrees the accuracy and objectivity of these channels are no better than the over the air channels. CNN being the worse, MSNBC are close runner up, and Fox News which was once a reliable “Fair and Balanced” network, but not any more. But I digress…

This post is about the Meme Masters. Who are the Meme Masters? They are a group of conservative artists that spoof politics through movie clips, music videos, and cartoons. They’re very clever, creative, snarky, and extremely hilarious. The theme of doing parodies on politics, the fake news, is current and refreshing in content. Here’s an example that features President Trump and CNN. Let me set this up.

Don Lehmon (Lemon) at CNN is one of their resident racists anchors. A black anchor that makes racial swipes at white people, but he dates a white man. Lehmon’s program doesn’t miss a chance to call President Trump a racist and a Russian operative. He a fixture in the fake news world and he has a pertinacity to get offended over memes. He just doesn’t get it. Lehmon opens with this remark: “You know what? Play this stupid, juvenile meme game. History won’t record this, meme, stupid crap”.

Then there’s Lehmon’s partner in fake news, Chris “Fredo” Cuomo. More on him in later posts.

The Trump Meme Museum Some Where In the Future

Lehmon was whining about a meme that portrayed President Trump as the Thanos character on the move The Avengers. It’s a cartoon character from a fictional story and Lehmon and the left had a snowflake meltdown. Apparently, the fake news media cannot tell the difference between a cartoon character and real life. This is news to them.

The Meme Masters caught the attention of President Trump who quickly discovered these memes get under the socialist democrats and the fake new media’s skin. Also, it was discovered that the left cannot meme. They have no sense of ironic snarky humor.

What pleases me to know end it how quickly the memes offend the fake news media. For years the fake news media mocked conservatives, Christians, and religiosity. Secular intolerance often is used to celebrate season holidays.

With that theme lets celebrate with a happy Christmas meme featuring President Trump. It’s from 2016 when the President was elected.

In Hawai’i News: Our weather to today is mostly rain and overcast clouds. The forecast is calling for the same all week long into the next weekend. It’s a lazy Sunday and a great soup day. I’m making potato-leek soup to help warm up against the chill of the Pacific tradewinds.














I was born way too early. I had always dreamt of this day that the United States would go beyond what NASA’s original mission and into a planetary defense system. NASA has made some amazing leaps into science and exploration. I still believe that role should still continue and expand to planetary exploration. Space Force is a necessary step to protect the United States defense. NASA is necessary for the science of exploration. Although they are two different agencies with different missions, they both work in the same environment.

We’re at a point in history where tourist commercialization of space is becoming a reality. We need to establish a permanent orbiting space station and a permanent moon base. Allowing regular visits of both science and tourism. They are married as an industry. Where ground to space station shuttles are as regular scheduled flights, just as airplane flights are regular daily events. Can you imagine a Hotel in a space station or on the moon? I can!

The protection of American satellites, both commercial and military, is within the national security priorities. As China, Russia, and other nations have become space powers, there’s bound to be military clashes in space. There’s nothing to stop rouge nations from launching a nuclear space platform. No United Nations treaty is going to stop a determined nation. The saying goes, he who controls the skies, controls the world.

Satellite abduction is a serious scenario. We have successfully tested a satellite targeting weapon. Kamikaze satellites are a reality. If you take out the eyes in the sky, you effectively blind your enemy from seeing the next attack. So many of our commercial products rely on satellites for communication, mapping, and transportation. My home entertainment system uses satellites for HDTV reception. My phone uses GPS for directions, time, and communications. These are all satellite operations. I can remember when these marvels of technology did not exist. Today, we cannot live without them.

What would today’s millennials do without their cellphones? The cell providers use satellites to route the calls. How would millennials text to their friends without satellites? It would complete chaos. Dogs and cats, living together, total chaos! I suppose we can resort to smoke signals but that would contribute to global warming. How Dare You!

I’m very pleased with the creation of 6th branch of the military, Space Force. It was long overdue. NASA will return to their primary mission after years of abuse by the regime of Barry the Bullshitter Obama. NASA during the corrupt Obama regime redirected the NASA mission to be a islamic outreach program. What a total abuse of power.

I grew up fascinated with the dream of working in outer space. Starting with the Star Trek television series and the 1968 movie, 2001 A Space Odyssey. Unlike other Science Fiction adventures, these were based on science facts. Of course it meant to entertain and be cerebral pop-science. I remember Carl Sagan’s Cosmos that attempted to explain the physics of science. Sagan was entertaining and captivating. It launched my career into engineering.

President Trump will be known as the father of space dominance for America. Keeping the infrastructure of space safe from rouge nations that would do us harm. Keeping the human desire to explore the final frontier. We were meant to explore the heavens. With this initiative a start to establish a permanent base on the moon will begin. There’s a symbiotic relationship between science and the military. Peace through strength requires the art of science to provide an equal defense, and a deadly offence.


In Hawai’i News: Our weather today as been chilly and rainy. We’re definitely going to see snow on Mauna Kea. We are still under a high surf and wind advisory.

Now for tonight’s Christmas video! Dropkick Murphy’s, The seasons Upon Us. Very Funny!




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